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Ukiah Police are looking for a woman they say kicked a Walmart employee who’d caught her trying to steal some baby items. The employee says March 3rd the woman was seen in the infant department taking items off the shelf and stuffing them into a bag. The employee followed the woman to the main entrance and after she walked out without paying for the items the employee identified themselves as working for Loss Prevention and tried to take the bag. The two then struggled over the bag and the suspect reportedly kicked the employee twice in the side and ran off. The employee was not seriously hurt. The suspect is described as white with reddish-blonde hair, wearing blue jeans and a gray shirt with orange/red stripes on the sleeves and wearing glasses. Anyone with information is asked to call Ukiah Police.

Lakeport Police are still looking to talk to people who were at the Lakeport Safeway Sunday when someone released some Pepper Spray. Around 3:30 p.m. several people near the check stands started to choke and have breathing problems. The Fire Dept and County Health Officials responded and closed the store while it was ventilated. Lakeport Police say several people were checked out by firefighters at the scene and one person was taken to the hospital and they were able to interview all of them. But they think there were probably people who left without being treated and they want to talk to them in hopes of finding whoever released the Spray. The Chief tells Lake County News he has seen people posting online about being there but he’s not sure everyone posting has made a report and they still need more information.

The Ukiah City Council is taking up the issue of the state’s new laws regarding “accessory dwelling units” or mother-in-law units. The new laws were designed to address the state’s lack of affordable housing but will affect how the city regulates structures. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports council will look tonight at a staff report drawn up for them on the three laws which change the name of such dwellings from “second units” to “accessory dwelling units,” and limit the ability of cities and other local authorities to regulate them in residentially-zoned districts. The changes fall into four areas: parking, types and sizes of units, approval process and timelines and water and sewer utility fees. The City Council will consider whether it wants to amend the existing city ordinance or just default to the state’s regulations. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the Ukiah City Council chambers.

Clear Lake State Park reopens to day use and boating today although the campground areas remain closed and could be for many months. The park closed February 9th due to flooding of main park roads, campgrounds, cabins, boat launch, day use and restroom facilities many of which have significant storm damage. And officials haven’t been able to fully assess entire state park as some areas are still under water. Lake County News reports Cole Creek campground, Upper Bayview and Lower Bayview Campground are closed until June and Kelsey Creek could be closed until March

We now know the cause of death of Hump-Free the Camel. The popular attraction at Lyon’s Ranch in Sonoma County died suddenly last month and his owner’s now say it was from an unidentified passerby giving him a snack of toxic plants, likely oleander or yew. Lynette Lyon tells the Press Democrat it was probably an accident from someone who did know not to feed the animals there. The Lyons family established the ranch 17 years ago as a refuge for now more than 70 animals mostly rescued from situations where they were not properly cared for. Hump-Free was rescued at just 6 weeks old and had been at the Ranch for 14 years. He was one of the ranch’s therapy animals, going out to hospitals and other facilities to provide comfort and therapeutic interaction.


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