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The Lake County Campus of Woodland Community College is hosting a Native American Empowerment Day next Friday, March 24. American Indian students in grades 7 through 12 and American Indian adults are invited to this free event from 9am to 1pm at the campus in Clearlake. The day will include a traditional blessing and prayer, Keynote speaker Clarence Sharlow giving a motivational address, Robert Geary speaking on local historical and contemporary issues and hands-on workshops on traditional practices and the value of higher education. College staff will be there to help anyone wishing to enroll in classes for high school equivalency or learn more about college. Attendees will get snacks, lunch, and book bags.

There are once again some Coho salmon in the Russian River. After 10 years of study, captive breeding and stream rehabilitation by consortium of local, state, and federal agencies, private landowners, academic institutions, community coalitions and others, a small but steady number has been reappearing in the river in areas of the Sonoma County where they are being tracked. Officials tell the Press Democrat there is a long way to go though before the Coho can be upgraded from the federal “endangered” classification – that requires finding more than 10,100 salmon in the watershed for three consecutive years. The most recent count was about 450.

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