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A man from Santa Rosa has been arrested after being tackled by another man for shoplifting at JC Penny in Ukiah. Police say they got a call to the Ross Dress for Less store in the Pear Tree Shopping Center a couple weeks ago finding a brawl happening, with several people piling on to one man. Police say after interviewing several people, two of them told police they had been chasing a man, Javier Pena-Martinez for stealing jeans at JC Penny. Police say the guy was on probation and had an ankle monitor on. Another man apparently with him, dropped the jeans and ran. Pena-Martinez has been charged with grand theft and booked into Mendocino County Jail.

P,G&E customers facing another round of hikes after some big ones last year. Next month the rate’s will get another hike for residents but, the utility just announced discounted electricity rates for commercial medical marijuana growers. As we reported there will also be a discount available for recreational commercial marijuana growers next year. The new residential rate started at the beginning of the month. There will be more hikes too as part of a yearly rate increase the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) agreed to. There could be a reduction coming though as an administrative judge with the Commission reviewed the three year rate package and says this year’s increases for gas and electric should be reduced from 5.8 percent to 1.1 percent.

A man in Clearlake gets three years for the stabbing of another man last year. Craig Fenno charged with several crimes unrelated to the stabbing too. The name of the stabbing victim has not been released. The victim attacked last August in Clearlake then the suspect ran off when police arrived. Police say he violently resisted them too. One officer was injured in the scuffle with Fenno who jumped out of the squad car. Officers had to use a Taser on him. He got 2 years and 8 months for time served and has to pay restitution and court fees totaling nearly $3,000.

A man in Clearlake has his jury trial set for a case of vehicular manslaughter. Police report Robert Hitchcock ran a woman down with his car while he was high. He’s charged with several crimes for the September 2016 crash where Nichole Welborn was pinned while she tried to get into her car. Charges include Gross Vehicular Manslaughter, DUI (Influence Of Drug While Causing Injury), Possession of A Controlled Substance and Driving with a Suspended License. Police say he hit the victim in Lower Lake in front of a feed store. He was arrested immediately after.

A man in Lakeport is tossed in jail for the machete slashing death of his dog. William Gatlyn is accused of killing his dog and charged with felony animal cruelty. His lawyer doubted his client’s mental health at Gatlyn’s Plea Entry Hearing last December, saying he couldn’t understand the criminal proceedings in a rational manner. The court agreed there was enough evidence to find he may be mentally incompetent. He was admitted then to the State Hospital and the court has ordered he be forced to take an anti-psychotropic medication.

A state Senate Committee says yes to a new bill to feed the state’s hungriest kids in school. The bill after the new federal budget was released which would cut several programs for the poor, including childhood hunger. The Trump Administration’s Budget Director saying there was no evidence to prove hungry kids getting food would help them perform better in school. But State Senator Mark McGuire says that’s not a fact and that students who are considered constantly hungry don’t do as well in class. He says his new bill to address childhood hunger in Calif. would cut some red tape in the school meal program enrollment process. The Senate Education Committee says yes unanimously to his bill to serve all students for free in very high poverty schools. If the bill makes it all the way to the governor for signature several more schools in Northern Calif. would qualify for 100 percent federal reimbursement for school meals for all students, including eight in Lake County and four in Mendocino County.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors are about to finish up their comprehensive medical marijuana cultivation ordinance. The board meeting tomorrow to adopt the environmental impact statement. That makes way for the new ordinance to create a process so permits can be granted to those who grow medical pot. Instead of the Sheriff’s Office distributing permits, it will be the Mendocino County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office. Only those who’ve been growing before the start of this year will be in the first round of permitting because the ordinance is being rolled out in different phases. Those already growing get a two-year advantage over newer growers.

Gov. Jerry Brown has asked for a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration after the massive break to the emergency spillway at the Oroville Dam. The money to supplement state and local recovery after last month’s devastating flooding, levee breaches, evacuating residents, power outages and massive road and bridge damage across California. The Gov. has also issued an emergency proclamation for Contra Costa and Solano counties to go with the other 48 counties in the proclamation from March 7th. This latest request for the federal government comes after a trio of other requests to the Fed for December, early January and late January.

A motorcyclist hurt over the weekend in a crash in the Mendocino National Forest had to be pulled out of the area by a helicopter. The crash Saturday afternoon about a mile and half out on Upper Deer Valley Road and a mile and a half down the Sled Ridge Trail above Upper Lake. The victim hurt their leg and since it was such a remote area, a helicopter from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office came to pluck the victim to safety. They were taken to Sutter Lakeside Hospital.

A group of California lawmakers are proposing a bond for state voters to help with the supply of affordable housing. Sen. Mike McGuire has signed on to the proposed $3 billion bond that has to go thru the legislature and to the Governor before going to voters. McGuire co-authored the bill to raise money for workforce and affordable housing. It could hit the ballot in November 2018. But it first has to get a two-thirds majority in the Legislature before the Governor gets it. McGuire says it’s one of the greatest needs in the state, and this would be one of the biggest investment’s in housing the state’s made in more than a decade.

A man in Georgia busted for several crimes including assault and felony strangulation, busted after he used his CVS Pharmacy card to get some rewards. Key West police say they caught Jamaal Seymour for multiple violent crimes because he used that store rewards card, tipping cops to where he was. He had been wanted for several crimes, but took off running. Police finally caught up to the guy and booked him for several crimes including resisting arrest, giving false ID to an officer and being a fugitive.

French police catch a suspected thief who got stuck in a hole he hammered open at a store they say he was burglarizing. The national gendarmerie even published a picture of the man who they say cut hole in the window, then got stuck half way out. They tweeted the photo of the guy with the hashtag “ThugLife.” He was arrested in a town in southwest France.


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