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A part of U.S. Highway 101 north of Legget that’s been blocked by a landslide since Monday could be partially re-opened later this week. A Caltrans District 1 Public Information Officer says they are working to get a lane open but the slide is still considered active so it’s slow going to clear it and more rain is expected. It’s about 10 miles north of Leggett in a spot that was already under one-way traffic since February due to a slide, but the Monday slide took out a retaining fence. The detour on the Northern end involves taking 299 or 36 to I-5 although crews are also still clearing a slide on 299 near Big Bar, so that’s also a slow trip with a one-lane-only section.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has a new tool for getting out emergency messages as well as finding missing folks: it’s a new high-tech loudspeaker called a Long Range Acoustic Device, or L-RAD. The Board of Supervisors gave the Sheriff the green light to buy the $7,300 speaker, which can be up 30 decibels louder than a typical bullhorn or patrol car P.A. system. Sheriff Tom Allman tells the Daily Journal they can use it to search for missing hunters and mushroom pickers who are often deep in the woods and can hear sirens but not messages. He says they can also use it to warn residents in case of a tsunami and could also potentially use it when trying to communicate to someone barricaded in a building.

There’s a new leader at the Mendocino County Tourism Commission. Alan Humason has been tapped as the new executive director, responsible for reporting to the board and supervising staff, contractors and vendors within the Commission’s $1.56 million annual budget. The Commission says Humason’s selection follows an intensive search focused on someone who could pivot the competitiveness of what they call one of the nation’s most majestic destinations with 90 miles of prime Pacific coastline, 24 state/national parklands and 450-plus unique accommodations along the scenic Highways. The Commission says Mendocino County tourism supports nearly 6,000 jobs generating nearly $166 million in annual earnings and the Board Chairman says Humason’s experience in destination marketing as well as strategic planning set Mendocino County up as a vital contender for competitive tourism dollars.


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