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A new upscale hotel for downtown Ukiah is inching closer to reality. At their meeting tomorrow, the Ukiah City Council will consider whether to act on a consultant’s recommendation that Ukiah needs a higher-end hotel, claiming people who have business in Ukiah are staying in other cities that have nicer places. The consultant recommended a major chain with about 75 rooms, a large meeting room and a restaurant. He also suggested three possible places for it, all on city-owned parking lots: the corner of West Standley and Oak near the former post office, near the library at North Main and Smith, and behind the conference center. The Daily Journal reports the council will consider if the city should actively work to attract a hotel developer or use the study to incentivize private development. The Ukiah City Council meets on Wednesday at 6pm.

A man from Cloverdale pleads no contest and agrees to 30 years in prison for murder. Mario Alberto Godinez Gonzalez in court yesterday for the September 2015 murder of Marcos Bautista and the robbery at a pot garden near Yorkville. Godinez Gonzalez two co-defendants Edgar Contreras of Windsor and Isidro Lopez-Bernal of Ukiah had already admitted guilt for the murder and each got 25 years to life in prison. But Godinez Gonzalez was thought to be the one who came up with the plan to rob the illegal pot garden. When they got there they found the victim working in the garden, then there was a shootout where one of the suspected killers was also wounded. Godinez Gonzalez is set to be formally sentenced June 1st.

State legislators say yes to stop cops from cooperating with federal immigration officials. Like being a Sanctuary State, the state Senate passes a measure 27-12 even as some say it would endanger the public. SB54 put forward by the Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon with amendments so the state and local law enforcement would tell ICE agents if there were convicted serious or violent felons released from custody. At the same time De Leon took out a provision to require a two-thirds vote, so instead it can pass with a simple majority. That means it could start January 1st with another version taking effect immediately though. State Sen. Mike McGuire voted yes saying his office had worked with de Leon on part of it to cooperate with ICE to help get rid of large illegal marijuana grows.

If you love Wildlife and love your couch too, you are in luck… Yosemite National Park’s black bears can be viewed online, in the comfort of your own home. Wherever you are, you can log on to the site the Park Rangers have set up, Keep Bears Wild. There you can see the bears who’ve been set up with GPS collars and are being tracked. The collars are tracked via satellites, then beamed back to earth. Wildlife biologists say the bear’s location is delayed though so nobody gets an idea to track the animal in real time. The collars also alert rangers if the animals get too close to humans. They say the idea is to see the bears and where they frequent, so if they’re visiting the park, they know to drive slow, because many are killed each year by cars. The project to track the bears cost the Yosemite Conservancy more than a quarter million dollars.

Congressman Mike Thompson in town for his yearly Ravioli Dinner and some town halls. The Democratic Congressman has represented the north coast for 18 years after being in the State Legislature. Lake Co News at the town hall at Kelseyville High last Saturday afternoon where the Congressman packed them in. Thompson told the crowd it seemed people were much more interested in the happenings in DC since November. He says there have been hundreds at his town halls since the election. He joined State Senator Mike McGuire at one in Santa Rosa where 2,000 people showed up. He also says at others many had to be turned away as they discussed topics like Obamacare. Others joined Thompson and fielded questions about local issues too, like immigration. You can read more and view the talk at Lake Co News dot com.

The President has approved the major disaster declaration after the winter’s storms and flooding. FEMA announced President Trump approved the declaration so that federal disaster assistance will be made available to California above state, tribal and local recovery efforts in places hit hard by storms, flooding and mudslides in February. The Gov. Jerry Brown requested the declaration last month. Lakeport is working to get money from the Fed as the city was hit particularly hard. Lake Co News reports FEMA and the California Office of Emergency Services were in Lakeport yesterday to start the work. The news site says it looks as though the county of Lake will also try for emergency funding. The declaration makes the money available to several local governments and private nonprofits.

Two ex sheriff’s deputies have pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace as part of a plea deal so there’s no retrial for a beating of a man who tried getting away from them on horseback. The story went viral after some deputies attacked the man. They were charged with assault, but the jury deadlocked on the charge against former San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies Michael Phelps and Nicholas Downey. As part of their deal, the felony assault charges are dismissed and the two get a year of probation. The DA said he didn’t think another jury would reach a different conclusion if it were re-tried. Another former deputy, Charles Foster has been found guilty in the case for assault by a public officer under the color of authority. His lawyer says they’ll appeal. It all goes back to the April 2015 incident where the cops chased Francis Jared Pusok while he was on a horse cops said was stolen.

The Yolo County Sheriff’s office says no to a military-style vehicle after the public spoke. A statement released by the department saying they decided against taking the free surplus MRAP vehicle. Several dozen residents spoke out saying they were concerned about the gift. They were in front of the Yolo County Board of Supervisors, saying it sends the wrong message and it could have even been used for unintended purposes like crowd control. But in West Sacramento and Woodland, their Police Departments accepted heavy duty military vehicles which they say they only use for tactical situations like a standoff, an active shooter, or a bomb threat.

A man from Massachusetts wins a settlement after he says Dunkin’ Donuts cheated him out of … real butter. Jan Polanik apparently filed the class action suit last month, something his lawyer says may seem minor, but it was for other consumers too. He says it’s to stop the practice of misrepresenting something, saying if someone orders butter for their bagel … they don’t want margarine or some other kind of chemical substitute. No word on what the dude got from the Donut franchises he sued. The corporate office says they have various butter options, in Massachusetts they have both individual whipped butter packets, and a butter-substitute vegetable spread.


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