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Another arrest by the Lake County District Attorney’s Perjury Investigation Unit. The DA says Amber Thompson of Clearlake Oaks was arrested for perjury, presenting false evidence to the court, preparing false evidence to the court and forgery. The DA alleges after Thompson missed a court hearing in January for a misdemeanor drug charge, she later testified she was at her doctor’s office and presented a "Patient Discharge Form" signed by the doctor. Turns out that doctor had died in November. She admitted she’d actually been in Sacramento at a different doctor’s office and again provided a signed doctor’s form but an investigator with the perjury unit discovered that doctor doesn’t do what she said she was there for, and in fact only issues marijuana certificates. And she’d forged his signature. Amber Thompson remains in custody on $35,000 bail and faces up to eight years in prison if convicted.

A business operated by a member of the Willits City Council is the latest to be hit with a lawsuit by a woman claiming several local businesses are not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Willits News reports the latest action names the Hanson Shopping Center and owner Victor Hanson, as well as Council member Saprina Rodriguez and her husband Martin, doing business as Ace Copy and Shipping Center. The plaintiff Jeanette Brown alleges there is no accessible route from the sidewalk bus stop to the copy center, nor from the parking lot to the facility and she had to take her wheelchair through the parking lot amid traffic. She also claims the doors do not have easy access for a wheelchair and she struggled to get in. The Rodriguezes told the paper the woman never discussed her concerns with them even after coming back to the store a second time and the shopping center owner has said the property is in compliance. The City Manager says she thinks the growing list of lawsuits is due to an attorney profiting off an agenda.

The Mendocino Broadband Alliance’s Broadband Working Group has their draft Broadband Goals out for endorsements and comments and will be taking them to the city council meetings in May where the public can hear them. They will hit the Ukiah City Council May 5th, Fort Bragg on May 8th, and Willits May 10th. The document is also posted on their website. The Alliance also reports there is legislation being worked on currently that will re-authorize the state broadband infrastructure grant program which they hope will not just pass but also have the needed language and provisions to make it work for providers in Mendocino County. They also remind all businesses to stay up the latest in Digital Security.

We’ve now had record breaking water in the Northern Sierra. The Department of Water Resources reported Thursday that in 89.7 inches of precipitation – the total rain and snowmelt – has been recorded by the eight weather stations it has monitored continuously since 1920 passing the previous record of 88.5 inches recorded in 1983. The region’s annual average is 50 inches. DWR says the West Coast has experienced 46 atmospheric rivers in just the first half of what they call the water year that starts October 1st.

The trash around the former Ray’s Market in Clearlake caused by the growing number of people living there is being dealt with by several City departments. City Manager Greg Folsom says since the Market closed in November not many people go by there, so it’s become a prime spot for illegal encampments which he says making for a significant health and safety problem, especially with so much litter piling up. The Interim Police Chief tells Lake County News that City Code Enforcement and the Police Department are working in tandem with the property owners to clean up this area with officers out issuing citations to those illegally camping and trespassing. He says though the officers also give them information on places where they can get help and are giving fair warning that at some point all of their stuff is going to be taken off the property.

The City of Ukiah is moving closer to taking out a $4 million loan from the state to help with upgrades to the Redwood Business Park to get ready for a Costco to go in. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports the City will apply for a low-interest loan from the California State Infrastructure and Development Bank to develop the 40-acre business park property, which is the proposed site for a Costco. Once that loan is approved, the news site reports, the city hopes to put the work out for bids in the next few months, with the goal of starting the work this summer. Plans include installing traffic lights, and making street improvements on Airport Park Boulevard, Hastings and the freeway interchange at Talmage.

Cal Trans is going to help Lake County plant trees at Middletown Trailside Park and other places impacted by the Valley Fire to help offset the trees that will be taken down when they re-do Hwy 175. Cal Trans’ Lake County project manager Jaime Matteoli spoke to the Middletown Area Town Hall Thursday night with the latest info in the $12.5 million project to widen the road and reduce curves along a 2.5-mile portion from Putah Creek to Dry Creek. Cal Trans says that stretch of the highway has had a fatal collision rate nearly five times the state average. One five-year period they studied found 13 serious collisions of which two were fatal and eight had injuries. Ten of those involved vehicles running off the road and hitting something, such as trees, utility poles and a fence. Matteoli said it was not built to current design standards, which require 8-foot-wide shoulders – of which it currently has none in some spots – and a 20-foot-wide “clear recovery zones” with no fixed objects like trees or poles. More than 200 trees will need to be cut.


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