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Cal Trans says Highway 101 is closed about 6 miles North of Laytonville due to a slide. Cal Trans is working to clear the slide and the CHP has intermittently been allowing one-way traffic control to ease congestion.

The flood warning continues for the Navarro River At Navarro, which crested this morning at more than 24 feet. It fell below flood stage at around Noon when it was measured at 22.5 feet. The Mendocino County Roads Department has been monitoring several roads that are having either flooding, integrity or slide issue.

Highway 1 closed at the Garcia River for flooding. 

Highway 128 closed at Navarro
Highway for flooding. 

175 closed at Hopland for flooding.

Orr Springs Rd is closed 5 miles west of Ukiah where the road is crumbling.

Mountain View Road between Boonville and Point Arena has only one lane open at a slide at MP 18.50

The flood warning for Clear Lake will stay in effect through Thursday with the rain continuing through tomorrow keeping Clear Lake around the 11 feet Rumsey mark, well over it’s 9 foot official flood stage. Four areas along the lakeshore in Lakeport remain under a mandatory evacuation order.

An Albion woman’s been arrested for allegedly making criminal threats against her ex boyfriend. On Saturday the man called for help saying Justine Battersby was refusing to leave his home. When deputies got there he told them Battersby had been sending him threats through Facebook Messenger and text messages with one allegedly saying she was going to drive her car into his bedroom and another saying she would have someone come over and assault him.

An arrest has been made in a February 4th stabbing death in Clearlake. Police say James Laurence Mongi was taken into custody Monday in connection with the death of Richard Garner Jr. Police say Mongi stabbed Garner in the neck after a fight. He is charged with homicide and assault with a deadly weapon and has had bail set at just over a $1 million. He is set to be arraigned Friday.


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