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A man from Willits accused of causing the death of another man by sucker punching him, has been found guilty. Charles Wallace Reynolds Jr. found guilty of committing battery causing serious bodily injury and a special allegation in connection to the death of Kenneth Wayne Fisher last August in Laytonville. He will be sentenced May 10th after the Sheriff’s office connected him to the crime along with help from the California Highway Patrol, the State Department of Justice forensic laboratory in Eureka and district attorney investigators.

The city of Ukiah received the go ahead to rehabilitate the Palace Hotel. After years of back and forth with the owner of the property, a court appointed receiver submitted a budget for work done at the old hotel, which was approved. The city manager says they have to move fast to make sure the building isn’t a public safety hazard after pieces of debris fell on the sidewalk. The city is also working on financing needed to do the work, which they say does not include taxpayer money. The receiver’s plan is for a hotel, retail store, restaurant and bar. There will be no demolition of the building unless they find it to be the only other option.

Ukiah High Schoolers learn how to detect fake news. Ukiah Daily Journal reports High School English teacher Matt LaFever teaching his students about stories that could be fictional after a study out of Stanford University which said young people couldn’t detect bias or if a picture had been changed. LaFever says it’s important to pay attention to graphics and text on a website, if something has spelling or grammatical errors or in all caps. LaFever used Checkology which helps students figure out if news and information is believable and if they should share or even act on it. LaFever also says everyone should look for the “The Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook” and follow the guidelines listed.

Still some work to be done, but the Mendocino County medical cannabis regulations go into effect in about a month. The Daily Journal reports there are still several county departments working out final details on the regulation after the Tuesday session of the Board of Supervisors and final approval. Several county departments are managing the ordinance and are working together to educate the public and hire new personnel. The newspaper reports the Department of Agriculture who will mainly oversee the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Regulation is expecting a massive applicant pool. There are two workshops for the public in 2 weeks.

A bill in the Assembly could help Lake County assemble a Blue Ribbon Committee regarding issues with Clear Lake water quality. The bill by Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry so there’s more action on contaminants and cyanobacteria. The Record Bee reports the proposed committee has to meet quarterly and turn in yearly reports, with accountable records of the lake and its recovery. The assemblywoman needs to get letters of support for the bill, per District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele.

A man in Lake County the latest to be arrested under the new perjury unit. Police say after months of looking into the case, they’ve come to the conclusion that Jeremy Bryant, who was arrested for an assault and robbery is innocent and his accuser is the guilty party. Now Michael Anthony Arreaga is accused of filing a false police report, providing false information to a grand jury and more. It goes back to the April 2016 case against Bryant, where police say Arreaga told them he and several others forced their way onto his property and into his home to rob his son. Arreaga had a rifle, he says, to protect his son, then he said Bryant shot him in the leg, police say his son went along with that lie. But a Grand Jury found it not to be the case and that he accidentally shot himself.

A police sergeant from Lakeport helps an injured Osprey, found on the street. The police chief says Sgt. Joe Eastham found the injured bird Monday night on South Main Street in a traffic lane after possibly being hit by a car. The sergeant said it was clear the bird was in shock so he could easily pick it up and put her in his car. The bird was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment where they say it had a laceration and was doing OK. Apparently, it’s the second Osprey Eastham has rescued, the other on Hwy 29 three years ago.


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