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The Ukiah City Council to consider a promotion for an analyst to become deputy city manager. The Daily Journal reports the council will be asked to promote Shannon Riley from senior management analyst to the new position Wednesday. The newspaper reports a staff report for the meeting shows there’s enough money to reclassify Riley’s job, but the council had previously asked for the subject to be brought back to them. With the promotion, it would mean salaries in the city manager’s office would be at more than $400,000. The current City Manager was the assistant city manager before too, but after his promotion, that position was cut. In his report he says the size of the department and the services they provide would benefit from another person with this experience and authority and says it won’t cost the city much more.

Transients who had been living near Ray’s Food Place in Clearlake are no longer. The Record Bee reports the city had given the homeless camped out there notice to leave and last Thursday they did. There had been multiple reports of unauthorized trespassing and camping on the property since the store closed permanently last November. The City Manager says the property owner had sent notifications to the city of the unauthorized use so Clearlake Police officers went out and enforced city code and booted anyone there illegally. The Interim Police Chief says they were working directly with the property owners to help clean up the area and says officers had given plenty of warnings to those there in the last several months. He says they also gave out citations and gave information to those there for public services where they may be able to get help.

Another arrest by the Lake County DA’s office perjury unit. A woman from Clearlake Oaks apparently told the court she had a doctor’s appointment, which turned out to be a lie. Amber Thompson was supposed to be in court in January for a minor drug charge, but testified in court later she missed her first court date because of a doctor’s appointment in Lakeport. The DA’s office says she even presented a doctor’s office form to the court, but it turns out that was a phony form. She’s charged with a count of perjury and another two counts of presenting false evidence to the court, two counts of preparing false evidence and another two for forgery. Apparently the doctor noted on her form had died three months before her supposed appointment. Thompson faces up to eight years in prison and was being held on $35,000 bail.

The first meeting’s been held by the Clearlake City Council for the proposed cultivation and dispensary ordinances. The final vote and possible adoption of the ordinances at the council’s next meeting April 27th. The Record Bee reports the council’s taking about two dozen state bills regarding marijuana into consideration, but they have no agreement yet on a local ordinance governing legal Cannabis use. The newspaper reports some of the ideas being considered include allowing indoor gardens up to six plants, more fees, later registration for permits, no hoop style greenhouse growing, plus a possible ban on any gardens that are on the Lake front. They’re also consider hefty fines for those who don’t follow the proposed rules, of up to $5,000, a five year growing ban for individual and property growing and another $500 fine for a failing to register a permit before June 1st. Plus no commercial growing of pot anywhere within the city limits. This is all for medical marijuana, so they’ll change the name from medical to personal.

The CHP’s investigating how a pink tow truck was carjacked and burned. The CHP says someone swiped the pink truck after robbing the driver at gunpoint along state Route 96. Officers say they found the Buddy’s Auto Center tow truck on fire and the driver and two passengers were carjacked. The tow truck donates a portion of its fees to the Breast and GYN Health Project in Arcata. The driver says they were responding on Route 96 to a call about 5 miles south of Happy Camp after a couple of stranded drivers called. The tow truck was carrying a damaged pickup and trailer with two snowmobiles when they were stopped by something blocking the road and were jacked. They say there were more than one suspect who fired a round their way and demanded they get out. The owner of Buddy’s says the tow truck was painted pink in honor of his wife, a breast cancer survivor.

The commercial salmon season in Fort Bragg is being curbed way back. The quote this year is only 3,000 for the month of September and recreational fishing, which has been going on since the start of the month ends in June and won’t reopen until mid-August to continue thru mid November. The Pacific Fishery Management Council said because of low forecasts in several areas, they’re totally closed and the ones that are open are being scaled way back. The council says it’s been another challenging year as they try to still allow for some fishing on harvestable stocks of Chinook and Coho with major conservation for salmon, north and south of Cape Falcon in Oregon.

Segways get a green light for the Coastal Trail in Fort Bragg. The City Council gives the thumbs up for use of the Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices or Segways after discussion last week. They will be allowed on guided tours and for personal use with some restrictions discussed but none implemented. The Advocate newspaper reports a local business owner applied for a license for guided Segway tours last year and got it, but they were restricted because of rules by the State Coastal Conservancy, but the same business owner asked for further review and got the go ahead. At the Fort Bragg City Council meeting last week, several people spoke on the topic, but nobody was against the idea. It will take a couple months to change the city code, then Segways on the Coastal Trail will be a-ok.

It’s official… it was the wettest year ever in Northern Calif. The National Weather Service reports compiling data on the season’s precipitation from eight sensors which show a little less than 90 inches of rain and snow fell this winter in the northern Sierra Nevada. The last record was 88.5 inches set back in the winter of 1982-1983. The record this year is nearly double the yearly average for the region of 50 inches a year. The record noted just days after the Governor Jerry Brown officially declares an end to the state’s drought emergency. Forecasters also say they expect there will be even more snow and rain this spring. Late last week there was a winter weather advisory in place for the northern Sierra with forecasts of moderate to heavy snow and rain in the lower elevations. More storms could be coming this week too.

Two women out hiking with a group of friends in Central Calif have fallen into a river where one has died. The Tulare County sheriff’s dept. said they were still searching over the weekend for the other woman after the two slipped and fell last Thursday in the Sequoia National Forest. One fell in and the other jumped in to help. Both women in their 20’s. The one who died was pulled from the river by a helicopter crew the same day. The area searchers were looking was about 104 miles southeast of Fresno.

Three bids have come in to repair the damaged spillways at Oroville Dam. The Department of Water Resources released a short statement over the weekend just saying the bids are all higher than their estimate of $220 million, with the lowest by a company out of Nebraska at $275.4 million. The other two, one from a construction company in Montana was $277 million, with the highest at $344 million from a local construction company. The work apparently has to be done before November 1st, when the next round of winter weather generally heads in. The work after the emergency spillway failed in February, leading to the mandatory evacuation of 188,000 people downstream.

A woman not really sure what a Furry convention was takes her big ol mountain dog with her and gets a surprise. Cheryl Wassus of Monroe, Michigan apparently a volunteer for the nonprofit Pets for Vets, who match therapy dogs with military veterans. Wassus says she found out the Motor City Furry Con was raising money for the organization so she went. She then found out it wasn’t what she thought. Furries, of course, are people who like to dress up in animal costumes for all sorts of fun… Her son took some photos as Wassus says she realized it was a whole subculture she didn’t even know existed, saying you’re never too old to learn.


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