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Meals on Wheels in Lakeport looks to be safe. The federal government had announced the new budget and along with it, major cuts, including to the federal Meals on Wheels program. But the Record Bee reports the Executive Director of the Lakeport Senior Activity Center says there’s no need to panic. The Director Johnathan Crooks says the programs to be cut don’t include Title 22, which is where money for the program comes from. He says the local Meals on Wheels will still be getting the money they’ve always received. The Senior Center will have to apply for a Community Block Grant for upgrades to its kitchen, and that program is said to be on the chopping block. But Crooks say if they can’t get the money there, they’ll find it elsewhere and says he hopes the center doesn’t have to rely on outside funding much longer.

Sediment left behind after the wet winter is pouring into Clear Lake. The Record Bee reports most of the sludge is in the Northshore area, something experts say could happen after five years of drought. But silt and sediment aren’t great for the Lake’s Ecosystem. That according to a local activist the paper spoke with who says natural erosion produces sediment too. But more of it from human use of the lake, creeks, streams and runoff that feed into the Lake. The newspaper site reports the activist has been reporting on the sediment to the East Regional Town Hall, an advisory board to the Lake County Board of Supervisors and District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele.

The overturning of the disenrollment of Elem Indian Colony members is permanent. The Executive Committee of the tribe has announced a permanent withdrawal of the disenrollment of Tribal members who were tossed in May of 2015. The committee is also starting the Secretarial Election process so the tribe’s Constitution includes permanently prohibiting disenrollment. Those disenrolled would have lost all that Tribal members enjoy, plus they could be banished. The ordinance needed to be approved by the U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary, but apparently it was never submitted. A group of those who were disenrolled filed a lawsuit against the Elem Colony Executive Committee to prevent their being exiled.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is looking for volunteers. For the 19th year, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Citizens’ Academy is happening. The program starting at the end of May with training in Middletown. There’s been more than 300 members that have gone thru the academy since it started in 1998. The program for community members who want to learn more about the dept. or are interested in a possible career in law enforcement. The dept. says the overall focus is for those attending to get a deeper understanding of the policies and procedures of the Sheriff’s Office and how they interact with Lake County communities. There are 14 – three hour classes on Wednesday nights and it’s a free program. But certain requirements are needed. For more info, call the Sheriff’s dept.

North Coast Congressman Jared Huffman has announced his annual high school art competition. Huffman’s 2017 Congressional Art Competition is for all high schoolers in his district from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border. The contest is held by Congress every year for high school kids across the country. Huffman says it’s so they can recognize and encourage artistic talent in high schoolers. Winners get their art showcased in the U.S. Capitol Building. Those interested need to submit their work at one of Huffman’s district offices or any approved drop off location before April 26th. The artwork will hang in the Capitol Building for a year and the winning student gets two round-trip tickets to Washington, D.C. for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception of the new display in June. Anyone interested can visit the Congressman’s website for more info.

You may see some smoke in the air as Cal Fire burns vegetation in the Covelo area. Firefighters will be working on private land in the Eel River drainage of Covelo this week. The controlled burn today and tomorrow starting at 1 p.m. Cal Fire reporting the work will be done with tight controls and minimal effects on air quality saying it’ll mirror conditions in which natural wildfires would occur to maximize the positive effects of fire on vegetation. They say its primary goal is so fire works like a natural element of the ecosystem and to improve wildlife habitat, plus of course, to lower the chance of a catastrophic wildfire later on.

The landslide the covered much of Orr Springs Road access to the Resort near Ukiah is cleared. The Press Democrat reports after the road collapsed closing access to the Orr Hot Springs Resort, business was way off. Employees, customers and management worked together to get the landslide debris cleared out. The paper reports about three weeks after the washout, a re-routing of guests started to happen and business picked back up. Employees were cut off too, so they would have to commute several hours to get to work. The county Department of Transportation quickly put up a bridge and kept in touch with community members. The owner of the resort said everyone working together to get around the mountain road kept their business together. Apparently their revenue fell but quickly bounced back.

Abalone season has been pushed. The season usually starts April 1st, but the California Fish and Game Commission took emergency action to shorten the season this year. So it will begin next month instead. November didn’t happen either, and those who are out, can only catch 12 abalones instead of 18. This is the first April since 1921 without abalone harvesting which could mean a major money loss for businesses on the Sonoma and Mendocino coasts. One campground said they were totally booked for April, but after the Fish and Game Commission announced the change in the season, they had a ton of cancelations. The season cut short because of ocean conditions which ended up starving some of the abalone.

Two girls in Plumas County who were the subject of an Amber Alert have been found safe. The alert Friday for 14-year-old Solai Pomtong and 9-year-old Laila Pomtong cancelled Saturday and police say they have a suspect in custody. The two taken from Greenville. Police arresting 33 year old Alicia Lapp, but gave no motive so far or info on any possible relationship between the woman and the girls. The town of Greenville is about 150 miles northeast of Sacramento.

A woman already in the Guinness World Records for stopping the most electric fan blades with her tongue wins another record. Sideshow performer Zoe Ellis, aka Zoe L’Amour was on the “Guinness World Records Italian Show”, She had previously held the record for using her tongue 20 times in one minute on electric fan blades. Now she’s stopped the blades 32 times, adding a dozen tongue lashes to her score. But not long after, her record was crushed by Ashrita Furman, who tongue-stopped 35 blades in a minute.

A teenager whose friends wanted to prank drivers… duct-taped to a pole near a McDonalds restaurant in Houston … And has to be un-taped by cops. The 17 year old lost a bet with friends so they taped him to the pole on a busy highway. It was after a bet on a basketball game that the kid finds himself on the pole. His friends left him a while and when they came back with a knife to free their friend, the cops came. They told the friends, to drop their knife or they’d be tasered. Cops were talked down by the kids and they even drove the one on the pole home.

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