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The Lakeport EOC staff will be hosting a community meeting regarding the ongoing flood event. The meeting will be at City Hall, 225 Park Street on Tuesday, February 28th at 5:00 pm. The meeting is open to the public but is mainly intended for Lakeport residents in flood-affected areas. A translator will also be available for Spanish speakers.

What started as a traffic stop became a foot chase through Ukiah ending in the arrest of a felon from Florida. Around 11pm Friday Ukiah officers stopped an SUV on East Perkins for a traffic violation. The driver stopped the car but ran and the officers chased and him radioed for backup. The driver climbed a nearby tall cyclone fence and led the officers on a chase for several blocks but they caught him behind Black Oak Coffee. He gave a fake name while being arrest for resisting. But his fingerprints turned up his record and ID’d him as Kevin James Padilla with two felony warrants in two Florida counties – one for assault and one for parole violation.

A Clearlake man’s been sentenced to 109 days in jail plus probation for unlawful possession of Native American artifacts. Brian Gene Smith pleaded guilty last week; He’d been arrested in August 2015 for possessing Indian bone fragments, arrowheads, clay pottery bowls and other artifacts. The Judge sentenced him to felony probation and 109 days in the county jail plus other terms of probation that include possible restitution to the Native American community. An effort is now underway to return the seized artifacts. The DA says there is a multi-million dollar black market industry in the US involving archaeological artifacts and they work closely with law enforcement and the Native American community to help preserve culture and heritage.

Verizon has installed a temporary ‘Cell On Wheels’ to improve wireless communications for emergency workers and residents in Lakeport during the flood emergency. Lakeport Police say in addition, last week the Verizon Crisis Response Team outfitted the Lakeport EOC with enhanced wireless connectivity allowing for better coordination among emergency workers and City officials. A portable wireless hotspot and internet connected laptops were also provided at the 7th Day Adventist Church evacuation center to give students some help getting school work done and well help evacuees stay connected with family.

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