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Ukiah Police are looking for a vandal who damaged the fellowship hall at Ukiah Methodist Church on Sunday. The chairman of trustees of the church tells the Daily Journal the vandal sprayed two fire extinguishers throughout the social hall, tore down Christmas lights, and dumped bottles of cleaning solvent and cans of cleaning powder on the maple floor, possibly doing permanent damaged. He says the intruder probably didn’t even break into the building if they used a rarely entrance that is sometimes inadvertently left unlocked. They do not go into any other locked area. The church does have insurance. So far police have no suspects.

Code enforcement getting a boost in Clearlake as the City Council appoints two new members to the Code Enforcement Ad Hoc Committee. The Record Bee reports the Mayor has appointed Vice Mayor Bruno Sabatier and Councilmember Nick Bennett to the committee whose goal is to spruce up parts of the Clearlake that fell into disarray when the recession hit in 2008. The City Manager said because of low staffing and the leniency of the Code Enforcement, there was not only more trash around but fewer people to follow up and city was not being cleaned up like it should be. He says the new members will add more manpower to see to the follow-up of citations which often include properties with garbage, junk appliances and broken down cars.

State Senator Mike McGuire is hosting a Lake County Rebuilds Town Hall tonight in which you can find out more about a $7.2 million rebuilding program to fund the building of 80-100 homes lost in the Valley and Clayton Fires. The money is from Cal Home program and can be used to support low income homeowners with loans to rebuild homes damaged or destroyed by the Fires through the volunteer work partnering with non-profits Habitat for Humanity and Hammers for Hope. The Town Hall is tonight from 6:30–8:30 p.m. at the Middletown Middle School gymnasium. Refreshments will be served.

If you come across an unusual number of closed businesses today, that’s because today is a national day of protest called “Day Without Immigrants” as a protest of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Thousands are expected to essentially go on strike all across the country today leading businesses to either close down in support because they are too short handed to operate. There are also protests and rallies planned in some cities.

A proposed Dollar General store for Lucerne is at the top of the list of topics for the first ever meeting of the new Middle Region Town Hall or MRTH. The group meets at Friday at 3 p.m. at the Northshore Community Center in Lucerne. The County Board of Supervisors voted last month to approve the formation of MRTH to help advise Supervisor Jim Steele. The Dollar General, it is being proposed for a parcel at 5905 E. State Highway 20, next to Morrison Creek along Clear Lake. There are now several of these municipal advisory councils that help advise the supervisors and Steele is reportedly looking to create another one in his district for the West Region of Upper Lake, Nice and Blue Lakes.


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