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P,G&E will be conducting low flyovers in certain neighborhoods of Mendocino County looking for dead trees that could help spread wildfires or be another public safety risk. The manager of vegetation management for the utility says even though we’ve had a lot of rain, five years of drought has caused many millions of trees to die or become structurally compromised. They do the flyovers every year, inspecting more than 130 thousand miles of electric lines. They now check twice in fire danger areas six months after their yearly flyover because they note, weakened trees can die quickly. Depending on weather, they should start flying over areas along Highways 1 and 271 over Laytonville and Leggett and in Cummings and Tan Oak Park.

The latest municipality to declare themselves safe for immigrants… Windsor. The Town Council declared Windsor a “united community that values its diversity and the contributions of all residents”. The town says they will safeguard the civil rights, safety and dignity of all residents. The resolution yesterday follows others by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and the city councils in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Sebastopol and Petaluma. Ukiah has put a similar idea in place with local law enforcement and some schools also saying they will protect citizens. It all comes after President Trump’s Muslim Ban which was tossed out by courts, but more recently immigration officers stopping and removing people they say have criminal backgrounds.

A man in Ukiah says a random homeless man head butted him after he complained a group of transients in front of a store left trash and blocked the walkway. The Ukiah Police Department reports a man reported walking in front of the Ross store in the Pear Tree Shopping Center a couple weeks ago and saw the group lying on the ground in front of the store. He says he shook his head in disgust because they were blocking the entrance which was littered with garbage. He says one of the men in the group confronted him, cursed at him and threatened him, then rose to his feet and “head-butted him.” He says he broke his tobacco pipe then ran away. He describes the suspect as a white guy in his 20s, about six feet tall, 175 pounds, with shoulder-length brown hair and a beard, wearing a hat and pants.

A man’s been arrested near the Ukiah Homeless Shelter for being drunk in public and trying to force his way into the shelter. The police dept. reports getting a call to the emergency winter homeless shelter 2 weeks ago for a possible battery incident. Police say when they got there a staff member reported a drunk guy at the shelter who wouldn’t leave who tried pushing past the employee to get inside. Officers say the man was extremely intoxicated, so they arrested him on suspicion of being drunk in public and booked him into Mendocino County Jail.

A new report shows less undocumented students applying for financial aid in Calif. Just over 230 students at Santa Rosa Junior College tried to get aid under the California Dream Act, which the school’s vice president of student services says was a 40 percent drop. The school saying they’re concerned that will also mean a major drop in enrollment for the college. About 480 undocumented students are enrolled at the college now, they say that’s already about a quarter less than last semester. The school says students are afraid they’ll be turned over to the federal government. There’s also nearly 30 percent less undocumented students who’ve filed across the state. The California Community Colleges Chancellor says so far the numbers for the next round of financial aid was concerning.

A group of Roman Catholic monks part of a larger community stranded in Big Sur at a retreat because of a failing bridge. The monks at the New Camaldoli Hermitage welcome visitors to the retreat center but they’ve been cut off due to the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge which could costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. So the monks created their own GoFundMe page to fix the bridge to get to the monastery. So far they’ve gotten well over $120,000 on the road to $300,000. Their director of development says they received 135 gifts and more than 5,000 visitors to the site. The road also gets supplies to the 29 trapped monks and staff. So far one monk had to be airlifted out because he broke his hip. Another is said to be in deteriorating health.

Even though it seems like it’s been raining non-stop, the on-going Calif. drought has caused consequences for Chinook Salmon. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced the season, which opens next month, will be shorter than the last. So far it looks like the population for the fish is lower than usual. Preliminary forecasts from the Sacramento fall run and the Klamath River fall run are lower than usual, with the Klamath run looking to be the lowest ever. The salmon mature in two to four years, so right now the fish that are old enough to catch grew up in the heat of the drought. The timing of the season, the quotas allowed and catch limits will be set next month after the meetings of the Pacific Fishery Management Council and the California Fish and Game Commission.

A man from Lakeport seriously injured after being hit by a car while on his bike. The CHP reports 20 year old Oscar Dominguez had major injuries in the Tuesday night crash. They say the driver has been identified as Amanda Gonzalez of Lucerne. Officers say Gonzalez was in a Jeep Liberty getting ready to make a left turn onto Highway 29 when Dominguez was headed the other direction in the intersection and he rode into her car as she turned into him. He was thrown off his bike onto her windshield. Officers say he had several broken bones, a bruised lung and several contusions. They do not suspect alcohol or drugs.

Police have identified a man killed by a car as he walked near the Robinson Rancheria last month. The Lake County Sheriff’s office says it was John Kennedy Garoutte of Nice who was struck as he walked on the shoulder of Highway 20 near Pomo Way at Robinson Rancheria Feb. 17th. They’ve also identified the driver of the Toyota Tundra that hit him as Matthew Hochleutner of Upper Lake. Cops say Hochleutner couldn’t see Garoutte until it was too late. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His family reported he was walking home from work when he was hit.

California’s way over normal when it comes to the Sierra Nevada snowpack. The Department of Water Resources took the snow survey at Phillips Station in the Sierra Nevada saying the snow water equivalent was 43.4 inches. Last month it was at 28 inches of snow water equivalent and in January it was 6 inches. Usually around this time of year, we’re at about 24.3 inches at Phillips Station. The depth of water that would be left if the snow melted is how it’s measured. The snowpack generally provides the state with about 30 percent of its water needs as the snow melts in spring and early summer.

A billionaire who owns a Napa Valley winery has donated $5 million to San Jose’s flood relief fund. Kieu Hoang got his money thru an international Blood Products firm. He’s said to be the 214th richest person in the United States and this is said to be one of the largest ever charitable donations in the state. Hoang gave the check to the mayor of San Jose. So far the city’s raised more than $6 million for flood relief. The estimate so far for damage caused by the flooding along the Coyote Creek was at $73 million dollars. More than 14,000 homes had to be evacuated last week. Some say they weren’t warned until firefighters were floating thru neighborhoods on rescue boats.

The Calif. Supreme Court to decide if personal emails are actually public record. The question to be decided today regarding the use of private email accounts by public officials. The A.P. reports the Calif. Governor and Lt. Governor and other state officials have admitted they’ve used personal email accounts while conducting government business. In other states, public business done on private accounts is considered public record. Ted Smith filed suit in California Supreme Court requesting messages regarding the development in downtown San Jose be revealed from the mayor and city council. A lower court ruled in his favor, then an appeals court overturned the decision in 2014.

A mouse finds his house on an flight from London to San Francisco. Passengers aboard a British Airways flight had to deplane because there was a mouse spotted on the flight so they couldn’t take off. There was a four hour delay with passengers getting onto another flight yesterday. The airline said it was sorry to the passengers, who said they were happy to be on a flight that was rodent free.


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