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Four men from New York in a car filled with pot and cash crashed and rolled off the 101 in Redwood Valley during a chase with police. The California Highway Patrol reports an officer saw a red Jeep Laredo which was driving faster than 100 mph so he went after it. The officer says the Jeep did stop briefly, but then the driver took off, swerved, to avoid another car, ran a stop sign, then lost control and went down an embankment, rolled a couple times, then stopped. Officers say some inside the truck tried running and a witness spotted them throw a garbage bag which was later found to be full of marijuana and thousands in cash. The men captured, their names have not been released. They were taken to a hospital with minor to moderate injuries.

A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and evading police after trying to run after being stopped. A police officer stopped the guy in a green Toyota Corolla as he drove on South Franklin Street Sunday night because he had tail lights out. The driver didn’t stop at first and led the cop on a slow chase then stopped in a parking lot, hopped out and ran. Officers caught up to the man, identified as Ian Freeman, who they say was drunk. He was arrested on suspicion of evading an officer and DUI, with a suspended license, and while on probation for a prior DUI conviction.

A woman from Fort Bragg goes to jail for a domestic violence call. Police say they got a call that Chloe Ludi was fighting with her boyfriend. When they arrived they found Ludi had been arguing with a man who told them Ludi hit him in the face multiple times. Police say he had a visible, but minor injury. The woman apparently took off into a wooded area, but hours later came home, so they arrested her. She’s charged with suspicion of felony domestic violence and booked her into county jail.

A fundraiser for Redwood Community Services with local music and treats. The Kentucky Derby Fundraiser is Saturday, May 6th at the Historic Howard House Ridgewood Ranch in Willits. There will be live music with McKenna Faith, Derby-themed drinks, hors d’ oeuvres and lunch. The public is invited, but you need to reserve tickets first, by calling Redwood Community Services.

The Medical Cannabis Cultivation Regulation is finally done. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors approved the regulation after months of discussion. So all local regulatory responsibility falls from the sheriff’s office onto biologists, agriculturalists, and planning experts in the Department of Agriculture and Department of Planning and Building Services. The regulation means the county holds all local control to comply with the 2015 California Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. The final outline of the law after months of meetings with the public, growers and neighbors. There is no cultivation allowed on residential properties less than five acres, but those who are in business already can continue to grow for up to three years and they have to prove they’ve been around since before 2016.

The logo signs that are going up by the Willits Bypass are nearly done. The City Planner in Willits sent a note to the Chamber of Commerce saying there will be six signs, three for each direction at the highway interchange. Each of them has a half dozen spaces for food businesses, six for lodging and four for gas stops. There will be two signs at the Northern interchange, one in each direction with four spots for food and two for gas. The Caltrans website listed the cost of a panel at $350 a year in each direction, plus service fees. They apparently still have some availability on the signs. They are also working on a Downtown Willits sign, but no word on any business availability there.

Family of Hospice Services of Lake County invited for a free Bereavement Camp. The families and kids, who are 5 years and older who have experienced death of a loved one are invited to the one day camp next Saturday in Lakeport. Hospice Services says they recognize there are different and unique ways children grieve and heal from the loss of a loved one, so they’ve designed the healing to be in a fun, positive environment, which includes animal therapy, music and a family art project. For more info, visit Lake County Hospice dot org.

Contact Jo Moore at jmoore.

Final call for local casting for a new Amy Adams moving filming in Mendocino County. Rich King Casting of Los Angeles is having their open casting call for several extras this Saturday from 10 am – 4:30 pm in the Ukiah Valley Conference Center. The shoot for the movie in town is May 16th to May 26th. They need men and women of all shapes and sizes and kids 6 years and up. They request those who attend to bring a 3 by 5 current photo, a pen and a great attitude.

Lake County jumps into the immigration discussion. The Board of Supervisors talking about the immigrant community after changes to federal law enforcement policy. Lake Co News reports Supervisor Tina Scott asked the board for the discussion due to concerns about undocumented workers threatened with deportation. She says she wanted community members to know where the board is on the matter, saying she was told it shouldn’t be discussed so they don’t bring attention to the issue, but she says she didn’t necessarily want any action taken. She says she wants the community to know the county won’t stand for acts of hate or discrimination. Another supervisor was apparently concerned about federal money if they brought the subject up. The Sheriff in attendance assured everyone there have been no formal local raids. No action was taken by the board on the matter.

A man in Pennsylvania busted for DUI, maybe should have rethought his t-shirt choice. Elwood Gutshall arrested a few weeks ago for several traffic violations, then after the stop, the cop found he was likely drunk and arrested him. He was charged with DUI Highest Rate, meaning his blood alcohol content was higher than point 1-6. Gutshall’s, point 217 percent. His mug shot, in his green t-shirt with the words, Drunk Lives Matter. A play off the Black Lives Matter group.


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