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Hundreds show up at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center for a chance to appear in an Amy Adams HBO film. The casting director Rich King in town ahead of the shoot next month in Redwood Valley looking for 500 extras for minimum wage. The Daily Journal reports the film makers are in town a couple weeks ahead of filming locally. Adams plays a woman in a small town in Missouri, called Wind Gap which just had some murders. Those chosen to be extras in the film make about $84 a day plus parking. If you couldn’t make it, but you’re interested you can email a recent photo and phone number to: sharpcastingrichking

Small businesses in Mendocino County may be getting a boost after a local nonprofit gets grant funding. The Daily Journal reports the West Company works with small businesses who want to boost their business performance online. The Board of Supervisors has given West $76,000 to add onto its contract that had been at about $340,000. With the extra cash the company says they’ll work with tiny operations or “microenterprises” in Mendocino County to boost their online or social media presence. The businesses with five employees or less.

Local pot growers, consultants and county representatives at a consortium in Willits to discuss the legal industry. The Mendocino Cannabis Resource Conference over the weekend for smaller growers and others to navigate their way through the recreational Cannabis industry. They walked them thru the certification process, taxes and other fees associated with the new industry. The conference focused a bit on if it’s even worth it for small timers to compete with what are sure to be major players in legal pot.

Water overflowing in Sonoma County, but still there could be higher water bills this year. The Press Democrat reports consumers used less water in the years of severe drought, but the Sonoma County Water Agency claims it’s got to raise rates due to the drop in usage, which means they’re making less money. The newspaper reports in the last three fiscal years, the agency delivered about a third less water so there was a 13 percent decline in revenue from water sales last year from a year earlier. They say even though their costs were less, their budget this next fiscal year is only 4 percent lower which isn’t enough to cut it. The board of supervisors, serving as the Water Agency directors are considering a 5 percent increase starting July 1st.

The Clearlake City Council is meeting behind closed doors regarding a lawsuit, labor negotiations and a liability claim. Lake Co News reports the council meets Thursday at 5:30 ahead of their public meeting at 6pm. The public portion of the meeting regarding the medical marijuana dispensary rules in the city, plus personal marijuana cultivation. The City Manager will also be at the meeting to discuss the changes in state law regarding medical pot and the new legal market and how it affects locals.

The Middletown Area Town Hall meeting to discuss grant money, a safety project on Highway 175 and committee updates. The meeting Thursday at 7pm at the Middletown Community Center. Anyone is welcome to the meeting and to weigh in on the agenda. This week they’re covering the proposed $12.5 million project for a 2.5-mile stretch of Highway 175 from Putah Creek to Dry Creek. The project, which Caltrans says should happen, because the fatal collision rate in the area around five times the state average. A Caltrans manager will be at the meeting for the update. There will also be reports on a Valley fire memorial and more.

A ransom note that ended up with the family of a missing college student in Northern Calif. is apparently not related to her disappearance. Police say someone sent notes to Alycia “Aly” Leane Yeoman family, but they don’t know where the 20 year old is. A $5,000 reward has also been offered for any info leading to the Yuba City student. She’s been missing since March 30th. The Sutter County Sheriff’s Dept. reports her pickup truck was found near a river levee about an hour outside of Sacramento. Her home was searched, but police have not said if they’ve found any evidence. Police do say however her cell phone records and other electronic devices are being checked out to see if it could help find her.

A kid who really digs Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets may break twitter. The 16 year old tweeted to Wendy’s to see how many retweets it would take to get a year’s worth of free nuggets. They tweeted back to him, with 18 million. So Carter Wilkerson tweeted Wendy’s response with “consider it done” and a follow up, in all caps, “HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS”. At last count Wilkerson had 2.5M retweets, not enough for free nuggs, but pretty close to breaking the record by Ellen Degeneres when she took a selfie at the Oscars with some celebrities which has 3.2 million retweets so far.


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