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A dozen inmates from a prison camp near Willits fixing and maintaining the grounds at the Ukiah Youth Baseball League’s field. The Parlin Fork Conservation Camp working with the league to get prisoners to take up some work the board’s volunteers didn’t have time for. The inmates also help firefighters on the fire lines and do environmental conservation work. The crew is managed in a partnership between Cal Fire and the Department of Corrections. It means prisoners get contracted out to help government agencies and non-profits like the Little League. So the inmates were at the field, cleaning up after years of regular wear and tear and transients staying on the field leaving behind trash and making a mess of things.

A man from Forestville has been arrested for the shooting death of his brother. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept. reports Shaun Gallon was arrested Friday night after his younger brother, Shamus was found after a shooting at a gas station outside Guerneville. The older brother busted soon after the shooting and booked on suspicion of murder. Police say he has a criminal history and has served time for shooting an arrow at others, having weapons and for assault. Apparently the men’s mother reported that the older son had left with a rifle and said the younger one was hit. No word on the motive for the murder, but Shaun Gallon is held without bail.

Parents and community members are invited to the next Lakeport Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting to help in the search for a new leader. The district says you can also take an online survey to assist in the search for a new district superintendent. The meetings, if you can make it, are tomorrow at 3:30 p.m., and Thursday at 6. For more info check with the school district about where you can get that online survey. We’ve linked it to our website and Facebook page too. .

A new poll shows most California residents don’t support the Trump Administration’s new travel ban. The survey by the Public Policy Institute of Calif also says residents overwhelmingly disapprove of the proposed border wall and think illegal immigrants living in the state should be allowed to stay. The poll of residents earlier this month asking Californians for views on government under President Trump. The President and CEO of the institute says the responses are mostly liberal leaning, showing Californians have open mindsets about U.S. borders, national security, globalism and immigration.

As part of the city’s beautification project, the Lakeport City Council says yes to planting more trees. The council approved a contract with a landscaping company for nearly 130-thousand dollars worth of work between First and Fourth Streets. The city’s Public Works Director says planting trees is a big part of the beautification project which also includes improving roadways, pedestrian access on sidewalks and making downtown more enticing for local businesses. The Mayor saying they also listened to what citizens said about the project, and trees were a big part of it.

Too much daytime electricity is clogging up California’s power-grid. The Calif. Independent System Operator or Cal ISO says the amount of daytime energy being used by homes, the government, businesses and industrial solar installations is having the opposite effect so power plant operators are having to shut down the grid during the day to catch up with supply later in the day. The state’s power-grid operators say the prices of electricity drop dramatically on the real-time marketplace. So the increased amount of wind and solar are wasted or “curtailed” because nobody is using it.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors taking up proposals for a new public defender’s contract. Lake Co News reports at the meeting tomorrow, the board will consider a request from staff to negotiate the public defender contract proposals they’ve received. The County Administrative Officer says the current contractor, Lake Defense gave notice and will be done with the County as of May 6th. So the County has to come up with a solution and has put a Request for Proposals. So far they’ve received three and have interviewed all of them. The County likes one and wants the board to start negotiations. Ahart has offered the lowest bid at $1.3 million. The company currently represents Shasta County.

New criminal sentencing rules have been announced for Calif. Prisons. Last Friday, corrections officials announced the new rules which should also help cut some of the prison population by as many as 9,500 inmates over four years. The rules include ideas like reducing inmates’ sentences for getting a college degree or by participating in self-help programs like alcohol and substance abuse support groups and counseling, anger management, life skills, victim awareness, restorative justice and parenting classes. But those on death row or serving life-without-parole sentences could also be eligible to earn credits and lower their sentences too.

Hundreds turn out to plant trees as part of the recovery after the Valley Fire in Lake County. Lake Co News reports about 350 volunteers showed up Saturday to the Middletown Trailside Park for the Middletown Tree Planting Project, organized by the Lake Area Rotary Club Fire Relief Fund. The Rotary says the volunteers were not only from Lake County, but as far as the Oregon Border to Marin County and out to the Sacramento Valley.

A woman from northern Idaho says the reason she crashed into a deer was because she got distracted by a Sasquatch in her rearview mirror. The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports the woman was driving on Highway 95 last Wednesday and plowed into a deer near Potlatch. She told Deputies she saw a Sasquatch chasing a deer on the side of the road and as she checked her mirrors to see Big Foot again, she hit the deer that ran in front of her. Cops jotted it down as a hit to the deer without a mention of the Sasquatch.

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