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Lake Evacuation & Animal Protection will hold its annual meeting and training this Saturday morning at the South Lake County Fire Protection District’s Station 60 in Middletown. LEAP was formed in 2011 under the auspices of Lake County Animal Care and Control and has rescued animals from several of the county’s significant fires, including the Wye, Rocky, Jerusalem, Valley and Clayton. The deputy director of Lake County Animal Care and Control, who is also LEAP’s coordinator, tells Lake County News Saturday’s event is both refresher training for current volunteers and an introduction for those interested in joining. Topics include fire safety/behavior, training requirements, radio protocols, LEAP’s software for animal management and more. New volunteers will also have to fill out an application with the county and do online training. For more information call Lake County Animal Care and Control.

If you’re planning to enjoy some time in the Mendocino National Forest, officials remind you there are still a lot of roads closed or being repaired from the winter storms. And forest employees are still working to inventory roads and damage across the forest and there may still be places that haven’t been with hazards they’ve not yet marked, including those that come with the receding snow like unstable roads due to saturated soil, blocked roads from downed trees, plugged culverts, deep ruts and running water. And as for the known closures, employees say some travelers have actually gone around the barriers and moved debris. Forest Supervisor Ann Carlson says that’s very dangerous because there may be more problems lurking beyond what you see, and moving debris could actually generate movement on unstable hillsides.


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