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A long time resident of Fort Bragg loses all of her personal belongings in a house fire. Firefighters called to Verna Oliver’s home last week. Her granddaughter says she was not home at the time, and someone driving by saw smoke off Highway 20 and called 911. One of Oliver’s friend’s apparently heard the call over a scanner and called her. The home gutted by the fire and totally involved when firefighters arrived. Firefighters there several hours as hot spots continued to spark due to the contents inside and the age of the home. They had to get out of the house because of the amount of water they were dumping, there was concern it could collapse. A tractor was brought in to help break pieces up to help extinguish the fire. A gofundme page was set up for Oliver with thousands raised to help. She’s known as a volunteer in town for years.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reporting catching a woman wanting for escaping jail. Jodi Dutra was wanted on $160,000 bail. They posted her capture on their Facebook page after posting her picture and details about her for those who may know her to help catch her.

The controversy continues as to who controls the building where the Fort Bragg Grange or Guild has been holding their meetings. The whole thing has been playing out after guild members say they were locked out of their own building last month. About 55 people showed up for the Guild’s potluck and membership event after the National Grange revoked the California State Grange Charter. There are lawsuits moving through the courts to find out who has the control over the California granges. Each of the local groups claims they own the Fort Bragg Grange. The guild gave attendees an update with members asking how the Fort Bragg Guild could be protected after the building lockout. Some in attendance were there to renew their membership and new members signed up too. They will take up the guild/grange issue at their meeting next month.

A gang fight with gunshots brings Fort Bragg police out. Police say they got a call last week to a report of a big fight on South Sanderson Way. Police say when they got there, they recognized several people who were local gang members, running from the area. Witnesses said they heard gunshots, but police never found a gun, empty casings or anyone who was injured. One witness said it might have come from a pellet gun or high powered airsoft gun. Police arrested one man, Mauricio Delgado, who they say had an illegal “butterfly” knife on him/ They also report picking up a 16-year-old who ran from the scene for violating his probation by associating with other known gang members.


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