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A man from Ukiah goes to jail for a domestic violence incident. The Mendocino County sheriff’s office reports getting a call and find Raul Arriola Bojorques who they start talking to as a woman comes out of the bathroom beaten up. Police say the woman was his wife. She had a swollen lip and blood on her shirt, but told cops everything was fine. They asked her if her husband hit her, then arrested the guy on suspicion of domestic violence. He was held on $25,000 bond.

A woman from Albion hauled to jail for a domestic incident. Police say they got a call to Ukiah Street in Mendocino from the man of the house who said his ex-girlfriend, Justine Battersby, wouldn’t leave. He says she came over, they argued, then she kicked him and threatened him by text message on Facebook Messenger. The woman was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and misdemeanor domestic violence battery. She was held on $20,000 bond.

Residents in Healdsburg came up in big numbers to support undocumented immigrants. The Press Democrat reports standing room only at the City Council meeting where residents urged members to help protect immigrant workers. Neighbors reminding the council how central immigrants are to the wine, restaurant and hotel industry. There were about 20 speakers who were all favoring supporting workers the federal government’s been going after the last several weeks, putting fear into Healdsburg’s Latino community. The council unanimously supported a resolution to acknowledge and embrace the diversity and show the commitment to non-discrimination. The council also says they’ll work with nonprofits to help immigrants learn their rights and help them get legal representation if necessary.

Several Northern Calif. schools and municipalities are taking a position to support undocumented students and workers. The Press Democrat reports last week the Santa Rosa Junior College board declared the campus a “safe haven” and says it will protect personal records of students against federal immigration agents. The Sonoma City Council will affirm their commitment to diversity and the civil rights, safety and dignity of all residents. The Sonoma Board of Supervisors has also voted unanimously to support proposed California legislation so local officials don’t follow federal immigration enforcement. Staffers will also review county programs to make sure there are no obstacles for residents getting services. Plus there’s now a centralized information hub and there will be community workshops.

Caltrans says it has no idea when it will reopen Highway 37 in northern Marin County due to flooding. The highway is a major thoroughfare for folks in 4 counties in the North Bay. It’s been closed both ways between the 101 and Atherton Avenue since Feb. 9th. Caltrans says they’ve accomplished a lot but the rain has been so unpredictable, it’s hard to say when it will all be done. The highway was also closed for almost two weeks last month. Apparently it’s one of the lowest lying highways in the state, built across marshland. Caltrans says there’s been so much flooding that the water level couldn’t recede because storm drains were full and regurgitated water back out onto the highway. The work could cost upwards of 10 million dollars.

Abandoned vehicles are starting to be removed in Clearlake as the City Council approves a fee structure to pay for the work. The City Manager Greg Folsom will start to use fees from the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement program to take out the blight from the city. Right now they have about $5,000 set aside from the general fund for the work. The money comes from a one dollar car registration add on. Apparently it’s pretty expensive to remove one vehicle. But the county’s been holding on to some money for abatement too, and has about $300,000.

A new Assembly bill is aimed at helping businesses stay open when they get unexpected tax bills. Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters says new businesses can be overwhelmed and have unintended mistakes because the tax code can be confusing. She says many small businesses don’t have accountants so they have to figure things out on their own… so the Offer in Compromise Program helps entrepreneurs with their taxes. The Board of Equalization decides on cases where a business owner is unable to pay unexpected taxes in full. A bill already in place to support these cases ends next January, so the new bill would make the Offer in Compromise Program permanent.

Four neighborhoods in Lakeport are still evacuated because of flooding so the city council has ratified its emergency declaration. The city ordered the mandatory evacuations for three mobile home parks – Willopoint, Aqua Village and Lucky Four – and homes nearby on Esplanade Street. The Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen says the evacuations were for about 125 people in the four neighborhoods…

The chief says anyone caught in evacuated areas will be arrested. He says they want residents to be able to go home, but they have to consider safety first before they lift the evacuation orders. Library Park in Lakeport had major damage because of the failure of a seawall. The crank up docks on Third St. were also damaged and the clubhouse is surrounded by sandbags. Police are thinking of closing part of Lakeshore Boulevard after this morning’s school busses pass by.

A proposal for another Dollar General Store in Lake County being discussed. The Lake County Planning Commission is looking at a proposal for Clear Lake Riviera. They’re meeting tomorrow morning to consider the plan from a development company in Texas to add on to the area. They already have stores in Clearlake Oaks and Nice and are trying for Middletown and Lucerne. They were trying in Kelseyville, but the commission said no to that one. An appeal by the developer’s been upheld by the Board of Supervisors and the developer has a new location in mind.

More areas in Lake County have been evacuated because of rising flood waters. Residents in Clearlake Oaks, the Clear Lake Keys and surrounding areas ordered by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to evacuate. The urgent update released yesterday for the residents just after the Big Valley Rancheria, Lands’ End, Corinthian Bay and Soda Bay were also evacuated. This because Clearlake is above flood stage and was expected to rise last night. The Sheriff’s office reminding residents to secure their belongings – including medications and important papers and pets and to leave early because some routes out are blocked by flood waters. There’s an emergency shelter at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 1111 Park Way in Lakeport.

Little Lake Grange the scene of a community gathering to raise awareness for Standing Rock and the Oil pipeline. An event last Saturday called, Water is Life, A Benefit for Standing Rock, was a fundraiser in support of the Standing Rock Sioux who have been protesting the pipeline because it’s near religious relics and they say the oil pipeline could taint their drinking water if there’s a failure. The event organizers say the money they raised will go to help cleanup the camp in North Dakota and help sponsor local activism. The money to be distributed by “Mendo Stands with Standing Rock” and the Cloud Forest institute.

A solar energy company in Hopland is helping donate equipment to power a school in North Dakota for Pipeline protestors. Real Goods partnering with an activist from the Earth Island Institute to donate and install equipment for a solar and wind turbine generator for the camp near the town of Cannon Ball in the Standing Rock Reservation. The project could be put on indefinite hold though as protestors have been ordered to leave the camp.

A woman in Northern Calif. has died after driving on to a flooded rural road with signs not to enter, she drowned. The Undersheriff of the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office says witnesses saw the woman go on to the road near Orland and her car was completely submerged. Helicopters were above trying to scout out where the woman went, but divers found her body inside the car later. The woman has been identified as Nicole Dufour of Orland.

Goats are going to be busy in Southern Calif. as there’s high demand after the rains end to get the animals chomping on weeds. A couple of companies in Chino say they’ve been getting a ton of requests for work for their goats. One company, “Goat ‘Er Done” grazing service also has dogs that protect the goats as they chomp away. The goats eat weeds and help to prevent wildfires. One company says they’re getting five or six calls a week, as opposed to last year, when he got, maybe one call a week. The company says they’ll buy 100 more goats this winter.

The Lt. Governor of New Jersey says she got a letter of resignation — from her husband, an appeals court judge. Kim Guadagno’s hubby had to notify his wife, so he could get his pension. She’s also the secretary of state. Her husband will hit the mandatory retirement age of 70 this month. Michael Guadagno writes his term will end next January and that means his income will be “substantially reduced” which may mean it’s time for his wife to consider a career change to a more lucrative position, but that they could discuss it “over dinner”. Kim is running to succeed Republican Gov. Chris Christie.


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