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A man so drunk he fell asleep on the toilet at a Walmart in Washington state, lit his underwear on fire. The man had lit a cigarette in the bathroom of a Walmart in Spanaway, then passed out. Central Pierce Fire & Rescue at the store after alarms went off Wednesday. They found the man with his pants down, asleep on the toilet even after an ash fell between his legs onto his underwear and lit them on fire. Firefighters used an extinguisher on the man who then pulled a knife on them. They easily took him down, then helped him with the burns on his legs…

A new report shows Mendocino County’s Family and Children’s Services employees are overworked and stressed. The Northern California Training Agency at UC Davis report brought to the Board of Supervisors this week by representatives from the college and the county’s Health and Human Services Agency . The report shows the department in trouble for years with high turnover and massive caseloads for social workers. The county apparently has the highest rate of kids in foster care and several in the system who’ve been abused. Family and Children Services reports getting more than 300 referrals a month. The UC report shows the amount of open positions in the department as a “rallying cry” about stress for six years endured by staffers. The job vacancy rate there is 20 percent. The Social Worker Director says some of them work from 7 AM to 10 PM. The county to continue work with UC Davis to try to improve conditions.

North Coast Assemblyman Jim Wood working to get prescription drugs cheaper. The Democratic legislator from Healdsburg introduced two prescription drug bills, one to ban drug manufacturer coupons for brand name drugs if there’s a generic brand available, the other to regulate pharmacy benefit managers or PBM’s. PBM’s are contracted by health care providers for prescription drug benefit programs. They try to get discounts and rebates from drug manufacturers. But Wood says they make a fortune, with the three largest covering more than 180 million people and making more than $270 billion in one year. The two bills making it thru separate Assembly committees.

A man from Santa Rosa on the run after another man’s shot in Covelo. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office on the lookout for 47 year old Paulino Perez Marin who they say is involved in the shooting of a 19 year old man in the torso. The victim drove himself to the Covelo Fire Department and was taken to a hospital and stabilized. Before he was shot he apparently drove to a friend’s house to confront Marin who police say gad a gun. When the victim tried to leave he was shot and his car was hit with several bullets. Several law enforcement agencies went to the scene but lost track of the suspect. They say he was setting up a commercial marijuana grow at the house where they found nearly 800 plants. They say there was no evidence it was a legal medical or recreational grow.

Police have released the name of the driver in a head on crash near Ukiah who died. Police say they had to use dental records to identify 21 year old Mitchell Nguyen (Wee-in) after the fiery crash April 7th. Peter Cole, a former Sonoma County resident also died in the crash. Police say Nguyen was alone in his car when he crossed into oncoming traffic and hit an SUV with Cole as the passenger. Nguyen’s car hit a fence, power pole and parked jeep and burst into flames. The driver in the SUV had moderate injuries and two other passengers had injuries from major to moderate.

A bill to help improve conditions on Clear Lake has moved forward in the state legislature. Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters introduced the bill that would establish a blue ribbon committee to study potential threats to the Lake’s water quality and come up with a plan to keep the lake healthy, then implement it. The committee would be formed with those from the Lake County Board of Supervisors; the tribal community; the California Natural Resources Agency; the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board; University of California; and economic development, agriculture and environment experts. The bill moves next to the Assembly Appropriations Committee next month.

A new postmaster in Nice to take the oath of office. Patricia Gross is sworn in tomorrow for the Nice Post Office position. She’s worked with the agency since 1994 when she was a rural carrier and clerk in Upper Lake and Lucerne. She was in management first in Covelo, then Laytonville. She’s been a postmaster before, in Glenhaven back in 2008. She worked in that position until now. She tells Lake Co News it’s an honor to work for the Postal Service. She will be managing all of the Nice operations which includes 2 employees who process more than 2,100 pieces of mail a day on average for 1,800 or so PO boxes. Plus there’s a highway contract route with 313 delivery stops.

A cellphone video’s been released of a fight between a man from Boyes Hot Springs and a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy charged with his beating. The Press Democrat reports a 68 second video has been made public showing the altercation between Fernando Del Valle and Deputy Scott Thorne. The video shows Del Valle talking to two deputies after a report the man was being violent with his wife. They break down his bedroom door and order him to stand, but he starts videoing them instead and tells them to Taze him. So they take him up on it. The man is heard screaming, then is in bed as he’s hit by a police baton. The video goes black as he yells to his wife to call his lawyer. He went to jail but was cleared after a review of police body cam. The Press Democrat also reporting Del Valle had previously filed excessive force complaints against police.

That landslide north of Leggett has the 101 closed until at least tomorrow. As we reported Caltrans reported more than 6,000 cubic yards of rocks and soil had come down on the road Sunday. There had been work ongoing on the two lanes, with one closed, then after the slide, both lanes had to be closed. The last time the same thing happened about a month ago, but before that the land had reported to have been stable for some time. But there had been rock slides before that too. This current slide from heavy rains and extreme temperature changes. Caltrans advising to use Highway 5 until the road is reopened.

A federal judge taking a strict stand for mentally ill inmates. U-S District Judge Kimberly Mueller says she’s tired of treatment delays in the prison system so she’ll start fining the state $1,000 a day if the state doesn’t start speeding up care for inmates with mental health care needs. The judge has given the state one month to fix the bottleneck of cases of inmates who need to get to state mental facilities instead of jail. She says the $1,000-a-day is per each inmate with delayed treatment starting May 16th. The money to be collected at the next hearing in November to find if the state’s complying with her order. She says past court rulings haven’t done a thing. She did say however there’s been three times in the past where things changed, but then it went back to the way it was.

A new report on the failure of the Oroville Dam shows nearly a week of operators doing nothing as the dam showed signs of a problem. The Press Democrat reports the Sheriff at the emergency operations center for the dam and overheard some chatter about the dam after the emergency spillway starting to come apart. The Sheriff then ordered about 190 thousand people to evacuate. The Associated Press investigating the failure says there was chaos, but a catastrophe avoided in the days it was found the dam was in trouble. The investigation showing the dam’s federal and state managers incorrectly predicted the two spillways durability. But state water officials say the whole thing was handled effectively during extraordinary circumstances. The dam managers letting the public know there was no threat, but that was less than a day before those under the dam had to get out. Managers found the spillway could have failed in one hour.

A homeless man who killed a former yoga teacher and Canadian tourist will spend the rest of his life in prison. Morrison Lampley admitted to the 2015 murders of former Middletown yoga instructor Steve Carter and Audrey Carey a couple days before. He was sentenced to 100 years to life in prison after being charged with first degree murder. He had accomplices, Lila Alligood got 50 years to life and accomplice Sean Angold got 15 years because he testified against the other two.


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