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Some good news for boaters as Lake County says the Keeling County Park boat launch in Nice and the Hamilton boat launch on Crystal Lake Way and Lakeshore Blvd in North Lakeport have now been deemed safe for use. Officials say the water has receded and county parks crews have cleared debris. They remind you though of the urgency ordinance in place keeping motorized vessel speeds at 5 mph on Clear Lake within ¼-mile of the shoreline and they remind there is a lot of debris in and under the water. Many Lake County boat launches and parks are still closed: Clearlake Oaks, Lakeside County Park, Lucerne Harbor, and Rodman Slough.

No one is hurt and the CHP says no arrests are likely for a Wednesday afternoon car crash in Ukiah in which a utility pole was shattered. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority says a young driver was trying to pass another vehicle near Granite Construction on North State Street and swerved into oncoming traffic while passing. The Fire Chief tells the Daily Journal the driver then lost control and went up onto the sidewalk, hitting the power pole and splitting it into several of pieces. The road was closed for hours while PG&E installed a new pole and AT&T restrung lines.

Turns out a massive worldwide Internet stoppage Tuesday was caused by a typo. Amazon has apologized for a malfunction in its Cloud service that stalled sites like Airbnb, Netflix, and reddit and says it was a simple matter of bad data entry. They say a team member doing maintenance was trying to speed up the billing system and tapped in the wrong codes, taking a whole bunch of servers offline which knocked out systems that supported other systems. Amazon says they’ve put in some safeguards to keep it from happening again.

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