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A man from Fort Bragg wanted for illegally having weapons has been arrested. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports finding Jesse Peters in Fort Bragg this past Saturday night. Deputies say Peters had an outstanding warrant but found a concealed fixed blade knife, or dagger when searching him. He’s arrested and booked with no bail into the Mendocino County Jail.

A vote coming by the Ukiah City Council regarding the city joining a regional water group to manage its water. The Ukiah Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency would be a Joint Powers Authority that multiple local water districts are part of. It would also meet a state requirement, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act with a deadline of the end of June. The Daily Journal reports the new agency’s purpose would be to implement that state law and to achieve certain sustainability goals. It would also mean the city would be working more closely with the public on water issues. The members of the regional agency would be, Mendocino County, the city of Ukiah, Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District, and the Upper Russian River Water Agency which includes the Willow, Calpella, Redwood Valley and Millview water districts and the Russian River Flood Control District. The city council to consider the new agency at their meeting tomorrow night at 6.

Fort Bragg has put commercial Marijuana policies on hold. The Public Safety Committee of the Fort Bragg City Council was set to discuss the possible local regulations but have postponed for a month. In a press release, the city states the discussion could be “robust” because of all of the information there is to cover since Prop. 64 passed. The city looking to make sure they give the topic the attention and discussion it needs, so they will take up the matter May 17th. A representative from the League of California Cities has also been invited to the meeting for a presentation. The city says if that representative cannot attend, they will have the proper information to help lead the discussion anyway.

Congressman Mike Thompson back from a trip to Japan and South Korea comes down hard on the leader of North Korea and President Trump. Thompson says Kim Jong Un would do anything to stay in power, even if it’s not “particularly rational”. He says he could even start a nuclear war if he felt threatened. The Press Democrat reports Thompson also talking about Vice President Mike Pence’s comments during a visit to South Korea yesterday, saying the “era of strategic patience is over,” something President Barack Obama was blamed for. But Thompson, a Vietnam War Vet himself says that kind of language could provoke an unstable Korean dictator.

The regular monthly meeting of the Cobb Area Council this week and they’re talking roads and broadband. The meeting Thursday from 6 to 8 pm at the Little Red Schoolhouse/Cobb Mountain Lions Club with a presentation from the director of Lake County Public Works regarding area streets. They will also cover state road funding deadlines. The meeting will also cover broadband with a presentation by AT&T. They’ll also discuss cell service for the area.

The city of Clearlake reminding those who want to grow Marijuana outside they need to register. The deadline to register with the city is May 1st. If you’re interested, you’ll have to register your property as a proper outdoor cultivation site with a formal application. It’s $150 to register. Don’t forget to bring along a notarized signature from the owner of the property who agrees to allow marijuana growing on their premises, if it’s not your own property. If not, the names of those who lease, or the name of the owner, a valid photo ID, proof of residence for whoever lives at the home and of course the physical address of where the marijuana will be cultivated along with a drawing, to scale, with a detailed description. As a reminder, the city of Clearlake will not allow any more than six plants to be grown outdoors.

Another step closer to that Costco in Ukiah. The city’s gone over the last hurdle in order to borrow $4 million for road improvements which have to be done before the big box store could open in town. The Daily Journal reports it’s the last step of the iBank loan that’s been approved to reconfigure the Talmage Road intersection with the 101 and changes to Airport Park Boulevard and other streets too. A senior analyst with the city told the city council they’re 90-percent of the way there with the loan application, using City Hall as collateral for the loan. The Costco project has been delayed due to lawsuits filed for another environmental impact report and the roadwork.

A man accused of the murder of a missing woman near Sacramento has a history of violence. That according to court papers showing the background of Teris Vinson who was arrested last week on unrelated weapons charges. He was charged yesterday with the murder of 28-year-old Janet Mejia. The Sacramento State graduate disappeared last week and three days later her body was found in Placer County. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s office says it looked like she had been shot and her body dumped on the side of the road. Court papers say Vinson pleaded no contest in 2012 to felony domestic violence and for the same a year later with kidnapping too, but that charge was dropped. He got two years in prison. Vinson will be arraigned on the murder charges tomorrow.

Representatives at Humboldt State University are asking for the public’s help finding whoever stabbed a student. The university says anyone who knows anything about the death of David Lawson should speak with Arcata Police as soon as possible. Lawson, also known as Josiah, was murdered Saturday morning in Arcata. Police had officers on campus talking to students who wanted to give a statement. The school also offering counseling for students who may need it.

The legislature is considering several bills related to California State University campuses. There will be teachers and students at the capitol to testify at various hearings. One of the bills in play might freeze tuition to December 2016 levels. This bill just weeks after trustees agreed to raise tuition 5 percent next year. Another bill would freeze tuition for five years starting in 2018 and put a 10 percent cap on how many out-of-state undergrads there are and ban state-funded financial aid for out-of-state students. There’s also another though that would protect undocumented students and others regarding housing availability and the associated costs of living near a state college.

Another A for Ukiah Valley Medical Center. For the third year in a row the hospital got an A grade from the Leapfrog Group for a commitment to improve patient safety through reducing errors, infections, and accidents that can harm patients. The grade from the nonprofit that says they’re committed to driving quality, safety, and transparency in the U.S. health care system. The hospital says its thankful to its providers, nurses, volunteers and staff for the high quality, patient-centered care they’re recognized for. The grade comes after looking at 30 areas for hospital safety. They grade 2,600 hospitals every year. For the entire report, you can log onto or follow the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade on Twitter or Facebook.


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