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A bit of snow blanketed Lake County over the weekend. The National Weather Service has a winter storm warning for Lake County until 4 p.m. today with more snow possible in lower elevations. Lake Co News reports snow dustings and heavier snow in some areas of Cobb and Upper Lake. Kelseyville, Lakeport and the Northshore got some white stuff, but it didn’t stay around long because the sun came out and melted what was there. Rain, wind and some hail was reported too yesterday. The CHP was warning some roads might be icy or slick this morning too. Rain is predicted until the middle of the week, but nothing like we were seeing the last couple weeks and in January.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is giving awards to two local school administrators who worked with police to find a wanted murder suspect. The board will also talk again about giving extra legal help to the sheriff regarding a lawsuit, plus they’re having a workshop on a draft cannabis ordinance. The meeting tomorrow morning as usual in the board chambers at 9. During the meeting school administrators who spotted Ezequiel Junior Bravo after the murder of his estranged wife’s aunt will be awarded. Bravo’s still in jail on $7 million dollars bail. The board to consider legal services for Sheriff Brian Martin as part of a breach of contract lawsuit the Lake County Correctional Officers’ Association has filed.

Donations from folks in Fort Bragg helped reopen the winter homeless shelter. The Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center says the shelter, which ran out of funds and closed last month, has reopened. The shelter is open when the temperature dips below 40, giving the homeless shelter and food. They also open when rain is likely. The shelter’s been open more than usual this winter, due to all of the rain and colder temperatures. There were 86 nights between Nov. 15th of last year and Feb. 27th where the shelter served more than 130 people.

A flooded section of a road in west Sonoma County will be fixed about a month after it was partially closed. The Press Democrat reports Green Valley Creek started to seep out onto Green Valley Road, which is highly traveled. If the weather dries up soon, there will be a weeklong project to take out sediment that’s clogging the creek which swelled during February’s rains. A flooded section of the road was closed down early last month west of Graton. Emergency repairs were set to start just after, but the rain continued and apparently a permit had to be applied for because the work could potentially kill or capture endangered fish. The water agency got the permit last Wednesday.

Thousands of dollars in gifts given to North Bay state lawmakers last year revealed in yearly reports. The Press Democrat reports nearly $600,000 to five Senate and Assembly members mostly by industry associations and policy groups. The newspaper reports $31,000 in meals for several lawmakers, including entertainment and lodging for Assemblyman Jim Wood of Healdsburg, who got the most, 30 gifts worth about $19,000. Assemblyman Marc Levine of San Rafael also received 30 gifts of about $5,200. The paper reports some lawmakers saying the trips helped them get info on issues, but those opposed to the giving say it goes against the public trust and increases access for people or businesses who want to get something from the government. State senator Mike McGuire of Healdsburg reported around $1,200 in gifts and Bill Dodd of American Canyon got about $4,500.

Police in Lakeport looking for help finding those they say were involved in a fight over the weekend that left two people in serious condition in the hospital. One man, Enrique Ivan Tovar’s been arrested for the incident early Saturday morning at Logan’s Bar in Lakeport. The Lakeport Police Chief says officers who reported to the bar found Tovar and another man, Tedoulo Francisco Tovar Jr. and arrested them, Tedoulo had an injury so he was released to the hospital. Another man checked into the hospital with stab wounds while police were there. Turns out he was in the fight. When police left the hospital and went back to Logan’s they located another stabbing victim. Enrique Tovar was booked on several charges including attempted murder, he’s held $200,000 bond. 2 others were arrested for battery, public intoxication and resisting arrest. Police say anyone who may have witnessed the event should call them.

A couple of Northern Calif. Congressmen have announced a bill to move the federal review of Sites Reservoir quickly under Proposition 1. The prop was approved by voters to make the state’s water systems more resilient and for the Fed to get involved if warranted. Congressman Garamendi says the recent rains should remind everyone how important it is to build safe, environmentally friendly long-term storage to take advantage of wet years so there’s water saved for drier periods. Congressman LaMalfa says it will also give more storage per dollars than any other proposed project in the state. The chairman of the board of the Northern California Water Association is also urging support.

It’s on… the Clear Lake Team Bass tournament is happening, but much later than usual because of all the wet weather. The event put on by the Lake County Chamber of Commerce and Mount Konocti Vista Casino is happening in July instead of the weekend of March 17th because Clear Lake had been closed to motorized boats. There will be some pre-fishing going on to see where the anglers will go on the Lake during the tournament. The event usually gets about 170 boats on Clear Lake.

A state lawmaker calling out PG& E and state regulators to take back the electricity rate surge. The Press Democrat reports Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo demanding the Public Utilities Commission come up with some solutions ahead of more price hikes in the spring and summer. Hill’s staff apparently researching the new rate structure, saying they found flaws in how customer usage was tracked and higher regulator-approved power rates plus the colder winter all made for much higher bills. Hill says it shows those who are the most vulnerable were hit with the biggest bills when they needed the heat the most. Gas bills were up 18-20 percent for some. The utility says they’re reviewing Hill’s claims.

The ex Mayor of Stockton in trouble with the law for potentially mishandling money while working with a youth organization a couple years ago. Anthony Silva was arrested at San Francisco International Airport upon his return from overseas. He’s charged with the mishandling of money and was being held on $1 million bail. He’s also facing charges from a grand jury for grand theft, embezzlement, profiteering, misappropriation of public funds and money laundering. His lawyer says he’s innocent of the charges from a time he ran the nonprofit Stockton Kids Club, which has since changed its name to the Boys & Girls Club of America which revoked their charter in 2013, at a time Silva was in charge.

A Taco Bell contest entrant for the “Love and Tacos” game wins an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas where they get married at the fast food chain’s flagship restaurant where there’s a chapel. It’s a new wedding venue that will open later this year. That’s where Diane Nguyen (Winn) wants to say her vows. She’s entered the contest with an Instagram post where she’s wearing a burrito-wrapper dress with her fiancée in front of a Taco Bell counter. The caption says Taco Bell was there for us through the years and our love is quote, “as cheesy as a quesadilla.” The winner to be announced later this month.

An employee of a city in Rhode Island busted for fashioning an entire bedroom at work… and sleeping on the job. A Cranston Highway Department worker apparently sold his house then set up the bedroom complete with a bed, nightstand and coffee maker. A picture circulating on social media showed a pair of slippers and what looked like pajamas in the room too. A City Administrator has confirmed the employee was disciplined and the bedroom taken apart.


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