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The Willits City Council’s still working thru their community choice power program. The council getting a presentation from Sonoma Clean Power to allow residential and business customers pick who provides their electricity. There will be several community workshops about the program coming, with the first next Thursday, March 16th, at the Willits Senior Center, 10:00-11:30 am, and then again at the Willits Farmer’s Market, 1:30-6:00 pm.

Voters can get a peak at a manual tally of of the March 7th Special Fire Protection District election. The Lake County Registrar Of Voters Office is holding the county next Thursday in the Registrar’s office on the 2nd Floor of the County Courthouse in Lakeport at 9:00 a.m. It’s a random selection of precinct chosen that day. Those who want to watch can view, but are told to not interfere with the election process.

A teenager in Redwood Valley’s been arrested after cops say she brought weed laced brownies to school and shared them. Deputies got a call to Eagle Peak Middle School where they were told students were under the influence. When they got there they found a 13 year old had shared the laced goodies at school. One 13 year old had to go to the hospital. The other was arrested and taken to Juvenile Hall.

Property owners in Clearlake are being reminded about repairs and replacements to docks need a permit. The Lake County Water Resources Dept. is providing permits for those who have improvements or replacements to their docs after the storms and flooding.

A theft caught on video leads to the arrest of 3 men in Upper Lake. Deputies get a call to the Robinson Rancheria Casino and id’d the suspects from the video footage as Fabian Rosales-Reyes, Raymond Casillas and Carlos Casillas. Police say they saw one suspect near a victim at a card table, the suspect pushed the victim’s purse with his foot to a second suspect. Then a third was supposedly acting as a lookout. They took the purse and stole $1,500 cash then left. Deputies say the trio were known gang members. They arrested the three after getting a search warrant for a home in Lakeport. Police say items stolen were found at the home along with gang paraphernalia, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Rosales-Reyes, Carlos Casillas and Raymond Casillas all arrested on various charges including Grand Theft, Conspiracy to Commit a Crime and Participating in a Criminal Street Gang.

No word on who’s taking over the management of groundwater in Ukiah, but the City Council said no to putting together a new agency for the task. The Daily Journal reports some council members didn’t like the makeup of a so-called Joint Powers Association (JPA). The association to be put together to follow the state’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. The act says the Ukiah Valley has to have a Groundwater Sustainability Agency put together by June 30th. There’s already been multiple public meetings on the plan, which afterwards it was decided, the Valley needed the JPA to include eight local water districts, but some city council members weren’t that happy with the makeup of the association. Now it’s all tossed back to the council to possibly form their own agency, which they’ve not voted on, instead trying to negotiate with the eight local agencies for now.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept is in a holding pattern when it comes to giving new marijuana-cultivation permits. A letter’s been sent to some who already hold permits by the Undersheriff telling them their permits won’t be renewed this year. Apparently it has to do with a settlement between a conservation group, the Mendocino County Blacktail Association. Growers speaking out at the latest County Supervisors meeting with concern about the future of their businesses. The hold on new permits to move growers into the new regulatory system. The supervisors are about to approve a new ordinance which is still be drafted. Then new permit applications will be taken in May.

Another business in Willits is being sued by a disabled resident saying there were violations of the American Disabilities Act. The Willits News reports some local businesses are working to mitigate the potential for suits against their businesses, the paper says, can cost up to $4,000 a day in damages. The new lawsuit filed by a lawyer in Chicago against a liquor store saying the owners of the shop didn’t have the proper legal access for their public accommodation and/or public facility. They are going after injunctive relief and damages for “denial of access and equal accommodations”. It’s the second lawsuit since the start of the new year by the same person. They say they’ve been denied access which is a violation of federal and state legal requirements, which is a violation of civil rights to full and equal access and to not feel “embarrassed and humiliated.”

A rough damage estimate’s been revealed after flooding in Clear Lake. $1.1 million in damage to private property and about $6 million to city infrastructure, including roads and parks. Together Lake and Mendocino counties have reported as much as $12 to $14 million in storm-related damages. There had been a mandatory evacuation for about 225 people along the shore last month because Clear Lake went above 10 feet on the Rumsey gauge. Some of those folks have been allowed to return home, while others are still evacuated.

Uber’s self-driving cars are coming back to California, but the company has no plans yet to drive passengers in them. The company got permits yesterday for a couple Volvo SUVs for public roads, at the same time they’ve approved 48 people as backup drivers. The cars have someone actually sitting in them, behind the wheel, just in case there’s a malfunction. Uber had some self-drivers in San Francisco, but apparently didn’t have the proper permits so they left the state to test them elsewhere. The company says they’re not going to have any paying passengers aboard the SUV’s, but they do in Pittsburgh and a Phoenix suburb.

People coming home after the flooding along Clear Lake are being told to be on the lookout for possible mold. The Record Bee reports since there was likely up to a foot or more of sitting water in some of the homes, they could be threatened by mold as the Lake receded. ServPro tells the paper they’re swamped and anticipate getting busier with the lake levels back down. Apparently it’s not new for mold to appear after atmospheric rivers of rain and flooding. Flooding along the North Coast from San Jose to Felton and Guerneville has home recovery and restoration experts on their toes. They do say most can keep mold at bay by quickly getting their homes dried out.

A lawmaker in the Silicon Valley is trying to get the voting age lowered to 17 in Calif. Assemblyman Evan Low of Cupertino says it’s about civics and the habits and patterns of democracy to make sure folks are engaged in government. 16-year-olds can already preregister to vote and 17-year-olds can vote in primaries if they’re going to be 18 before a general election. Last year in San Francisco there was a ballot measure to lower the voting age to 16 for local elections, but it didn’t pass. Berkeley did however pass one for 16-year-olds so they could vote in local school board elections.

Water’s running under the Oroville Dam again under the Hyatt Powerhouse. The Record Bee reporting water being sent thru the hydroelectric power plant last Friday for the first time in almost a month. The water was shut back off a day later though because the Department of Water Resources found they needed a larger channel to move through the debris sitting at the bottom of the damaged main spillway for the powerhouse. So they worked thru the weekend, then yesterday had it back up again. The lake level was 45 feet under the lip of the emergency spillway. It was above it when the spillway failed last month.

Not looking good so far for the Lake County Fire Protection District special election. So far results from Tuesday’s special election show the parcel tax measure failed to get enough votes. Measure D was just 10 votes behind. It needs a supermajority of 66.7 percent, but received 66.3 percent in favor. 565 people voted against the tax which was supposed to pull in as much as $3-400,000 dollars a year for the District. It would have doubled the district’s current special tax on properties from $60 a year to $120 a year for per single family dwelling.

A diving instructor decides to help a shark that had been stabbed in the head. Brett Johnson and his students scuba diving off the Cayman Islands when they happened upon the shark with a large knife sticking out of its head. Johnson says he went closer to get a look and saw the 3-foot shark with a kitchen knife stuck in its head. He says it swam up and stopped in front of him, like it was asking for help, so he slowly pulled the knife out. He says it was probably a foot long. There was a hole left behind in the shark’s head. He says he thought it might be what’s known as a nurse shark, which move slow and are mostly docile creatures.


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