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The City of Lakeport’s Emergency Operations Center is closing today at 5pm. The Center’s information line at 707-263-5614 will remain active. It will not be regularly answered but staff will be routinely checking messages and calls will be returned during business hours.

Another round of storms headed our way with more rain over the weekend and into next week as well as lower snow levels. The rain means flooded areas will be inundated again and Lake County is still under a flood warning because Clear Lake is still above flood stage, hovering at around 9.6 feet Rumsey. But Despite the new rain overall the Lake should continue receding with forecasters saying it should go below its flood stage of 9 feet Rumsey late next week.

A special election next week for the Lake County Fire Protection District. Measure D asks voters to approve a special tax on parcels to ensure the district has adequate staffing in the future. Lake County News reports ballots have been mailed and polling places will be open Tuesday. Measure D, which needs 66.7 percent to pass, replaces Measure F, a special tax voters approved in 1997. The Fire District has not had any special fee increases since then, even though officials say call volumes have nearly tripled.

The receiver now overseeing Ukiah’s Palace Hotel says the building can be saved with the right amount of money. The Ukiah Daily Journal says in a report to the Mendocino County Superior Court this week, receiver Mark Adams is asking for $500,000 to keep the ceiling from collapsing and to make sure all the asbestos has truly been removed. He says despite the previous embattled owner’s claims of getting that done, several construction professionals believe there is still asbestos and says “no lender will lend against the property without a comprehensive asbestos certification.” Some of the building also needs seismic retrofitting. He says the 1929 part doesn’t, but the 1891 and 1921 sections do. That could come to around $2 million and Adams is asking for $150,000 to get that started. But despite the list of work needed Adams describes himself as being opposed to demolition except as a last resort.


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