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A seminar’s set up regarding the recent cockroach infestation at Ukiah High School. The seminar with a scientist who helped take care of the problem last year. The seminar will include information on pest management. They’ll talk about prevention with hands-on demonstrations in cockroach and gopher management too with advisors from University of California Cooperative Extension. State scientists were brought in to help the school get rid of the pests because they wouldn’t respond to regular pest management strategies. The seminar April 10th and 11th at Ukiah High School’s Little Theatre in Ukiah.

Meals on Wheels looks to be safe in Ukiah even if the federal government goes through with their plan to get rid of the program. The Daily Journal reports the executive director of Plowshares saying they don’t receive federal funding for the program that delivers hot lunches to local seniors. Director Marlene Kurowski says they do however get money from Mendocino County for those over 60 years old, in Hospice care or otherwise disabled. Plowshares uses about half their budget for the Meals on Wheels program. They deliver meals to more than 120 people a day. Last week it was revealed the Trump Administration is planning to cut money to the nationwide program.

A local animal rescue organization reaching out to community members for help saving more animals. Lake Co News reports Orphan Dog, which has been around more than a decade has saved thousands of dogs. The group led by Karen Schaver of Lakeport. They take dogs from shelters and those from people who can’t have them anymore from around the region. They also raise money for their spay and neuter clinics for low-income county residents. Right now they need help raising money for a new transport van. Their vehicle now has more than 160,000 miles and had to have thousands in repairs, so they decided they need a new vehicle. They’d like to get the new van before a two day event they have planned in June. For more info, go to the Orphan Dog Facebook page or visit

A new report from the Lake County D-A shows a police shooting of a man from Clearlake was justified. The DA Don Anderson says after investigating the March 2016 fatal shooting of Joseph Melvin who had a long criminal history, they found it to be justifiable homicide. Anderson says Officer Michael Dietrick feared for his life and fired on Melvin four times. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The officer went out to a report last March 29th for a burglary. They found Melvin in some bushes near the report and tried to arrest him. The officer says he attacked the cop who used his Taser first, but had no luck. Melvin started to beat the officer, forcing him to his knees but somehow the officer got his gun and fired. They found Melvin had drugs in his system, a gun with rubbed off serial numbers too.

Another wet one coming. The National Weather Service reports another round of late winter storms coming our way. There could be a few inches of rain with the current system which is supposed to keep on through tomorrow. Thunderstorms are expected today with hail, but the whole system should start to taper off tomorrow. But, another system is expected in Northern Calif. Friday with more rain, wind and potentially cooler temperatures. There could be wind gusts today as fast as 25 miles per hour.

A casting call for folks in Mendocino County interested in being extras in an HBO production starring Amy Adams. The call out for “men and women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities”. They’re also apparently looking for kids over 6 as nonunion background extras too. The call is for April 8 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center on School Street. They’ll start filming in May. The call is for a series they’re planning to film in Redwood Valley. If you’re interested, bring a current 3-by-5-inch photograph, a pen and a great attitude. They need as many as 500 to 1,000 extras.

A man from Santa Rosa has been arrested after police say he got into an altercation with someone he knew regarding recyclable metals, hitting the victim with a pipe. Donald Giannini was busted for suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon and battery causing great bodily injury Sunday. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports the victim, a man from Petaluma, told police Giannini came at him from behind and hit with a metal pipe in the head at his house in Petaluma. He says he had taken metal to a recycling center Saturday and Giannini was upset about that, saying the metal was his. The victim had a significant laceration on his head. He went to the hospital but was released and Giannini was held on $385,000 bail.

A need for a place for the homeless to seek medical care and shelter on the agenda in Sonoma County. The nonprofit West County Health Centers is looking to set up a homeless health care clinic on residential property in Guerneville. The nonprofit looking to put its clinic near a county service facility, and is under contract for a 9-acre property on Armstrong Woods Road. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has not officially taken a position, but the Press Democrat reports the 5th District Supervisor is hopeful the deal goes thru. Apparently the board is negotiating the deal today in a closed door session with representatives for the property’s seller and other nonprofits to see if the county should get behind the deal. The newspaper reports some locals want a solution for the transient issue in the Russian River watershed, but others are worried about moving the problem to another area where tourists visit. The property of interest is listed at $995,000.

A package of bills introduced in the legislature to treat juvenile offenders more like children. Democratic state senators Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles and Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens say children’s brains are different than adults, therefore they should be treated differently. In their package of four bills they want to keep youthful offenders out of the court and jail. Some of the language includes, ending getting money from the families of juvenile delinquents, getting them a lawyer before they waive their rights, kids 11 and under to be kept out of juvenile courts and no life sentences without parole for minors. The two lawmakers want instead to emphasize crime prevention, rehabilitation and family ties.

Napa Police have released the names of two of their officers involved in the fatal shooting of a man outside a store who had a knife on him. The officers are a 22 year veteran, Ryan Cole, and a 25 year vet, Jack Thompson, whose a crisis negotiator for the department. The two apparently shot Noel Russell, they say, in self defense. The man killed after a 911 call a week ago about a man acting high or crazy, carrying a knife. The officers went to the call about the man and fired on him. The two put on paid administrative leave during the review.

A bill narrowly makes it thru the state Assembly to help fund parks. The measure to be on a 2018 ballot to raise $3 billion in bonds to fund parks. It needed to get a two-thirds majority and passed yesterday, by the skin of its teeth. It now goes forward to the Senate. Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia is the author of the bill to improve access to parks and open spaces in disadvantaged communities. If it makes it thru and voters pass it too, it would bring in as much as $3.1 billion in bonds for state and local parks and recreational areas. Some Republicans were against it though, saying park improvements should be paid for upfront with general fund money, saying the bond would mean $6 billion over 30 years to the state.

People are lining up to visit a Palestinian barber in Gaza who uses a blow torch on his clients hair. Ramadan Adwan has a little shop in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Apparently he used the torch because of a loss of power so many times, he couldn’t use a dryer. So after he cuts and combs his client’s out, he applies a “special” lotion and powder to protect his client’s, then breaks out the flames from an aerosol can to dry wet hair. He says it strengthens hair. He’s now become something of a sensation so other barbers have started to imitate him.

Cops in New York help a feathered friend. NYPD officers chasing down a duck that waddled its way onto some tracks in a Brooklyn subway station last week. 4 officers get to the station and find the duck in the tracks. They even posted a video on Twitter showing the cops carrying their feathered friend off the tracks, and putting it up onto the platform, then releasing it into a park out of a police-tape-wrapped box. The Chief says, quote the “apprehension went swimmingly.”

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