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California lawmakers still working on healthcare for state residents. Two state legislators have released details on their bill for universal health coverage. Senate Bill 562 would be similar to a single-payer system like Medicare, one plan for all. Sens. Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens and Toni G. Atkins of San Diego are the sponsors of the legislation to cover everyone including undocumented residents. They’re calling it the Healthy California Act and it’s sponsored by the California Nurses Association and a group of Californians and health care providers. Those supporting it say it would be more efficient and less expensive, those against say it could break the state budget. Even the Governor said he was skeptical on the plan. For more details on the plan, visit

Money’s being collected to help flood victims in Lake County. North Coast Opportunities with Mendo Lake Credit Union are collecting money, much the same way they have in fire disasters. The Lake County Flood Relief fund will disburse money to residents severely impacted by recent rain and flooding. You can visit either of their website’s and find a funding application, if you were personally affected. Those who want to donate can go into a Credit Union Branch or send a check to the bank made out to NCO with “Lake County Flood” in the notes field. You can find branches in Lakeport, Clearlake, Fort Bragg and Ukiah.

A brawl with a bunch of gang members ends up in the arrest of two juveniles. The Fort Bragg Police Department gets a call last Sunday to the report of about 10-15 male juveniles in a fight in a parking lot where they detain some and interview many. Cops say two of the young men were mostly to blame. They say after multiple witness statements, and statements from those involved, they determined the altercation between rival gangs, the Norteño and Sureños. They say they had info that one showed a knife, but nobody was hit with it and no serious injuries were reported. The two kids arrested were sent to the Mendocino County Juvenile Hall.

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