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The Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services is collecting Initial Damage Estimates for damage from the recent storms and flooding. Cal OES and FEMA have granted Public Assistance funding to help state, tribal, and local governments do emergency repairs and Mendocino OES says they need a good accounting of the damage. Cal OES and FEMA have not granted Individual Assistance to help private property owners and businesses, but Mendocino OES says you should still submit your damage so they can get a complete picture in case help such as low interest loans does eventually become available. You can find the Initial Damage Estimate or “IDE” worksheet on the Mendocino County website.

If you would like to help oversee how Ukiah’s public safety dollars are being spent, the Ukiah City Council is looking for city residents and business owners to serve on the Measure P Oversight Committee. Measure P, passed by voters in 2014, is a ½-cent general sales tax for public safety services but requires an oversight board. Committee members should be available to meet about 2 or 3 times and then attend at least one City Council meeting to report on their findings. Applications are due to the Ukiah City Clerk by Friday March 24th and candidates will be considered at the April 5th City Council meeting.

Some potential good news for Lake County as the California Nevada River Forecast Center predicts Clear Lake will fall below flood stage late Wednesday for the first time in a month. The current Lake County forecast calls for rain on today and Wednesday but not a lot and the County got only small amounts of rain on Monday. Clear Lake is at 9.2 feet Rumsey today and so the County remains in a flood warning but the Lake could fall below the 9-foot Rumsey flood stage Wednesday night.

Mendocino College Professor of Communications, local novelist, and playwright Jody Gehrman has won the prestigious Ebell Playwrights grand prize this year for her latest full-length play, Tribal Life in America. She will travel to Southern California for a professional staged reading of the play and a celebratory supper at the historic Ebell Club of Los Angeles. The Ebell Club is a women’s arts organization founded in 1897 dedicated to fostering female theatre artists in California. Gerhman is a native of Northern California and has authored numerous plays for stage and screen and ten novels.


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