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US Highway 101 remains closed about 6 miles north of Leggett due to a rockslide and according to the Cal Trans website it could be for at least a week. This is the same location that has been under one-way traffic control for about five weeks but early this morning a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant went called to assist the Humboldt CHP on the slide on Highway 101 and at that point the road was closed. Cal trans says the slide is still active and a timeframe for Hwy 101 to reopen is not known but they putting on their website April 28. On the Humboldt side, southbound Hwy 101 is closed at Confusion Hill and northbound side is closed at Hwy 1.

Fort Bragg has hit pause on more discussion about commercial cannabis uses and policies until next month. The City Council’s Public Safety Committee was set to discuss some potential policies at their meeting Wednesday, but said today they have postponed it until next month. The City said in a press release there is a lot of information to cover since the passage of Proposition 64 and to ensure the topic receives sufficient attention and discussion, the agenda item has been rescheduled for May 17. The city says they have invited a representative from the League of California Cities to attend that meeting and give a presentation. And they say anyone interested in commercial cannabis uses in the city of Fort Bragg is encouraged to review the agenda for the May 17 meeting, which will be published on May 12.


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