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A state of emergency put in place by the Lake County Sheriff who’s also the Acting Director of Emergency Services. Sheriff Brian Martin put the declaration in place yesterday because of flooding and storm damage. The Sheriff’s office says they’ve received reports in the last couple days of landslides, downed utility lines, fallen trees, and more. The local emergency declaration helps the county be able to get special services and supplies for disaster relief. It comes after Clear Lake went well above flood stage at 10.55 on the Rumsey. 9 feet Rumsey is considered flood level. 11 feet is severe flooding. The National Weather Service says we’ll get a break from the rain so the lake may recede some but more storms are lining up, with heavy rain expected again on Saturday.

Lakeport is looking for folks who want to be on the Measure Z Advisory Committee. The city needs five volunteers who will be on the committee for serve terms of up to four years. You have to be a citizen of Lakeport to be on the panel. The committee works closely with the city council and recommends projects they feel should be considered for Measure Z. The Measure uses money from a one percent sales and use tax for city improvements. They can also comment or recommend moves for the 2017-2018 budget which will then be given to the council for consideration. Those interested in serving on the committee have until March 16th to apply.

Pump trucks still working to get water out of over-taxed water systems in Lake County. The Lake County Special District reports most of the sewer systems in the county have way more water than usual which they’re having a hard time processing. There have been some sewer leaks reported in Northern Lakeport and Clearlake. The district warns to steer clear of flooded areas and leakage spots. They do say however that the lake water has somewhat diluted the sewage. They also say some of the manholes around low-lying areas of the county are completely under water and have been leaking lake water into sewer systems.

Flooded roads, sink holes, erosion and broken off asphalt across Northern Calif. In Mendocino County, Orr Springs Road has a huge chunk of road missing, something the County Transportation Director says they’re working on to get back together as soon as possible. He says the street is part of the Federal Highway System so the county can try to get federal money to help fix it. The cost could be in the $1.5 million range. The director says they may just pop a temporary bridge up until they can get the road properly patched up. He also says they’re working as fast as they can, but they’ve got to make sure the solution they come up with is safe and they have a lot of paperwork to process to get federal money.

The Economic Development and Financing Corporation in Mendocino County is considering ways to help fund the legal Cannabis industry. The Daily Journal reports the executive director of the EDFC John Kuhry says it’ll be like a state regulated crowd fund to help the legal industry startup. He says it could help the industry compete with the big dogs across the state when marijuana is available in retail stores. Those who open businesses will need startup funds so they can compete with others in the Central Valley and Central Coast. But they cannot use traditional lending sources, so Kuhry says it could be an outlet for them. He says the board discussed the topic last week and will continue to consider the investment model moving forward.

14,000 people had to leave their flooded homes in San Jose. The 101 was also closed in both directions near the town due to rising floodwaters yesterday. Police had to go door to door to get people out of their homes because creeks and reservoirs were over their banks. There was heavy rain pouring down on the region, which had chest deep water in some neighborhoods. The Fire Captain says they took more than 200 people to dry land and had them rinse off with soap and water so they don’t get sick as the water could also contain fuel, garbage and sewage.

No detectable mercury in water in Guerneville. Cal Water tested the town’s water after reports there were elevated levels of mercury from the old Jackson Mercury Mine flowing into the Russian River. The Press Democrat reports state water quality regulators worried heavy rain could have moved tailings from mining waste at the old mine into a creek that flows to the river off Sweetwater Springs Road. Cal Water tests for mercury every few years as part of state requirements, but for this last test, they took more samples because residents had voiced concern. Water quality testing for mercury has been normal since they started testing in the area in the year 2000.

Areas of the Mendocino National Forest have been closed down due to rain and fast moving winds. The Red Bluff Recreation Area and OHV trails are closed on the Upper Lake and Grindstone ranger districts. Forest staff says the public should be careful as there are unstable roads because of saturated soil, blocked roads from downed trees, plugged culverts, deep ruts and running water. The Acting Mendocino National Forest Supervisor says there could be hazards they haven’t found yet because some areas are unsafe for employees to enter. They say if you’re planning to visit the forest to call ahead. You can also visit the forest website for more info. (

A public meeting’s being held by the Lake County Water Resources Department regarding the urgency ordinances about boating on Clear Lake during the flood emergency. The meeting Sunday at 2p. The Water Resources department will talk about the status of the Lake, it’s level, dam discharges, and effects of the latest forecast. The meeting in the Board Chambers of the Lake County Courthouse, at 255 N. Forbes Street in Lakeport. There will also be a live stream on Facebook if you can’t make it, visit the Lake County Office of Emergency Services page for more.

The man who destroyed President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has to pay to fix it, plus he got probation for vandalism. James Otis pleaded no contest and agreed to fork over more than $4,000 for the damage and lawyer fees. He will also do 20 days of community labor. Police say the man took a sledgehammer and pickax to the star a week before the presidential election in November. He said at the time he wanted to steal the star and sell it, then turn the proceeds over to 11 women who claim the president groped them.

A 10-year-old girl in Ohio gets her wish after messaging police on Facebook for help with math. Molly Draper says her daughter Lena sent the message to police in Marion because she was stuck on her equations and needed some help. An officer responded and apparently walked the girl thru some problem solving. Mom says he got one problem right, but made a mistake on another. Mom shared the whole story on Facebook saying it shows her daughter’s trust in police officers and good community relationship-building on their part.

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