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California is on the list of state’s against the latest travel ban by President Trump. The Washington Attorney General is asking for a hearing with a federal judge to stop the revised travel ban which starts this week. The complaint asks the judge in Seattle to find the ban unconstitutional, saying it harms state residents, universities and businesses who staff foreign workers. California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon are in on the legal action with Washington. The California Attorney General Xavier Becerra says even though the travel ban was changed, it’s still an attack based on religion or national origin.

California’s State Bar says yes to a new ethics rule that says lawyers who have sex with their clients can be disciplined. The State Bar’s Board of Trustees added the new rule to attorney conduct standards. Right now the state says lawyers cannot coerce a client into sex or demand they have sex with them as a trade for legal representation. The new rule says none of that is lawful and explicitly bans sex between lawyers and clients, but there’s room for some exceptions. Several other states have similar blanket sex bans in place. Those supporting the new rule say the relationship between a lawyer and client is in- equal so a sexual relationship could be seen as coercive, some against it say it’s an unjustified invasion of privacy.

Self driving cars could be a reality in California by the end of the year. Cars that have no steering wheel, pedals or a pilot driver may be on the road after testing over several years on the new technology. Regulations now say these kinds of vehicles have to have steering wheels, foot controls and actual backup drivers who are there in the case of an emergency. The state Department of Motor Vehicles is proposing new rules so these kinds of cars could be out before the end of the year and a limited amount of the cars could be purchased sometime next year. The federal government would have to give its permission.

After the partial collapse of the Last Chance Grade, some lawmakers say the state and federal government needs to work together to fix infrastructure. State Senator Mark McGuire says the state and federal government should work together to make sure they find resources to get the job done. McGuire and the director of Caltrans met with the director of the Federal Highway Administration’s California Division last Friday in Eureka. They toured the highway that collapsed toward the ocean after a landslide south of Crescent City. The Last Chance Grade has been threatened by landslides since it was built in 1894. There have been accidents and millions spent on the road already. There are seven alternate routes being considered, but the federal government wants more geological studies on the existing route.

A step closer to California becoming something of a sanctuary state. There’s a bill in play in the legislature to restrict California’s law enforcement agencies from working with federal immigration agents. It goes to the state Senate for a full vote next. It was standing room only at the hearing yesterday. The California State Sheriffs’ Association and other groups are against Senate Bill 54 after amendments were added that adds crimes as a reason to allow some illegal alien roundups. The new bill would require local police to give the federal government a 60-day warning ahead of violent felons being released from state prison or jails. Labor, religious and civil rights groups support the bill.

Thompson Harbor at Redbud Park has reopened after the massive flooding the last several weeks. Clearlake City Manager Greg Folsom says since the Lake has receded, the harbor is reopened. He says fishing and tourism are major drivers of the economy. The water level at the lake is back down under 9 feet Rumsey. so the City’s Public Works dept. reattached floating docks at the concrete ramps. The dock’s been closed since the first week of February.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has changed course and will pay for an outside lawyer to represent the Sheriff in a lawsuit from the Lake County Correctional Officers Association. The board previously said the Sheriff could use the county attorney, but now says they will help Sheriff Martin get an outside attorney instead. They are setting aside no more than $30,000. The association is suing the county and the sheriff for breach of contract. Lake Co News is reporting the Correctional Officers’ Association settled a lawsuit and a couple of unfair labor practice charges in connection to the former Sheriff Frank Rivero in 2011 regarding arming correctional officers at the jail.

Residents in Lakeport who were evacuated due to flooding have been allowed to return home. After three weeks those living along Esplanade Street get to return home. It was one of four areas where residents were told they had to leave because of Clear Lake flooding February 20th. There’s still one neighborhood, Will-O-Point which is still under mandatory evacuation. More than 40 mobile homes in the park there are condemned. There are also several roads still closed in the Esplanade area because of continued flood conditions. The Lakeport Public Works dept. is still monitoring roads and reopen them when they are safe and all flood debris is gone.

The unemployment rate in Lake County has gone back up along with the nation’s. Lake Co News reports California’s unemployment rate was down in January. The report from the California Employment Development Department says Lake County was at 7.1 percent jobless in January, which is up from 6.7 percent a month before, but still down from January 2016 when it was almost 8%. The state unemployment rate was off slightly at 5.1 percent for January, down from 5.2 percent in December and 5.7 percent a year ago. San Mateo County had the lowest unemployment rate at 2.9 percent and the highest this time was in Colusa County at 23.6 percent.

More qualified citizens are needed to serve on the 2017/2018 Mendocino County Grand Jury. The Chair of the Grand Jury Recruitment and Selection Committee is inviting folks to submit their applications to the Superior Court. The deadline to hand in your application is April 14th with the swearing in, the end of June. Those chosen serve for a year. The 19 chosen are empowered to investigate operations of county, city and district governments; provide civil oversight of local government departments and agencies; and respond to citizen complaints. They set their own agenda and work schedule. You can pick up your application in person at the Superior Court.

A man police say was “busting out of his pants” has been arrested in New York after cops say his legs were taped up with bags of cocaine. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents caught Juan Carlos Galan Luperon at JFK airport. They say he had 10 pounds of coke worth about $164,000 strapped to his legs when he arrived from the Dominican Republic. Agents say when they were examining him upon arrival he showed signs of being nervous, and his pants looked to be “rather snug”. Agents say the packages taped around his legs had white powder in them that tested positive for cocaine. He’s now facing federal narcotics-smuggling charges.


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