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The Ukiah City Council is preparing to meet on management of groundwater resources. The meeting today regarding direction of the city about forming a Groundwater Sustainability Agency with the county or just the city. It’s all part of California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act which states there has to be some sort of structure to govern how ground water is disbursed by June 30th. There were a bunch of public meetings last year on the matter from the County and Ukiah’s director of water and sewer was there. He says he was pleasantly surprised, saying the meetings were “refreshingly cordial”. He also said there was a consensus met at the meetings for a Joint Powers Association to include 8 water agencies in the county. But he also says since the meetings some movement of some of those agencies has given the city concern. The City Council to consider the matter at their meeting tonight at 6 at City Hall.

A Ukiah police officer is recovering after he chased someone, jumping over fences into a creek. Police got a call to a white sedan left running on the side of a road last week. When officers approached they say the driver was asleep at the wheel, with the car facing the wrong way. They knocked on the window and the guy woke up and took off. Police chased after the man, identified as Benjamin Abla. They say they went after him, but he parked again, got out and ran off. They followed him and finally nabbed him, arresting the local transient for reckless evading and resisting arrest, plus for two Lake County warrants. One of the officers needed stitches. The next day cops got into another chase and that driver got out, ran away and hopped a tall fence. Kevin Padilla of Stanislaus County was arrested after cops found he had two felony warrants out of Florida, one for assault, the other a parole violation. He’s held for the warrants and resisting arrest and providing false information.

Dollar General is trying to get their store up in Lucerne. The Record Bee reports a spokesperson for the company says they’re in the due diligence phase for the store which they hope to build on Highway 20. The Lucerne Community Advisory Council has been talking about the location and the Western Region Town Hall, the arm of the Board of Supervisors for the area, is preparing to give public input to the Planning Commission. The store is proposed as residents in Kelseyville and Middletown opposed one in their neighborhoods. The newspaper reports residents saying the big store competes with mom and pop shops. And others don’t like the building designs. The company still in preliminary planning, so there’s no solidified plans for the store on Hwy 20 as of yet.

Mendocino County law enforcement trying to let the Hispanic community know they’ve got no plans to help the federal government conduct immigration sweeps, should they happen locally. But the Record Bee newspaper reports Sheriff Tom Allman saying he doesn’t think we need to declare the county a sanctuary. Allman says many county sheriffs are not inclined or do they have enough staff to be de-facto immigration enforcers. He says they also don’t want folks to be afraid and wants locals to ask for law enforcement help if they need it. He also says he wants people to notify the department if and when federal agents are in town and he wants his deputies to be with them if they do arrive to make sure nothing goes wrong and his department is witness to anything that happens. Likewise the Ukiah Police Chief Chris Dewey says he has concerns because 30 to 40 percent of local residents are Hispanic. He says he’s also told his officers to be in touch with him immediately if they come in to contact with a federal agency. He says they’ve worked on serious felonies in the past involving undocumented immigrants and used federal resources for help, but says they won’t get involved in day-to-day investigations of undocumented immigrants.

Boats are allowed back on Clearlake, but they have to follow strict rules because the Lake is still above flood stage. The Lake County Board of Supervisors has also voted to amend the urgency ordinance in place for motorized vessels on the Lake which closed the Lake on Valentines Day. The new amendment yesterday allows motorized vessels to be on Clear Lake with speed up to 5 miles an hour within a quarter mile of the shoreline. That will be the case until the declaration of emergency is no longer in place or the lake level drops below 8 feet on the Rumsey gauge for 24 hours straight. Yesterday the Lake was still sitting around the 10-foot level. 9 feet Rumsey is considered flood stage.

The Willits City Council working on the final stage of a nearly 20 year plan to clean up the Willits Corporation Yard. The 18-year cleanup project will continue with a test of soil and groundwater which the city council says will help get a request together to be paid back for the remediation work in the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years. The city’s already been paid back up to June 2014. All the work since 1999 when it was discovered there was unauthorized release from an underground gas storage tank at the yard. The cleanup required by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board. The storage tank was taken out in 1999, but the contamination was part of a lawsuit filed by a River advocacy group in 2011 that said the aquifer was infected because the area was never cleaned up.

The Willits Unified School District Board of Trustees talking race issues, sex education and contracts for their teachers. The meeting today by the board will explore policy issues prohibiting racially discriminatory school or athletic team nicknames and mascots. The policy will now be updated to include comprehensive sexual health education be required for 7th-12th graders too. They’ll also discuss contract negotiation progress for teacher with faculty and union representatives for the 2017 fiscal year which begins in July. The union says the board is asking for concessions even though the budget looks to be healthier than in years past.

Crews still feverishly working to get the Oroville Dam cleaned up as biologists work to save stranded fish. The water flow has been shut down from the damaged spillway at the lake. The Press Democrat reports heavier equipment was trucked in so they could take out sediment, concrete and debris that moved down onto the eroded hillside then pooled at the bottom. Nearly 200,000 people had to be evacuated a few weeks ago when the erosion was found. Officials with the State Department of Water Resources say they believe as much as 1 million cubic yards of debris has settled at the bottom of the spillway, that’s enough to fill up more than 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools. A lot of that spillway has disappeared, leaving a huge crater in the mountain where it’s located.

A judge in Calif. is deciding if the widow of the Orlando shooter should be let out of jail before her trial. Noor Salman is charged with lying to police after the Pulse Nightclub shooting last June where her husband Omar Matten killed 49 people, injured 53 others and died himself. She’s pleaded not guilty in a Northern Calif. court. The judge had ordered a psych evaluation for Salman before he rules. Prosecutors say she is a danger to the public and should not be released, saying she helped her husband scout out the bar before the attack. She first said she had no idea what he was planning, but investigators say there was evidence indicating otherwise.

A man in Charlotte, NC says he’s going to use the $1 million state lottery prize to buy a house that has enough room for two goats his fiancé wants to buy. Lottery officials say Bobby Murphy, who bought five $10 50X The Cash tickets at 7-Eleven got the top prize. He chose the payout of about $417,000 dollars. He says they want room in their new house for his fiancés son to play and “she can have her goats.”


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