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Another continuation for the emergency declaration in Lakeport due to last month’s flooding. The City Council extends the declaration which started in February after severe flooding which led to evacuations in the city, a formality to continue providing help to flood victims. The council also worked to choose members for a new citizens oversight committee for Measure Z. The city clerk presented the city council a proposal for an ad hoc committee to be put together to oversee choosing the Committee that will oversee the 1 percent sales tax from Measure Z. A dozen applications have been received for the committee so the Ad Hoc Committee will be formed from Council Members and Staffers to choose the panel for the tax oversight.

A man in Covelo on the run after a shootout with a Tribal Police Officer. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call yesterday by the Round Valley Indian Tribes after Tribal Police went out to a report of an unwanted, armed subject. A homeowner on the Reservation reported 22 year old Jeffery Joaquin armed near his home. When Tribal Officers arrived they say they tried to get him to drop his weapon and surrender, but instead, say, he approached with a shotgun. After they demanded he drop the weapon, they say Joaquin shot what looked to be "birdshot". An officer returned fire, twice, and yelled again for him to drop his weapon, which he did, but then he ran off. One Tribal Officer was hit by at least one pellet in the face, but it didn’t break his skin. Joaquin, still on the run, is described as 5-8", about 175 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

Cops in Fort Bragg called to barking dogs and a gunshot. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports getting a call yesterday from someone saying they heard their neighbor, id’d as Thomas Anderson, yelling at barking dogs, then heard the gunshot around the area of his house. They say they left their own home and when they came back later, found some destruction in their yard so they called police. Police say they went to speak with Anderson, then left, but heard him threaten a neighbor and his family, so they arrested him for criminal threats. Plus they found he was on felony probation so he was also charged with violating terms.

The second and final reading set for the City Council in Clearlake to pass their anti-scavenging ordinance. The council is first having a closed session tomorrow night at 5 p.m. to talk over employee negotiations and property negotiations before the public part of the meeting at 6 p.m. The anti-scavenging ordinance would stop people from rifling through dumpsters or trash receptacles looking for recyclables. The city says the ordinance is required to make the city safer and cleaner and it will improve the city’s image. The first vote was March 9th.

A man from McKinleyville has been seriously injured after a car crash on Highway 20 in Mendocino County. The CHP reports Robert Davidson of Lucerne was driving his Honda CRV toward Highway 20 and Kim Boehm of McKinleyville was in a pickup in the other direction when for some reason Davidson went into the other vehicle. Officers say neither driver could avoid the crash and Boehm’s pickup hit the front of the CRV. Boehm’s pickup ended up flipping several times and blocked the highway. They say he had major injuries, but Davidson had none. Boehm’s daughter posted on the Lake Co News Facebook page that her dad had his two dogs with him and they went missing after the crash Sunday, then yesterday one was seen running along the highway. The dogs found and reported to be ok. Boehm’s daughter also reported her dad was healing and had worried about the dogs which community members helped round up and bring back.

Several people have been cited for illegally camping in the Railroad Depot property. Ukiah Police say they also took a dumpster filled with trash from the area. Police say they had several ongoing complaints about the camping near East Perkins St. then last week over 3 days, 6 people were cited, then employees from the City of Ukiah’s Streets department removed the dumpster load of trash. Officers also say one woman found camping there was arrested two days before, plus they found she had a warrant out for her arrest for theft. She was cited again and released.

The Middletown Area Town Hall considers Marijuana Cultivation as the state gears up to create rules if local jurisdictions don’t do it first. The Record Bee reports the Planning Division Director told the Town Hall the county’s been dealing with issues like uninspected wiring which can create fire hazards, chemicals runoff and environmental impacts from improper procedures. He says permitting would make it easier to track who’s growing plus there would be local control and regulation. The state is considering several bills regarding growing and use, plus there are more than 3 dozen different licenses for growing marijuana available. So counties and cities have to define rules. The Sheriff and a couple of board supervisors were at the meeting too, all talking about what to include in the county ordinance.

The deadline to apply for SBA loans for storm damage is coming up. The Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Disaster Field Operations Center reminding California private nonprofits to apply before April 17th for federal disaster loans for property damage after the severe winter storms, flooding and mudslides for the chunk of time between Jan. 3rd and 12th. The director says eligible private nonprofits of any size can get SBA loans of up to $2 million for repairs or to replace damaged or destroyed real estate, machinery and equipment, inventory and other business assets.

The Hopland Band of Pomo Indians looking for payment after nearly 850 marijuana plants were taken from their Rancheria by police. The Indian Tribe going after more than $25,000 in damages from Mendocino County because they say they were illegally eradicated by law enforcement last year. They filed the claim against the county regarding tribe-sanctioned cannabis operations after the Pinoleville Pomo Nation also filed a claim for more than 400 plants on its Rancheria being taken by cops. That tribe has not filed suit, but both tribes say they grow Cannabis for medicinal use. The Hopland tribe says the taking and further destruction of their medicine which was almost mature, was unlawful, and there were multiple violations by cops, including unreasonable search and seizure, violation of due process and trespass. They also say the search warrant presented to them was the wrong address. They want restitution for the confiscated plants, agricultural infrastructure and materials, and the labor costs of growing the plants.

A firm that worked on the new Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital says the hospital stopped making payments for labor, equipment and services so they’re suing. Court records show contractor, HBE Corporation is going after nearly $6 million in damages and accrued interest and court fees for breach of a construction contract from June of 2012 for HBE design and build the new facility. HBE claims the hospital breached their agreement, botched the timing and coordination of the project, costing the company money, and failed to make specified payments, including its final payment, when it was due. They say only part of the $47 million dollars in labor, services, equipment and materials charged has been paid and the hospital still owes them $5.8 million.

A clean-energy company in Sonoma County is going to offer lower electricity rates for folks in Mendocino County. It’s not direct competition for PG&E, but in fact Sonoma Clean Power will take over local control of rate setting and investment decisions for folks in the unincorporated area of the county. The take-over set for the day PG&E conducts meter readings for the month of June. Sonoma Clean Power says the PG&E customers will be switched automatically unless they want to keep getting their electricity generated by PG&E. It’s all happening thru a private-public partnership run by cities in Sonoma and Mendocino counties which allows them to buy electricity from a several non-renewable and renewable sources then distribute the electricity.

An elderly man on Long Island, NY who went to the hospital, checked himself out, then apparently hopped in an ambulance and drove away. Police say Donald Winkler of Merrick got upset because of the quality of care he got so he left Nassau University Medical Center early yesterday, stole an ambulance from the hospital parking lot which still had keys in the ignition. They say they found the 83 year old at a nearby 7-Eleven where he admitted stealing the ambulance. He was arrested, but they took him back to the hospital for an evaluation where police ended up arraigning him, in bed. He’s charged with second-degree grand larceny.

A Michigan State University student suddenly got popular after his dating resume went viral. 21 year old Joey Adams decided to come up with the resume after he was rejected by someone he asked on a date. Now his phone’s ringing off the hook. He says the first girl asked him if he had a dating resume, he said no, so she told him no… So he drafted said dating resume and posted it online last week after someone on Facebook posted their roommate needed a date for a formal. He included his hobbies and what he likes in a romantic partner but it got picked up on BuzzFeed then “Good Morning America” and now there’s a push on social media to get him on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”


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