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A new deputy in Florida got a call for help, but not a regular call… Deputy Morgin Evins from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office responds to help a 6- to 7-foot injured aggressive alligator. The Sheriff’s office says the animal was reported by a neighbor walking their dog and said to be in a defensive posture at the front door of a home in the gated community. The people who lived there were not home at the time. The Sheriff’s office says the alligator had a missing appendage and cuts and lacerations all over it, perhaps from a fight with another gator. The new deputy helped capture the creature which they say will probably have to be euthanized.

Two people in Lakeport have been arrested after a crash between a car and scooter. Police say William Wymer was arrested for felony DUI after his car knocked the scooter rider off. A driver of another vehicle, Sandra Bowen, was also arrested for DUI. Police say the victim was riding on the side of Main Street when they were hit by Wymer’s car. The rider had to go to the hospital and was said to be in stable condition. Bowen, hit the scooter after the rider came off, then took off, but was found soon after and believed to be drunk. Soon after cops arrived and found the victim, other local law enforcement jumped into help. Main Street was closed early Friday morning for the investigation.

5 people have been appointed as members of the Measure Z Advisory Committee. The committee will meet to manage the money being spent and recommend how the money should be spent from the sales tax revenue. Those appointed are residents of Lakeport, Annette Hopkins, Susan King, Dennis Rollins, Nathan Speed and Tim Wynacht. They were chosen by an ad-hoc committee. Two of the members are on for 2 and a half years, the other three until December of 2020. There were a dozen applicants for the committee. They have their first meeting May 11th and will cover what they think should change in the city using the tax money.

A new report shows younger folks, millennials, find cigarettes are better with booze than marijuana. The UC San Francisco study about how tobacco and alcohol makes cigarette smokers feel better than they do if they smoke cigarettes while high on weed. The article came out last week in the Addiction Research & Theory journal. It’s supposedly the first study of its kind. Their research shows some young adults connect cigarette smoking with alcohol and marijuana use. They say smoking is especially common for heavy or binge drinkers. The study cites self reported data of 500 U.S. adults, ages 18 to 25, who are smokers and had recently used alcohol or marijuana, or both.

Clearlake got a fresh cleaning. Neighbors, including city representatives came out Saturday morning for the yearly Clearlake Clean Up Day. Lake Co News reports about 100 people showed up this time around which included elected officials, volunteers, Clearlake Waste Solutions and city staff. The city manager says they picked up trash and cleaned parts of the city. Elected officials who were part of the cleanup crew included the Mayor Russ Perdock, Vice Mayor Bruno Sabatier, Councilman Phil Harris, Supervisor Jeff Smith and City Clerk Melissa Swanson. Law enforcement and emergency responders were also there with other city staffers. The Mayor telling the news site, it was inspiring to see so many people take part in the cleanup to better the community.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors to take up the new Dollar General store in Kelseyville appeal. The matter on the agenda for the regular board meeting tomorrow at about 10 am. Cross Development has been denied a major use permit by the Lake County Planning Commission for the 9,100-square-foot Dollar General Store, but the board allowed the appeal by the developer to move forward. The board will also continue its discussion about plans for the sprint boat race on Clear Lake and its insurance rider, plus the new proposed contract for public defender services.

Congressman John Garamendi in town to meet with Seniors and other constituents. Days before the end of the hiatus for Congress, Garamendi was at the Live Oak Senior Center in Clearlake Oaks for a Q & A with residents. The Congressman covered several issues, including Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, proposed budget cuts and how they could affect Lake County, immigration and several other topics including the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia. The whole conversation was recorded and can be found on the Congressman’s Facebook page. The Congressman also met with the Clearlake Police Department who discussed federal grants, and proposed cuts to Community Development Block and other grant programs and how that may impact rural departments. Garamendi also visited the DaVita Dialysis Center in Clearlake.

A man in Ukiah reportedly shot several times in the chest and rushed to the hospital. Police trying to find out if the shooting in broad daylight Saturday afternoon near the 800 block of South Orchard Avenue, might have been gang related. A community service officer apparently heard four to five gunshots while out for a car accident and later officers found the 38-year-old man on Cindee Drive. Police asking anyone who may have seen or heard anything to call the police department detective division.

New gear for the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office K9 team. Cam, Ruddick, & Doc Holiday got some bullet and stab protective vests after a charitable donation from Vested Interest in K9s. The nonprofit donation sponsored by various entities. K9 Cam’s vest by The Hausman Family Foundation, K9 Ruddick’s vest by Bruce Crist of Monterey, CA, Doc Holiday’s sponsored by Robin Doerr Russell of Sonoma. Vested interest out of Massachusetts mission to provide bullet and stab protective vests and other help for law enforcement dogs with potentially lifesaving body armor for four-legged K9 officers.

A man from Manchester has been arrested after reports of a domestic disturbance at his home. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept gets the call that a woman had been assaulted by Jeremiah Susan, who left after the assault. The couple married with a child, but deputies say they had an argument that escalated and the woman called 911. They say she had a visible injury and reported Susan tried stopping her from calling police. He was found in his car and arrested for inflicting corporal injury on a spouse and preventing another from summoning law enforcement assistance. He was booked into jail and held on $25,000.00 bail.

Caltrans promising to come up with a new policy on the installation of broadband conduit in certain areas where there’s planned roadwork. This after a couple of bills by Assemblyman Jim Wood. Wood’s office says Caltrans has been working with them for a couple years as they try to "move the needle on expanding Californian’s access to broadband”. The dig once policy would mean when roadwork is happening, Caltrans would also lay conduit for broadband which would reduce costs and increase technology for rural areas. The chairwoman of the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County at a meeting on the topic with Caltrans and told the Daily Journal she thought it was exciting and good ideas were suggested, like having a Caltrans broadband coordinator and investigate other successful state models.

A man believed to be the suspect in a racially motivated shooting rampage in Fresno has been in court screaming at the judge. Kori Ali Muhammad yelled, "Let black people go" and another that was barely understood by those in the room. Muhammed charged with the murder of an unarmed security guard at a Motel 6, then told police after finding out he was wanted he then wanted to kill as many white people as he could. So police say he shot three other random white men, including a Pacific Gas & Electric worker in a truck and two other men who just came out of a Catholic Charities building. He was arrested less than five minutes after his rampage thanks to acoustic sensors posted in the area. He will be getting a psych evaluation, and his bail was set at $2.6 million.

A judge in Mendocino County ruled against a motion by cannabis activists who said Measure AI, the cannabis business tax was illegal. The group was asking the court to stop the county from enforcing the measure until a lawsuit they filed against the county is done. As you may recall Measure AI taxed marijuana growers on their gross receipts starting at 2.5 percent plus a flat rate of $2,500 annually for other marijuana businesses to go up after July of 2020. The group suing says the measure is a special tax because it’s for a certain industry. They also say it needed a supermajority and the 64 percent of votes it received wasn’t enough to pass the measure because special taxes need a supermajority vote of 66 and two-thirds for it to pass.

A man from Sacramento thrown to the ground and punched by a police officer in the face more than once, is suing. Nandi Cain can be seen on video being hit repeatedly in the face by a cop, since identified as Anthony Figueroa. Cain is suing the city and county of Sacramento alleging he was abused after he was in jail too. There was criticism of the officer by other cops after the video of the incident went viral. Figueroa has been with the department for 2 years and is now on unpaid administrative leave. In the video you see Cain not fighting back, but getting pummeled by the cop. The video from the police cruiser dash cam and witnesses. In the video Cain complains the officer didn’t stop him for any reason. Cain was arrested for suspicion of resisting arrest and an outstanding misdemeanor arrest warrant. They also say he kicked the inside of a patrol car and had to be restrained with a leg hobble. He claims he was then further attacked at the jail by other officers.


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