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The last person police had been looking for related to the murder of a marijuana farmer in Laytonville has been arrested in New Jersey. The seventh and last suspect wanted for Jeffrey Settler’s murder last year, Gary Louis Blank III of Garberville, was caught Friday. Cops received a tip Blank got a ride in Southern Calif. to the Northeast. Various law-enforcement agencies in several states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey worked together to secure his capture. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says Blank and six others murdered and robbed Settler. They had all worked for him as trimmers. Police believe they assaulted and killed Settler during a robbery, stole more than 100 pounds of marijuana and took off. All of them were identified and were separately arrested over the months since the murder last November.

(didn’t use) A teen from Lake County run over by a pickup truck while skateboarding in Potter Valley. The CHP says the 17 year old was riding next to the truck and holding onto its bed on Main Street Friday afternoon when he lost his balance and fell under the pickup which hit him after he was lying on the road. He was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with major injuries. Police say they don’t think drugs or alcohol were involved.

Even though state representatives are asking for more examination, The Lake County Planning Commission says yes to rebuilding a dock at the Bell Haven Resort. The President of the Bell Haven Resort Homeowners Association says she’s going to rebuild after the reconstruction was approved by several departments before it got to the Planning Commission. An appeal was made by a homeowner at the resort though who says the dock will extend more than 250 feet into the lake. A county ordinance says no dock can go over 100 feet past zero on the Rumsey Gauge without a variance. The dock apparently the subject of a lawsuit after a woman fell thru it. It also lost fiberglass and became unstable. Those living at the resort will have to pay for the new dock at more than $700,000.

California might be able to save billions by reducing high school suspensions and going for rehabilitation over punishment. That’s according to a new study by the California Dropout Research Project. Researchers followed more than a hundred randomly chosen 10th-graders from across the state for three years, finding suspension reduced the chances of graduation by almost seven percent. Lead author Russell Rumberger, professor emeritus at U-C Santa Barbara, calculates that each dropout costs society almost 570-thousand dollars over a lifetime.

Cut 55345 :14 "They’re less likely to get a job, and if they do they have lower earnings over their entire lifetime. They’re also more likely to engage in criminal activities, which has a cost to taxpayers and to private citizens. They typically require more public-health assistance, and finally they’re more likely to be on welfare."

Tag: The report suggests districts work on the root cause of bad behavior instead of handing out punishment. It praises districts such as L-A-U-S-D who fund restorative-justice programs and use positive behavioral intervention and supports.

Second Cut: Rumsberger says California is moving forward – recently including suspension rates in districts’ annual evaluations.

Cut 56345 :08 "Schools and districts are now going to be formally accountable for their suspension rates, so we think it’s going to give incentives for places to reduce their suspension rates."

Tag 1: The report endorses programs that work to address some of the factors that lead to bad behavior in school, which include stresses at home, frustration over academic failure, and a feeling of being disconnected from the school community.

The Middletown Rancheria Tribal Council says yes to donating $10,000 for Emergency Sirens. The council voted unanimously to donate the money to The South Lake County Fire Protection District to help pay for the Emergency Public Notification Fire Sirens. Money being raised for the sirens by the District, the Lake County Fire Chiefs Association and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office/County Office of Emergency Services. The Chairman of the Tribal Council says the tribe’s committed to help make improvements to the safety of their neighbors and are happy to give towards the much needed Fire Siren Project.

Marshlands across from Clear Lake between Clear Lake State Park and Lakeport are being sprayed for mosquitoes. The Lake County Vector Control District is also spraying parts of Anderson Marsh State Park, and a bit east of the Clearlake Keys. The treatment this Friday depending on weather. They say their winter mosquito surveillance program found a lot of larvae in the marshlands around the edge of the lake that got flooded. They say the skeeters are an aggressive sort they want to get ahead of before they come out this spring. Look out for the crop duster flying low over the marsh lands, some of which are near homes. They warn there will be a brief noise nuisance in the area due to the spraying from the plane.

Clearlake Police get a new emblem that will match the city’s updated seal. The department has released a picture of the new emblem, saying their patch is out of date so they want to use the city’s new seal as part of their new one. It’s got the city seal and a thin blue lined flag. A department officer designed the new patch which the department says was chosen by staffers. The flag is above the city seal.

A middle school near the bay area is disciplining a student they say posted negative fliers about Muslims on the school campus. The Superintendent of the Moraga School District says administrators and police have spoken with the Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School student after fliers were found at the school earlier this month showing a still photo from the TV cartoon, Family Guy, show cartoon character Porky Pig coming out of a drum with the words “Muslim Looney Tunes”. Apparently that episode made fun of Muslim stereotypes. The episode was pulled from air after being criticized for showing a terrorist act at the Boston Marathon. Two students who found the flier pulled several of them off bulletin boards around campus and told administrators.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is considering expanding the landfill. Staffers will discuss the idea with the board at their regular meeting tomorrow morning. The matter is marked to be discussed after 10 a.m. with the Public Services Director giving the board an update on the Eastlake Sanitary Landfill Expansion Project. The landfill is getting close to being full with the latest estimate showing it’ll hit maximum capacity in eight to ten years. The next step in the expansion project could cost as much as $2-$3 million over four years. The board will also discuss continuing local emergencies for wildfires from 2015 and 2016 and the storms this winter.

A fire survivor in Middletown gets to move in to their new home finally. Valley Fire survivor Orville Young’s home honored with a dedication ceremony by Hope City, North Coast Opportunities and AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. As you probably recall the Valley Fire burned nearly a month in early fall of 2015. More than 76,000 acres burned and took down almost 2,000 structures. 4 people were killed in the fire, said to be the third most destructive in California history. Young lost everything in the fire. The home rebuilt by young adult volunteers with AmeriCorp.

Lakeport Police asking for the public’s help after a toxic substance was released inside a Safeway Grocery store, leading to an evacuation and 2 hour closure. Police say it happened yesterday and that customers and employees had breathing problems after the aerosol substance was released. They’re investigating the incident as a felony. Lakeport Fire, Kelseyville, Northshore, Lakeport Police and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Lake County Environmental Health were all on the scene. The Police Chief says they think it was a pepper like spray released, but say it had no smell. Those inside reported choking and coughing, then the store was emptied as fire fighters ventilated the store. Anyone with info is asked to call Police or send them a Facebook message.

A man from Pinole shot on a Northern California freeway has died. The CHP reports Demarcus Doss died of his injuries. He and a woman were shot as they drove on Interstate 80 Thursday afternoon. Police say he was in grave condition since the shooting. The woman is in stable condition. Elliot Johnson of Richmond along with a couple of teenage boys have been arrested in connection to the shooting north of San Francisco. Police say one of the two 17 year olds was the shooter. They say they think several shootings on freeways the last couple of weeks are gang-related.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’s thinking about running against Senator Diane Feinstein who’s up for re-election next year. Politico reports the former California governor and Actor is weighing his possible jump back into politics. He’s been seen in videos being critical of President Trump, after the two went back and forth on Twitter regarding “Celebrity Apprentice”. Arnold says he’s a uniter and independent thinker okay calling out Republicans and Democrats alike. Feinstein will be 85 years old next year. She’s the oldest serving senator right now, but has stated previously she will run again. Schwarzenegger was supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich for President. No word if he voted for Trump in the end.

The boil water advisory for part of the water system in Lucerne has been canceled. California Water Service and the State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water put the advisory in place last week for 140 customers because of a temporary service interruption and main repair. Cal Water found a leak in a water main in an easement last Wednesday. A valve also broke when they went to shut the main down to fix the leak. The leak was fixed but samples of the water needed to be tested before the water could be deemed safe to drink. Two bacteriological samples showed it met quality standards so the boil water advisory was lifted Saturday.

A retirement home in Massachusetts is bustling with activity. Some of the retired ladies at Fuller Village started knitting sweaters for chickens. The knitting club at the village heard some poultry shed their feathers and grow new ones in the winter and others that come from warmer climates needed a helping hand. So the women started knitting for chickens. The ladies say it was calming work for them, one saying humans aren’t the only species who need to stay warm… A spokesperson says the egg production where the sweaters were sent went noticeably higher.

A moose seen on the slopes of a resort in Colorado. Apparently a snowboarder came across a moose she says was galloping towards her while she was on a run at Breckenridge Ski Resort… so she shot some footage of the animal as she kept descending down. Workers at the resort say nobody was hurt, but that it’s a great reminder that skiers and snowboarders share the mountain with wildlife. Skiers and snowboarders got a glimpse of a rare lynx last December at the Purgatory resort in southwestern Colorado.


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