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Lake County remains under a flood warning with Clear Lake hovering around 10.6 feet Rumsey and more rain expected Saturday and Sunday. Despite the colder temperatures that actually brought some snow locally this morning, the National Weather Service says the rain remains a threat through at least Saturday.

As for some of the main roads: The Nice-Lucerne Cutoff remains closed to all traffic due to flooding and in Lakeport a big stretch of Lakeshore Boulevard is closed after showing signs of erosion. In Mendocino County Orr Springs Rd is still closed 5 mile wets if Ukiah where a huge chunk of the pavement gave way.

The City of Lakeport says their municipal water is safe to drink. The water is currently being supplied solely from groundwater wells in Scotts Valley. They say if there were a problem with the municipal water system, staff would provide physical notifications to affected properties. They are however struggling with keeping the waste water from overflowing and are asking resident to cut down in water use while they City works to pump out the excess water.

The Ukiah Unified School Board has passed a resolution declaring UUSD schools a “Safe Haven”
 from federal agents looking to deport undocumented immigrants. The resolution passed last week and now posted on the District Website. It cites a US Supreme Court ruling that public schools cannot deny students access to elementary and secondary public education based on their immigration status and it points out that state and federal laws prohibit schools from disclosing student information to law enforcement without parental consent or a court order. The resolution says if ICE agents come to a school for a student they need a written warrant signed by a federal or state judge and it instructs staff to direct ICE agents to the superintendent.


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