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Construction for the first part of improving Bainbridge Park is starting with a fast track date announced. The first set of improvements for the park in Fort Bragg to be done by Halloween. The work includes putting up a perimeter fence, signage, new landscaping, improving the Wiggly Giggly playground, expanding the basketball courts and adding petanque courts, that’s a French ball game, if you were wondering. City staff say there will be trees that have to be taken out too, because they’re dying or old. The money for the upgrades comes from Community Development Block Grants and money from the sale of city property.

The Lake County DA’s Perjury Dept. has another arrest on the board. The DA’s office says it’s a woman who lied about an assault. Police arrested 23 year old Danee Patterson on two felony counts of perjury, one of filing a false affidavit and a misdemeanor count of making a false police report. The DA says they got wind of the case by the Clearlake Police Dept. He says Patterson reported her employer assaulted her. But police say she was involved in a romantic relationship with this person and there was no assault. She later admitted she lied so she’d get the upper hand in a pending custody fight over a child the two had together.

Firewood permits are going to be available Monday. The Mendocino National Forest is selling the permits for $5 a cord, and the minimum purchase of four cords at $20. The permits that are being distributed are good thru the end of the year, with trees needing to be dead or down to be taken as firewood. Anyone can get a permit in person or by mail from one of the local forest offices. You’ll also be required to get a third party authorization form so someone can cut the wood down for you once you have your permit. You may not cut the wood yourself. For more information, visit the Mendocino Forest website, their Facebook Page or Twitter Account which are both @MendocinoNF.

Some of the areas that had been closed around Clear Lake due to extreme flooding are slowly reopening. Flood waters have receded so almost all of the boat ramps have been opened. The County Water Resources Dept. reports damage still exists at a few locations around the lake, but the lake level is back to normal. That means recreationalists and anglers are free to hit the lake again and other water users too. The County warns anglers though that there’s mercury in the water so normal fish consumption advisories are in place. They also warn women 18-45 and children under 17 years old shouldn’t eat more than a serving a week and no bass should eaten at all. And women 46 or older and men 18 and older should be limited to 3 servings a week, and only one serving of black bass per week.

With the dry weather, comes racing… so the Ukiah Speedway is opening at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds for the season. The Speedway’s promoter along with a work crew at the fairgrounds preparing for opening day of Saturday, April 15th. They’re painting lanes and are about to reconfigure exit ramps at the racetrack for improved safety. The Super 6 late models are including in this season’s races, but the high performance racecars that had been set to start will have to wait for totally dry weather.

Water rights a topic of discussion for the Ukiah City Council. The Director of Water and Sewer in the city spoke to the council Wednesday saying they should focus on water as an investment that can be diversified. He says though they have a lot of water to draw from, the city should also keep its right to take water out of the Russian River, at the same time building a system to allow extensive use of recycled water. He suggested the city permanently give up the right to purchase 800 acre-feet of Lake Mendocino water from the Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District which he says doesn’t make that big of a dent.

A 10 year old girl from Ukiah is recovering after being hit by a car. Police say she was hit by a Toyota SUV around 7:35 a.m. Tuesday as she crossed North State Street at Low Gap Road. The SUV hit the girl as she stepped into the crosswalk in front of it, which she said she never saw. Police say they don’t know if she was on her way to school and say the driver hit their brakes but couldn’t stop in time. The girl had abrasions and was taken to the hospital.

The City of Lakeport is reaching out to the residents of a mobile home park cleared out during severe flooding. Willow Point Mobile Home Park Resort is still closed after mass flooding in February. So the Lakeport’s City Council is helping the displaced residents with some code tweaks and care packages. The code changes include extending the 30 day maximum stay at local hotels and waiving deposit fees for sewer and water services. They’ve also put $33,000 up with money from the state of about $50,000 so they can help displaced residents with deposits and rental assistance. 175 residents were living at Willow Point before the mandatory evacuation.

Some more acreage for the John Muir National Historic Site is being considered by Congress. The site in Martinez is 330 acres, which includes the Muir house. Democratic Congressman Mark DeSaulnier of Concord and Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris have jointly introduced the bill with Sen. Dianne Feinstein as a co-sponsor. They say it will give nature explorers more access in the East Bay. The John Muir National Historic Site Expansion Act would be the acquisition of the additional land that’s already been donated but needs Congressional approval.

Regular hours have been announced by the Lake County Sheriff in Lakeport. The office was short staffed, but the Sheriff Brian Martin says they will be there all day Monday as opposed to previous Mondays which were just half days. The Sheriff says the staff shortage in their Records Division was until they found new staffers and trained them up. That had been causing extra work for others in the department so they couldn’t work with the public during that work. He says Mondays were busy due to the workload over the weekend.

You may be in luck with that old traffic ticket. The Calif Courts website notes a traffic ticket amnesty program which started about 18 months ago. That’s for folks to reduce their qualifying traffic and nontraffic citations by 50 or 80 percent. Especially those who lost their driver’s licenses, they may be reinstated. Hurry though as the program’s set to end on Monday. There would normally be an extra penalty to the original fine, but this program waives some fees. The program has been used by hundreds of thousands of people. More than 200,000 delinquent accounts were set straight bringing in more than $35 million in revenue with nearly 200,000 licenses reinstated since Oct. of 2015.


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