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A Marine from Virginia has died after a crash near the Mendocino County coast. Akiva Saren-Demarinis suffered major injuries after the crash last month, as we previously reported. The CHP reports the accident on Highway 128 near Highway 1. They say Saren-Demarinis was headed towards the coast, went off the rural highway into a tree and got trapped in his car. He was freed by firefighters and taken to a hospital where he died.

The former Superintendent of Schools in Calif. is running for Governor. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports Delaine Eastin spoke at the Women’s History Gala last Saturday in Ukiah and has experience in the legislature and the city council in Union City. Eastin is running in 2018 and spoke to the newspaper about her platform. Eastin says she has a long range plan for higher education and says education in the state is her main reason for running for office. She also spoke about her previous work on the environment, transportation, how she wants to bolster the economy and state pensions and pot legalization.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors looking for reassurance the federal government isn’t going to upend the legalization of Marijuana. The Daily Journal reports Attorney General Jeff Sessions saying there’s no plan so far to go after states that have legalized weed. But yesterday the board switched gears during their regular meeting and took up a conversation about an annual grant from the federal government to eradicate marijuana grown illegally on federal land. The newspaper reports Supervisor Dan Hamburg pulled the item for special consideration and took up the topic with the County Undersheriff about the agreement. The undersheriff says the agreement is narrowly defined to just pull marijuana grows on park land and land controlled by the Bureau of Land Management and it cannot be changed. He also says growing weed on federal land is illegal, no matter what.

Members are needed for a committee in Ukiah to manage the Measure P sales tax. The city council heard from the Police Chief who says there should be a board with one officer and a firefighter with three members of the public to oversee how the tax is spent. The chief told the council he thought the panel should represent various parts of the community, including business owners, ethnic minorities, homeowners and tenants. He also says after the board meets and reviews the tax and reports their findings to the city council, they’d be dissolved. Anyone interested should call the police chief or interim fire chief. You can pick up applications at the city clerk’s office or on the city of Ukiah’s website.

A woman in Potter Valley has been arrested in connection to a domestic violence incident. Police say they got a call last Sunday to a disturbance and found a couple who both had visible injuries. Deputies say Jessica Clayton and an adult male at the home, who live together, had been in an argument. They say things got heated and Clayton pushed the man who fell down and hit his head. She was arrested on domestic violence battery and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on $25,000.00 bail.

A man in Mendocino’s been arrested after police got a tip he might be giving drugs to two girls. Police say they found out two female minors in Aaron Rathblott’s care and custody got a hold of LSD while in Rathblott’s care. He was arrested at his home and charged with soliciting or enticing a minor to take drugs. He was also found to be on active misdemeanor probation, so he’s charged with violating the probation and booked on $50,000.00 bail.

E-cigarettes getting more popular in Lake County. New research shows the availability of E-cigarettes has gone up 14% since 2013. The research shows the availability and marketing of tobacco products, alcohol, condoms and healthy and unhealthy food options in the state at retailers who sell tobacco. The results of the survey released this week after three years of research since March of 2014. The data collected from more than 7,100 stores in all of California’s 58 counties at pharmacies, supermarkets, delis, convenience and liquor stores and tobacco-only stores. The survey results on Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community, at

A new/old Deputy Chief CEO in Mendocino County. The CEO of the county Carmel Angelo announced yesterday Steve Dunnicliff leaving the Planning and Building Services Dept. as its director and coming back to the Executive Office as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. The transition will be next month. Carmelo says Dunnicliff did a great job as Director, putting together a strong management team there who can build on what he did. She says he’s an asset to the County and she’s excited to have him returning to the Executive Office to help take on the opportunities and challenges the County is facing.

The mandatory evacuation order for some folks in Lakeport after the flooding has been lifted. The Lakeport Police Department lifted the evacuation order for the Lucky 4 Trailer Resort and Aqua Village Mobile Home Park. The police department did however leave the evacuation orders for the Esplanade Neighborhood and Will-O-Point Resort & Mobile Home Park in place. The department reminding those returning home to wear protective clothing, including rubber gloves and boots to protect against bacteria and possible infections, avoid putting your hands near your face or mouth when working on flooded areas, make sure the main power source to your home or business is turned off, check for any shifts in the house or building and cracks in the foundation, open doors and windows to help dry out rooms, remove standing water and note water soaked grounds can cause a collapse of basement walls. There are also many other measures to consider.

Hose down walls with a cup of household bleach to five gallons of water. Disinfect surfaces, have appliances checked by a service person before using them again, remove any soaked materials and furnishings. Flooded food items should be trashed unless they’re not damaged. Sanitize pots, pans, utensils, dishes, glassware and other items you’re keeping. If you have a well, have it tested for contamination. Any other info is available at the Environmental Health Division at 707-263-1164

A crash near Lakeport killed one person after their car hit a tree. The CHP reports the crash yesterday on Highway 29 at the 11th Street off-ramp. Police reports say a truck and a small white car collided, went down an embankment, and at least one vehicle hit a tree. The Lakeport Fire Chief confirmed one fatality to dispatchers and another person with major injuries.

Now that there’s been a bunch of rain, erosion and flooding, there’s also a rainbow of hope… gold. In Oroville prospectors say there may be some gold after the floods uncovered earth from deep below the feather river. Apparently the banks of other rivers, the American, Mokelumne, the Yuba and others are ripe for digging. Prospecting businesses in Oroville say there’s renewed interest. Apparently the hillside near the Oroville spillway that failed was washed down before it was even put in. Prospectors also look for quartz along the rivers.

After a lawsuit was filed regarding a possible civil rights violation in Willits, the city’s making sure locals are up to speed on the Americans with Disabilities Act. A suit was filed last year by a disabled person against a local business so the City of Willits and the Chamber of Commerce had an educational town hall on accessibility requirements compliance. City Council chambers were packed as an architect, a lawyer and city officials met with the public. The city council announced at a meeting in January they were under the microscope from an out of town group and at least one lawsuit was filed. There’s also been a few local businesses approached about the possibility they had ADA compliance issues.

P,G&E is giving recreational marijuana growers and medical marijuana growers their agricultural energy rate. As of the beginning of the month, legal growers can try to change their rate and after new businesses for the legal market are up and running in 2018, they’ll become eligible too. The VP of Customer Service for the utility says they see Cannabis like any other legal crop in Calif. such as almonds or tomatoes. Growers can now get the same rate and energy efficiency programs farmers do. Growers need to have a permit to grow in their local jurisdiction and prove 70 percent or more of their annual energy use per their meter is for agricultural end uses like growing crops, pumping water for agricultural irrigation or other uses for agricultural production for sale.

An old website for a city in the Florida Panhandle is now hosting pornographic content. The Panama City News Herald reporting the city of Springfield was getting complaints from people who went to the city’s old website. The mayor says they had probably let the old web address expire and the new site has porno on it. The city moved to a dot gov domain and is now trying to buy back that old domain or one’s that are similar to the current website,

Police in Las Vegas looking for the murderer of two homeless men, ended up charging another man for the attempted murder of a mannequin. Now a legal debate on the case because the mannequin was actually used as a decoy to find whoever killed the two transients who died from head injuries. Now Shane Schindler has to have a psych evaluation and his lawyer is fighting the attempted murder charge, calling it “a legal impossibility” because you can’t kill an inanimate object. Apparently Nevada appellate law may support the charge after a state supreme court ruling from 1976 and again in 1989.

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