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The City of Ukiah is going after grant money so the city can make more improvements to parks. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports the City Manager saying they need to apply now or the money may not be available next year. The paper reports the Community Services Administrator says the grant money comes from the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development, aka the Housing-Related Parks Program. The city got almost $143,000 the last time around to overhaul Oak Manor Park. This time around the city could get as much as a half million dollars. City staff working on locations that could be near housing projects. The city considering putting in basketball courts at Vinewood Park and more improvements for Oak Manor Park.

Snow on some mountains along the North Coast as low as the 1,500 foot level. The National Weather Service reported the dusting melted off pretty quick. But from Saturday to yesterday about a half foot fell in Cobb, 3 times that amount at Sierra-at-Tahoe and 56 inches at Donner Pass. There was also more rain in lower elevations and hail and wind. The CHP was reporting accidents because of the slippery roads in Sonoma County. They say the roads are slick because of the nonstop rains.

Mid week should bring some sun and clearing. The National Weather Service reports more rain today and tomorrow with clearing coming tomorrow night, potentially lasting thru the weekend. Forecasters say there’s a slight chance of rain though Saturday night through early Monday. Highs are supposed to hit into the 60s and possibly the low 70s in some regions with lows in the 40s. There was more rain yesterday but Clear Lake’s level is plateau-ing finally. It’s at about 9.2 feet Rumsey, flood level is 9 feet. There’s still a flood warning for parts of Lake County because the lake is sitting above the flood stage. It’s expected to finally fall below though by late tomorrow.

A new name coming for St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake. The hospital, which used to be Redbud Community Hospital, has also announced a new mission and core values to transform the health experience. They will now be known as “Adventist Health Clear Lake.” The president and CEO of the hospital says they will continue their commitment to its neighbors with excellence, respect, integrity and compassion. Their new mission statement has also been released, “Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope”. They say they will also be more proactive instead of focusing on caring for the sick, they’ll be helping communities become healthier. Their new tagline is “Together inspired”.

A woman from Phoenix has been killed in an accident near Willits, her car going over an embankment. The CHP says the 83-year-old woman was driving slowly, headed north on Highway 101 about four miles from Willits when she went across lanes of the highway, down an embankment and into a culvert. Her car then went airborne and she was ejected from the car which hit her then continued down an embankment. There were several witnesses to the crash who apparently tried to help revive the woman who was pronounced dead at the scene. The CHP says it looks like the woman did not have her seatbelt on.

The city of Sacramento has to pay 5 million dollars to a man in Los Angeles who was wrongly charged in 2011 related to an internet child-sex abuse case. The man known only as “J.N.” publicly was held in jail for six months before the charges were finally dismissed. The man sued, accusing cops of making up evidence, malicious prosecution and violating his civil rights. He had been arrested in 2011 after a complaint by the mom of a 12 year old girl who says her kid was being contacted by men on Facebook and asked to get naked in front of a webcam.

No more solitary confinement in Calif. for death row inmates due to gang affiliations. A lawsuit filed by six prison inmates at San Quentin State Prison says they were held for indefinite periods of time in inhumane and degrading conditions where prison officials called the "adjustment center." One inmate there for 26 years and a couple others for more than 10 years. As many as 100 inmates were held when the lawsuit was filed in 2015. As of Monday there were 22 inmates. Inmates may still be put in solitary if they’re thought to be an immediate danger to the prison or others. They can also be held in the windowless cell if they have at least three infractions in five years for things like fighting or possessing drugs or cellphones.

A sea turtle in Thailand had to have surgery after it ingested too many coins tossed into a fountain. Veterinarians in Bangkok performed the surgery on the 25-year-old female green sea turtle called “Bank” yesterday. She had eaten more than 900 coins tossed to her pool for good luck in the eastern town of Sri Racha. Some locals believe tossing coins on turtles will bring them longevity. The turtle ended up with a heavy ball in her stomach that weighed in at 11 pounds. That eventually cracked her shell, threatening her life with a serious infection. The coins were taken out over 4 hours. Surgeons say many of the coins were corroded or had partially dissolved.

The California Highway Patrol searching for a driver they say stuffed two calves into their car. Officers called to reports a cow was trying to get out of the trunk of a parked car in Banning. They say when they got there they found one calf trying to get out of a Honda Civic, and another was stuffed into the backseat, both with their hooves tied.

Five of seven people suspected of murdering a Laytonville man last fall have made their first court appearances. Six men have been arrested in connection with the death of Jeffrey Settler – five are in custody in Mendocino County, one is awaiting extradition from Virginia and one is still on the run. The Ukiah Daily reports the five appearing last Thursday to enter pleas were Zachary Wuester, Gary Fitzgerald, Abdirahman Mohamed, Michael Kane, and Jesse Wells. Investigators say they beat Settler to death at his marijuana farm, where they used to work, then stole from him. No pleas were entered yet due to a dispute over evidence. The defense claims the Sheriff’s Office had misplaced it, but the Deputy DA says the video surveillance is in an unplayable format to be provided when it’s playable. Pleas are now set for April 24th.

The weather is being blamed for a fatal crash on Hwy 1 near Albion Sunday night. The CHP says Dennis Kirwan of Little River was pulling a U-Haul trailer behind a pickup truck in the rain and hail around 9 p.m. when he went into a curve and his truck slid on the ice. The truck veered down an embankment and slammed into a tree. Kirwan was pronounced dead at the scene. His passenger, Beth Kirwan was taken to Mendocino Coast District Hospital with minor injuries.

Guilty verdicts have been returned on several counts against a Mendocino County woman including aiding in drug manufacturing and child endangerment. Amanda Sizemore was arrested last year by the Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force. The DA reports a jury found her guilty of aiding and abetting the manufacture of controlled substances, specifically butane honey oil, which is a felony. She was also found guilty of possession for methadone, methamphetamine, and marijuana, all of which are misdemeanors. The DA says the child endangerment was also a misdemeanor in this case. She will be sentenced March 30th.

It could take until summer to fix the slide along the ramp onto Highway 101 south out of Willits. Caltrans spokesman Phil Frisbie tells the Willits News, crews with backhoes will likely be out on the shoulder working on the slide intermittently for a few months because it will continuing moving as they work. He says to expect occasional delays to traffic there.


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