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Another of the seven suspects in a murder on a pot farm in Laytonville has been caught. Jeffrey Settler was killed last year at a remote farm off a dirt road about 5 miles off Highway 101 in November. Cops say Settler was operating the commercial garden and people who worked for him killed him during a robbery of processed marijuana. 5 of the subjects, who police say knew Settler had been caught but two were still on the run. Police got a tip late last year about one of the suspects, Jesse Wells possibly being in the Lake Tahoe area. Sheriff’s Detectives with the help of the local police, FBI and a SWAT team found at a home in South Lake Tahoe. He was arrested Friday and booked into the El Dorado County Jail and held on homicide and robbery charges for $650,000.00 bail. He will eventually be extradited back to Mendocino County and be prosecuted with the five others in custody. Just one suspect, Gary Blank III of Garberville, is still on the run.

The Lake County Registrar Of Voters Office is running tests on their voting and tabulating machines. They say they’ll be running a Logic and Accuracy Test as part of state law. The test to check the ballot tabulation computer and software which is going to be used next month for the Lake County Fire Protection District’s Special Election. The test is tomorrow at 3:00 pm in the Registrar of Voters office on the 2nd floor. The public is invited to observe.

A man arrested in Covelo after police find him with weapons. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says patrol officers saw a man and woman walking on Highway 162 and found one of the two was on Post Release Community Supervision. They say Britton Azbill had two weapons on him which is a violation of his release. He was arrested and held due to his probation violation without bail.

A woman in Covelo’s been arrested after a routine traffic stop. The Sheriff’s Dept reports patrol officers stopped Janice HoaglenWright and found she was a convicted felon so they searched her and say she had ammunition. HoaglenWright was arrested for being in possession of the ammo and booked into Mendocino County Jail with bail set at $15,000.00.

Interested in being part of an emergency rescue team. Those living in Willits and Ukiah can train next month to be a part of the Certified Emergency Response Team, a group of volunteers who help neighbors during a disaster. The training is over three Saturdays in March at the Cal Fire Howard Forest Station between Ukiah and Willits. Those applying get to learn light search-and-rescue operations, advanced first aid, learn how to recognize a terrorist attack and how to use a fire extinguisher. Those who go thru the whole program work with the Office of Emergency Services and might respond to an emergency. The program is funded and organized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Federal government is signaling they may get tough on recreational marijuana. The White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke about tougher enforcement of federal laws regarding the use of recreational marijuana. Spicer did say however that President Trump is supportive of a federal rule to give leeway to states allowing medical marijuana use saying there’s a major difference between medical and recreational marijuana. He says since there’s a opioid addiction crisis in so many states, the last thing they want to do is encourage people. Assemblyman Jim Wood of Healdsburg said the comments were disappointing and State Senator Mike McGuire says Calif. should not go backwards.

The Gov. Jerry Brown says he wants to spend nearly a half billion dollars to fix the state’s flood control emergencies, including the repair of the Lake Oroville Dam. Brown’s $437 million proposal for aging dams and infrastructure. He says it’s part of a bigger problem in Calif. and the U-S, too little spent to maintain infrastructure, roads, highways, rail systems and water projects. He says it’s time to start spending on aging infrastructure that is maxed out. He’s asking lawmakers to put $387 million from Proposition 1 water bonds to emergency and near-term flood control and $50 million more from the state general fund for the same. Brown also mentioned the Trump Administration approved the disaster declaration making California eligible for federal funds for the Oroville Dam and issues from ongoing storms.

The General Plan’s been approved in Clearlake which set’s projects and goals for 2 decades. The City Council voted yes on the first General Plan since 1983. As part of the plan, the city will amend the Zoning Code, approve new parks, development plans and agreements, find funding projects and develop resource management plans. That according to the City Manager. The Record Bee reports the General Plan is set to put forth a policy direction for future development and redevelopment.

A new bill could be helpful for those on Dialysis in Calif. State Sen. Ricardo Lara has put forward his Dialysis Patient Safety Act which he says will help fix the industry and improve patient care. Lara says there are more than 550 dialysis clinics in the state and 63,000 Californians relying on the life-saving treatment daily. The act would mean there had to be yearly inspections of dialysis clinics and it would make sure there was enough staff to cover the clinics. Right now Calif. follows the minimum federal standards. Lara says that has meant registered nurses are sometimes responsible for more than 16 patients at a time.

2 dozen science projects from Ukiah Unified School District’s schools are in the Mendocino County Science Fair. The announcement Friday at the first ever Ukiah Unified School District Science Fair. Judges, local teachers and other professionals volunteered to look at the 137 entries Thursday and judged the projects based on quality and originality. The top 24 projects received a “County Qualifier” ribbon besides their place in the fair itself. The Mendocino County Science Fair is at Mendocino Community College March 18th.

A politician in northern Sweden has a novel way for city workers to spend their lunch break. Per-Erik Muskos of the Overtornea on the Arctic Circle City Council says he’s seriously proposed civil servants add sex to their list of lunchtime activities. He wants it on a list of acceptable activities, which also includes a gym workout, a massage, or just eating. He says sex could do wonders to improve employee morale and increase the population of the town of about 4,500. Apparently the 550 employees of the municipality are reviewing the proposal before it’s discussed again in a few months.

A Jeep that had been buried in sand in Massachusetts 4 decades ago has been unearthed. Work crews got the old beach buggy out last Friday. John Munsnuff says his family used to have the “beach buggy” at a cottage they’ve had near Ballston Beach in Cape Cod for years. The jeep was stored in a garage but it was buried too by shifting sand dunes. The garage collapsed under the dunes which apparently also buried part of a town and a beach parking lot.

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