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Sheriff Brian Martin, Lake County’s Director of Emergency Services, has issued a declaration of a local emergency for this week’s storms which began February 18th. The purpose of declaring the local emergency is to make is easer to bring in help and supplies for disaster relief. It also paves the way for issuance of a State or Presidential declaration of emergency. And in announcing the declaration, Sheriff Martin also urges you to get ready for more heavy rain forecast to hit on Saturday.

Lakeport’s sewer collection system is nearing capacity and the City is asking you to conserve water usage. The City says the elevated level of Clear Lake is having a major impact as the high water levels have drastically increased intrusion into the system through clean-outs, manholes and cracked pipes. The inundation of lake water on top of the normal winter flows is making it difficult for the city’s lift station pumps to keep up. The City asks that you conserve as if it were a severe drought so less water goes into the collection system. That means shorter showers, less laundry, dishwashing and toilet flushing, and anything else that sends water down a drain.

A portion of Lakeshore Boulevard may be structurally unsafe. Police issued an alert this afternoon saying Lakeshore Blvd across from Jones Street appears to be undermined and are telling you to avoid the area. The City has closed Lakeshore Boulevard to all traffic from Giselman Street to the north City limit boundary.

With nearly 50,000 residents under either a mandatory or advisory evacuation order, the mayor of San Jose has acknowledged that residents were not properly notified to evacuate. Mayor Sam Liccardo held a news conference this afternoon. (SOT) Officials said they did not anticipate this level of flooding because their stream flow model showed the channel could handle the water without spilling over but that model turned out inaccurate for Coyote Creek when the water rose early this morning. Coyote Creek has reached a 100-year high this week.


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