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The Lake County Board of Supervisors is working with the state Water Resources Control Board regarding cannabis gardening on irrigated land. The Record Bee reports the District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele has asked for more information from the board because it was recently learned rules on marijuana irrigation are not the same across the state. Apparently in Lake County there are different drain directions so there are different regulations. Decisions made by each of the state’s nine region water boards are sent to the state regarding surface water, ocean water and groundwater. The newspaper reports the state’s also considering if distinct regulations should be in place for different outflows in Lake County which could mean different regulations.

It’s National Public Safety Telecommunications Week so with that is the local Public Safety Dispatcher Appreciation Week in Lake County. The Sheriff says the dispatchers provide dedicated service 24/7 to make sure communities get life-saving services from law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services first responders. He says dispatchers provide comfort and reassurance for those who need it most, including citizens, officers, and firefighters. The Sheriff says they often work long hours without getting the recognition they deserve. He’s calling on anyone and everyone to thank a dispatcher this week.

After one of the wettest years in California’s recorded history, the Governor says the 5 year historic drought is over. That means the Governor’s 2014 drought emergency order has been rescinded. But Governor Brown says just because the drought emergency is over, it doesn’t mean there can’t be another, so conservation has to be a way of life. Brown is permanently banning wasteful water use like hosing off sidewalks, and continuing to have water agencies report the water use every month to the state. But the state is also going to follow a long-term plan so the state’s better prepared in the future. It may mean new legislation for long-term conservation plus more planning for more frequent and severe droughts.

Lake County has declared April as Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Record Bee reports the District 4 Supervisor Tina Scott reported the county responded to 248 cases of sex assaults in 2016. She also says one in every six boys and one in every four girls will experience sexual assault before they turn 18. And District 2 Supervisor Jeff Smith says they can make better progress if communities work together to prevent child abuse.

15 community members across the Northwest are being hailed as heroes by the American Red Cross of the California Northwest. The 15 to be honored for selfless acts of courage at the Real Heroes Breakfast in Santa Rosa, Thursday, April 27th. Locals being honored include Officers Dan Mitchell of Middletown and Dan Russo of Rohnert Park who pulled victims including small kids out of a car on fire. A committee of local community leaders picked the winners of the 2017 California Northwest Red Cross Hero Award based on their acts of heroism which they say uphold the values of the American Red Cross and have a positive impact on the residents of the Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties.

A little bit closer to getting a new visitor center in Clearlake. The Chamber of Commerce is about to move into a renovated home from the 1940s on Lakeshore Drive. The new Chamber and Visitor Center has apparently been years in the making with volunteers working on the project which the city manager says is immensely important to the city and the city council. He says the Lakeshore Drive corridor is important to the city and could help stimulate and support businesses. The city paid for the property back in 2011 at just over $207,000. The work to renovate started in 2015 with the costs at about $120,000 more.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors set to approve a funding application for the Anderson Springs sewer project. The board to take up the matter at their meeting tomorrow morning. They have to sit as the board of the Lake County Sanitation District for the authorization and designation for the Special District Administrator to submit the funding agreement to the State Water Resources Control Board. The board to consider the construction of the new sewer system for the Anderson Springs Community at more than $7,400,000. Apparently the State Water Resources Control Board has already agreed to grant $564,000 for engineering, design and survey work.

The San Francisco Bay’s getting dirty after a freight barge capsized near the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge. About 4,000 gallons of Diesel fuel and 300 gallons of hydraulic oil poured into the bay then powerful winds moved it farther away from the 112-foot barge used by Bay Area Rapid Transit. It’s commissioned near an underwater rail tunnel where they move BART’s commuter lines between San Francisco and Oakland for divers doing underwater anti-corrosion work on the tube. There was nobody aboard at the time of the accident and they say there was no damage to the tube or any wildlife. 3,000 feet of boom have been placed around the barge to try to help soak up some of the spill.

Ford Motor Company says they’ve got a new fuel-efficient gas-electric hybrid to work perfectly for police officers. The car manufacturer is offering a new police pursuit version of its Fusion midsize sedan hybrid after several requests across the country. It is expected it will get about 38 miles to the gallon in city and highway driving. Apparently it’s about 20 mpg more than the company’s current police car model, the Taurus police interceptor.

A man in South Dakota dumbfounded he couldn’t bring his snake to the park. Jerry Kimball has been fined nearly $200 because his 4-month-old fire bee ball python wasn’t on a leash. He said he thought it was a joke because he was ticketed by an animal control officer on April Fools Day. But alas, it was not. He wrote on Facebook that the officer told him to put a rope around his snake’s neck and he said no, saying he was having an “educational meet and greet” with his snakes. Apparently he also had two other ball pythons nearby. Local media outlets say there were no visitors looking for that meet and greet though. His citation was for “animals running at large.” He says he’ll appeal.


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