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Richard Bean has been sworn in as the newest member of the Clearlake Planning Commission. Lake County News reports the retired pastor and former auditor-secretary of the Clearlake Oaks County Water District was sworn in last week and went right to work on his first night with two public hearings on marijuana, both related to amending the existing marijuana cultivation ordinance and existing marijuana dispensary ordinance comply with Proposition 64. As we reported last week both ordinances were reviewed and the planning commission voted 5-0 to recommend that the city council approve them with some minor adjustments.

Detectives say a Forestville man accused of killing his brother Friday shot him multiple times at close range with a .223‑caliber rifle. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office says Shaun Gallon shot Shamus Gallon in the living room of their home on River Road. A spokesman says their mother was home at the time but not in the room and it was she who called for help. The Press Democrat reports Shaun Gallon was arrested in Guerneville not long after the shooting. Deputies found in his van an AR‑15-style rifle they think he assembled from various individually purchased parts. He was being held without bail and under watch in a mental health cell. The Sheriff’sOffice says they have had 13 contacts with Shaun Gallon in the last 13 years including a 2009 conviction for assault with a deadly weapon for shooting a homemade arrow at two men.

The landlord of an Oakland building that burned in a fatal four-alarm fire this morning had reportedly been trying to evict some tenants since December’s deadly Ghost Ship warehouse fire shed like on the issue of derelict properties with too many people living in them. The San Jose Mercury News reports the 4am fire at the three-story building has left at one person dead and three hospitalized. Several non-profits reportedly leased the building with a drug rehab center on the first floor and several apartments for recovering addicts and transitioning homeless with as many as 80 people there. The landlord claims he didn’t know until after the Ghost Shop fire there were so many agencies and people there and had started trying to get them out. Over the last decade, the city has received 20 complaints about pest infestation, electrical issues, mold, caved-in floors and other issues. No word yet on how the fire started.

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