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A man from Oakland has been indicted for a double murder in 2013, the body’s found in Fort Bragg. In October of that year the Sheriff’s Deputies got a call to an area known as the "Bark Dumps" for a suspicious vehicle and found a man and woman in a minivan dead from gunshot wounds to the head. Detectives working with criminalists and the FBI identified the victims as Cindy Bao Feng Chen of San Francisco and Jim Tat Kong of San Pablo. Since the two were from the Bay Area, San Francisco police got involved and the local FBI and identified Wing Wo Ma as a possible suspect. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives and FBI agents arrested him for murder, drug charges and possession of more than 1– pot plants. He’s held without bail.

A couple of 12 year old girls reporting missing from Ukiah have been found safe. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office had posted the girls picture on their Facebook page saying Athena Fausset and Catrina Johnson may have left the Boys & Girls Club around 5 p.m. yesterday. They report they were seen at 6:30 a.m. this morning walking along a road near Grace Hudson Elementary. The Sheriff’s office had reported the girls leaving their cellphones behind on purpose and says it was part of a runaway plan because their parents weren’t allowing them to be together anymore.

The proposed Lakeport Spring Boat Grand Prix is selling tickets but is apparently still going through an appeal because of insurance liability. Race organizers apparently have what they call, the standard level of insurance for the event, $5 million, but some in the county want that to be $10M instead. The Lake County Board of Supervisors to discuss the event at their meeting next week. The course along the waterfront in Lakeport, had been approved by that city, but of course, that is in Lake County too, so they need a permit from the county for the event. According to County Code, it’s up to the Sheriff, but he brought the event in front of the supervisors for their involvement too, saying he’s not an expert and didn’t know what the liability insurance should be. County Counsel says the speeds, danger and the county with no coverage for boat races has them recommending the $10 million liability coverage.

Gov. Jerry Brown talking climate change with other likeminded folks. The governor delivered the keynote address at the Navigating the American Carbon World conference yesterday. He says getting off carbon is like getting off heroin. He says we’re addicted. He says however, he’s working extra hard the next few weeks with the legislature to reauthorize Calif.’s cap-and-trade program, so companies continue buying permits for their carbon emissions. Those against the plan say it’s an unconstitutional tax passed by a simple majority vote—not a supermajority. The Governor now apparently wants two-thirds of the legislature to re-approve it.

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