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Nonstop rain over the last couple of days had people evacuating, homes flooded, land and mudslides, a woman swept into the ocean and a vacation home sliding into the Russian River. A 19-year-old woman hit by a wave while on a rock at Schoolhouse Beach near Bodega Bay went to a hospital with serious injuries yesterday. Up to 5,000 Pacific Gas & Electric customers were without power west of Highway 101 with the most in the dark around the Forestville area. Roads were closed across several counties including Lake and Mendocino. Lakeport Police called for mandatory evacuations in four areas because of flooding and reports of a sinkhole in the Russian River takes a vacation home. The home listed on Air BnB as a pyramid shaped architectural delight.

A 4.2-earthquake near The Geysers reported by the USGS. The US Geological Survey reported the shaker near the geothermal steamfield yesterday afternoon. The epicenter about 2 miles northeast of The Geysers. The USGS reported getting 48 reports from 20 zip codes, including several in Lake County and in Sonoma and Napa counties and all the way out passed the Oregon border.

Hundreds of homes had to be evacuated in Northern Calif as the latest Atmospheric River hits. The ground already swollen from the wettest winter in years. Creeks and rivers were flooding over their banks as the storm started to weaken yesterday. The National Weather Service reported nearly 2 inches of rain in San Francisco, around 2 inches in the Central Valley and more than 7 inches above Big Sur. Scattered showers were still expected today. Flash flood warnings in areas where fires blackened the earth the last couple of summers. More than 100 homes in three mobile home parks in Lake County and nearby had to be evacuated as Clear Lake hit a foot above flood stage. Sheriff Brian Martin says as many as 2,000 people in Spring Valley were blocked in after mudslides blocked or washed out the two entrance roads. A temporary bridge should be put into place soon to reopen the area. Water flowed into the spillway at Lake Berryessa for the first time in a decade. The water level is falling though at the Oroville Dam where the emergency spillway eroded with a crater forming. 188,000 people were evacuated there a couple weekends ago.

The National Weather Service has an updated flood warning through Thursday in Lake County with that high wind warning ending this morning. Rain was still expected today and tomorrow with a potential break Thursday, but more rain on the way this weekend. Clear Lake was way over flood stage nearing 11 feet Rumsey. Early this morning the lake hit 10.24 feet Rumsey which is reported to be the highest the lake’s been in 19 years. Clear Lake hit 11.44 feet Rumsey in February 1998, that was the highest it was since February 1909, when it got to 13.38 feet Rumsey.

– The city of Lakeport has designated 707-263-5614 as a line for community members with questions.
– Red Cross’ temporary shelter for evacuees at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 1111 Park Way in Lakeport, can be reached at 707-263-6002. Pets will be allowed at the shelter.
– Lake County Animal Care and Control has set up an information line for residents needing help and information related to animals and the evacuation at 707-245-5276.

A man in Clearlake’s been arrested for the stabbing death of another man. The Clearlake Police Dept. reports arresting James Mongi for stabbing Richard Garner Jr. to death February 4th. They say the two had a confrontation at a home where they found Garner stabbed in the neck. He was taken to a hospital and died there. It took police a few weeks to arrest Garner who they say became a person of interest after interviewing witnesses. Mongi’s booked into jail on homicide and assault with a deadly weapon charges with bail at $1,025,000.

Calif. topping the list of children living in poverty. That from the State Sen. Mike McGuire’s office who says they’re working to enroll more kids in school lunch programs for free or reduced prices. His office says they’ve enrolled more than 326,000 students for free lunches, a 30-percent increase from the year before and the most kids enrolled in Calif. in decades. Now McGuire’s moving a bill called the "Feed the Kids Act" to tackle childhood hunger by getting rid of some red tape. McGuire says it’s hard for kids to learn if they go to school hungry. He says SB 138 will improve the certification process to make sure all state school districts use Medi-Cal data so they can automatically enroll income-eligible students in free and reduced-price school meals. He says most districts currently don’t use the info.

The Flood Warning is still on for the Navarro River At Navarro in Mendocino County. The National Weather Service said showers and isolated thunderstorms were still possible today, but the precipitation will be light compared to yesterday. They warn though that rivers can still rise thru the afternoon so the flood warning is extended until 3:20 pm today. The river’s flood stage is 23.0, and the river hit 23.5 feet earlier this morning. It’s forecast to get near 26 FT this morning then fall below flood stage mid morning and recede all the way back down to 10 feet by Friday morning. Highway 128 is flooded from mile marker 0 – 11. And Hwy 175 in Hopland from mile marker 0 to .75 is also closed. They warn of course, not to drive your car over flooded roads as only 2 feet can float most vehicles.

Ukiah police say they had to call in a mental health care worker after a knife fight near Safeway. Police say they got a call to the grocery store on Valentine’s Day to the fight between two men in front of the store, one of them, holding a knife. Cops say they found one of the men was dealing with “mental health issues” so he was taken to a hospital where a mental health worker was called and the hospital took custody of the suspect.

A man from Ukiah has been arrested after police say he smashed a car window. The man, Hector Solis was found with a cut on his arm near Round Table Pizza on South State Street Feb. 9th. Officers detained Solis after finding out some items were also stolen from the car. He’s charged with suspicion of burglary, vandalism, being drunk in public and violating probation for another vandalism incident.

Medical Marijuana dispensaries are going to be allowed in Ukiah even though a local doctor tried to stop the move. The Ukiah City Council has taken the final yes vote for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in city limits. The new rule starts March 20th. The Mayor asked for public comment earlier this month and local Dr. Robert Werra showed the council a petition he started to totally ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. He says he got 40 other docs to sign the petition, saying most of them practiced in Ukiah. He says he doesn’t think the medical pot shops are needed in the city, because there are plenty outside the city and people needing the medicine have managed to still get it the last 20 years. One other resident said they were also concerned about the idea. But still, the council voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance.

Water levels at the Lake Oroville dam meet the goal set by the California Department of Water Resources. The agency saying they wanted to lower water levels to about 850 feet by the next storm, which hit already and the engineers say they hit they’re target. The department’s Acting Director says they had taken the levels down to 50 feet under capacity yesterday, with the inflow at the dam about 53,000 cubic feet per second and the water moving over the damaged emergency spillway was at 60,000 cubic feet per second. The levels were expected to rise again with this storm, but the agency says it should only be about five feet more. So there’s still about 45 feet of space left to go before capacity.


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