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Planned Parenthood Clinics in Calif. probably won’t be affected if the federal government pulls their funding. President Trump and conservatives in Congress looking to cut federal funding as part of the Obamacare repeal. But the federal government already doesn’t allow federal money to go to abortions except in the case of rape, incest or saving the mother’s life. Now they want no federal funds for any health care by providers who perform abortions. The Mercury News reports Calif. Planned Parenthood officials say if they lose all federal funding, abortion clinics would stay open because they get private money and are reimbursed by the state for poorer patients. They say instead they’d run into trouble at nonsurgical sites for other medical and contraception services. That policy in place for 30 years ago under Republican Gov. Pete Wilson.

A man from Cobb has been killed in a car crash and his wife had serious injuries. The CHP reports Darryl Prather was killed this week when another man lost control of his pickup truck, went across the median an into oncoming traffic. They say the driver of the truck Daniel O’Neil Long of Ukiah hit the couple even as Prather tried to veer away from him. Both cars went off the road, with Prather dying at the scene. His wife Lela had severe injuries to her chest and head. The driver of the pickup and a child with him did not have serious injuries. The CHP says the road was slick at the time of the crash, but they have no exact determination as to why the pickup driver lost control.

The temporary bridge on Orr Springs Road is opening. The Transportation Director in Ukiah says there will be light vehicles allowed on the bridge starting early next week, possibly sooner. Workers were still working on the gravel ramps on both sides of the span. When it does open, only vehicles weighing 20 tons or less are allowed, and the speed limit is 5 mph over the bridge. There will be work continuing on the bridge even after it reopens and it could be closed again if it is deemed unsafe. The gravel ramps should be paved over the summer. The bridge went over budget. It was $135,000 to put up, about 35-thousand more than anticipated.

A Veterans Affair bus is being blamed for leaving a double-amputee veteran in a wheelchair on the sidewalk by the Fort Bragg CVS Pharmacy. The Advocate reports Harry Swets, a former Fort Bragg resident left behind on a cold rainy day. A woman tells the newspaper she saw the bus driver help Swets get out of the bus, then leave. She says she followed the shuttle for a time, then circled back to help the man who she says seemed confused. She took his picture and posted it on Facebook so someone might identify him. His daughter, who lives in Santa Rosa eventually saw it. After a mix up with the daughter and getting Swets some shelter, some good Samaritans pitched in, paying for a room for Swets at a local Motel 6 for the night. The Fort Bragg Fire Dept. got him there. And his daughter would get him the next day.

An ad hoc Obstetrics Committee set up by Mendocino Coast District Hospital’s board of directors delivers its final report. The committee says for the dept. to make some money they could replace traveling nurses with permanent ones and establish a birthing center and/or possibly hire midwives. It says a possible reason for the big losses every year may be part of a nationwide trend for small rural hospitals not being able to sustain OB services because of fewer deliveries and difficulty staffing the Department. The report goes to the board’s planning subcommittee who will consider its contents then turn it over to the full board for a decision on the future of the dept. at the hospital.

Special meeting of the Lake County Board of Supervisors on the Cannabis ordinance. The public had a chance for comment on cultivation boundaries the county is considering. The Record Bee reports the proposal has boundaries 100 feet away from any spring, bank of any stream, the edge of lakes, wetlands or vernal pools. It also says there can’t be grows within 1,000 feet of any public or private schools, parks that have playground equipment, drug or alcohol rehabs, childcare or nursery schools, church or youth orientated facilities. So that’s in addition to Supervisor Rob Brown who also doesn’t want any recreational weed growing in his entire district of Kelseyville, Clear Lake Riviera, Buckingham, Loch Lomond and parts of Cobb Mountain. The planning division says they can’t ban out right but they can regulate.

A Calif. lawmaker wants to help people stay out of jail. Assemblymember Tony Thurmond of Richmond is looking for ways to fund programs that could prevent incarceration like preschool and after-school programs. His Bill would put a tax on for-profit businesses, including private prisons who work with state prisons providing goods or services. Thurmond says early education programs make a huge impact on a child’s life. He says the purpose of his bill is to get education for kids, not jail them, by investing in programs that directly benefit children.

The judge overseeing the impeachment of the president of South Korea seen with pink rollers in her hair, so now it’s a thing. The picture of Acting Chief Justice Lee Jung-mi’s hurried arrival at Constitutional Court went viral. And now the judge is being seen as a symbol of a hardworking woman, dedicated to a demanding job. Apparently she didn’t even realize she had them in her head when she got to court. She was compared to the now impeached president who prosecutors say got her hair stylist to come to her office hours after a ferry sank in 2014, killing hundreds of teenagers. One of the issues at the impeachment was if President Park fulfilled her duty the day of that tragedy. Her six-year term ends Monday.

No word still on the reopening of the Nice-Lucerne Cutoff after a levee overtopped in the heavy rains. The storms last month caused Clear Lake to spill out onto the street, topping its flood stage of 9 feet, to hit 10.6 feet Rumsey, the highest it’s been since the 1998 flood with the road then closing February 22nd after one levee overtopped and issues with a second one. Lake Co News reports there was standing water on the road because of that. The News site reports the California Department of Water Resources has had crews at the levee every day since January, when rain started pounding the county. They are apparently pumping the water out of the area so they don’t have to wait for it to totally dry.

Several million dollars worth of makeup has been stolen from a warehouse in Los Angeles. Police searching for whoever got into the Anastasia Beverly Hills warehouse sometime between Jan. 28th and 30th, cut a hole in the roof and took off with 100,000 packages of their “Modern Renaissance” eye shadow. They say it was worth as much as $4.5 million.

Police in Lakeport arresting the mother of a toddler found roaming the streets alone. Police say the 2 year old was found by an off-duty officer and a resident who were both on the street where the tot was wandering in the middle of the road. The cop took custody of the child as the department sent out an alert to look for his parents. Community members sent info to the police department and they found mom, Sophia Pulido who was arrested and found to be high on meth. She was charged with child endangerment and being under the influence.

Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway that cratered and caused the evacuation of residents last month, is supposed to start releasing water again. The Sacramento Bee reports ( the state Department of Water Resources will try to start releasing water by next Friday after the Lake Oroville level hits about 865 feet. That’s way below where the water would start to go over the spillway. The damage in the spillway discovered last month causing almost 200,000 to be ordered from their homes in three counties.


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