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A 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning journalist hails from Mendocino County. The Daily Journal reports Andrew E. Kramer won the prize for his work with the New York Times as a reporter in Moscow. Kramer’s from Greenfield Ranch, between Willits and Ukiah. He went to Ukiah High and worked at the Journal for a summer back in 1995. He was one of several reporters working on a series of reports, “Russia’s Dark Arts” an investigation by the reporters into the way Russia works to get power. One of Kramer’s was about how Russia worked with hackers for a Cyberwar. The Journal reports Kramer’s story dives deep into the Russian government trying to get computer hackers to work for the government.

The Uikiah city manager’s request to get a deputy city manager has been approved. The city council said yes to the request by City Manager Sage Sangiacomo which gives his department salaries at $425,000 a year for the two positions. The council was considering the matter for a beat, then approved the expenditure unanimously with some speaking about how they struggled with the decision. The city manager’s original report on the matter said he needed the help so he could handle all of his responsibilities. Senior management analyst Shannon Riley will be the new deputy city manager at a salary of $202,000.

A couple of 12 year old girls are reporting missing from Ukiah. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office posted on their Facebook page that Athena Fausset and Catrina Johnson may have left the Boys & Girls Club around 5 p.m. yesterday. Fausset was wearing a blue hoodie, black leggings and black slip-on shoes and Johnson was in a grey zip-up hoodie, dark blue jeans and a light-colored blouse. The Sheriff’s office says the two girls cellphones were found and they think that may have been on purpose. Deputies interviewed some of their friends who said the girls may have run away together because their parents weren’t allowing them to hang out any longer. They ask if anyone has seen them to call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept.

A quick review’s been approved by the Lakeport City Council on affordable housing and Measure Z. Lake Co News reports the Community Development Director asking for a revised award from the HOME Investment Partnership Program which granted $4.5 million dollars in 2015 for a senior housing project. The Bella Vista affordable housing apartment came before this one and it’s got a waiting list of up to two years. After the recent floods, the city realized there was a major shortage of affordable housing, calling it a “critical emergency point.” The new project was supposed to be a 32-unit apartment complex, but now city’s staff recommends instead that it be a 24-unit affordable multifamily housing project, with two- and three-bedroom units. They will also need more money from the Community Development Block Grant program award, to do everything they will need for that expedited review.

The parking lot at the Grindstone Ranger District is being resealed, so the Mendocino National Forest Supervisor’s office and Grindstone Ranger District are letting the public know their office in Willows will be closed Tuesday. A temporary closure for the day with office hours picking back up Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.

The rock slide that’s closed part of the 101 north of Leggett in northern Mendocino County has the highway still closed. CalTrans had first said they hoped to have a lane reopened by today, but now there’s no word on when the road may open because of the instability of the hillside in the area. They say it will remain closed at least thru the weekend with several roads being used for detours around the slide. They say heavy traffic and wet weather has damaged the road, plus there’s been several car accidents and stuck vehicles. They’ve put out a reminder for those traveling through the area that Bell Springs Road is not an alternate route and that it’s closed to through traffic. They’re only allowing local necessary and essential traffic. They also warn to stay off other local roads and identification will be needed to get thru. For more info you can check or call 800-427-ROAD.

Those living along the shore of Clear Lake being alerted that staff members from the Lake County Water Resources Department are going to be around for several months doing some work. The staffers are checking and verifying the size of piers and docks for an update to the lakebed structure database. So if you some strange person measuring your dock or pier, you know why. For more info, call the Lake County Department of Water Resources at (707) 263-2344.

A man in Clearlake busted and cops find drugs and weapons. The Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit serves a search warrant last Friday and says they found 1,400 pot plants, Heroin, Cocaine and firearms. Two people found there, but Ricardo Pelayo was arrested. Police say there was 5 firearms, including an AK-47 assault rifle that had a high capacity ammunition magazine filled with live rounds. They also found about an ounce of Heroin, pre-packaged cocaine and more ammo. So they searched another home in Lower Lake and found a pot growing operation with hundreds of plants taken.

A car crash in Lakeport leaves one person seriously injured. Police say they got a call to South Main Street between the Kmart entrance and Grace Lane last night and found a crash with 2 cars and a scooter. The person on the scooter had critical injuries and was taken to an out of county hospital. South Main Street was closed for some time after the accident with several law enforcement officers on the scene. The drivers of the two cars are charged with driving drunk, one for a felony causing injury.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is reminding the public not to approach young or what looks to be abandoned young wildlife. They say it may be hard not to do anything if an animal seems like it was abandoned, but you could make things worse. They say animals taken from their natural environment usually don’t survive, others that do may develop wilderness survival skills, making them unsuitable to be put back in their natural habitat. They say if a young animal seems like it’s in distress, or you’re not sure to call a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Anyone who takes a young animal from the wild has to call the dept. of Fish and Wildlife or take it to a state and federally permitted wildlife rehabilitator within 48 hours. For more info, visit the Keep Me Wild Web site at .

A teenage girl missing from Tennessee and believed to be with a former teacher, has been found and the man arrested. Health sciences teacher Tad Cummins is accused of taking the girl across state lines to have sex. The 15 year old and the teacher found in Cecilville. Cops say the girl appeared to be healthy and unharmed and they would get her back to Tennessee. Cummins is facing federal charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor as well as the crossing state lines charge. Cops got a tip Wednesday that the teacher and teen were in the woods in Cecilville outside of Eureka. The two disappeared March 13th after an investigation by the schools when another student said they saw Cummins kiss the teen. He was married at the time.


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