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Construction continues at the Grindstone Ranger District. The parking lot is being repaved but the Mendocino National Forest Supervisor’s office and Ranger District are open and will be as they finish up the project. The office in Willows was supposed to close today, but since the weather forecast for the week, they made a scheduling adjustment so the office could stay open. They advise visitors to drive slow in the area, be careful of construction cones and signs for access to the front door and say to be alert for contractors and equipment in and around the parking lot.

The booster club for Upper Lake High is celebrating raising enough money for new lighting for the stadium in Cougar Country. Lake Co News reports the money after almost 10 years of fundraising. The project to get new lighting led by the booster club supported by the school district. The boosters, faculty, staff and students celebrated the new lighting at the school’s football stadium Monday. Some city and county representatives were also at the groundbreaking. Retired teacher and former school district board member Ron Raetz has spearheaded the effort to get the lights with his wife Patty, who’s also a retired teacher from the school.

Two police officers from Davis have been hurt during the yearly Picnic Day and 3 people arrested. Three officers in an unmarked police car drove up to a big group who they say were blocking the street. The officers say there were several groups of large parties going on and Russell Boulevard was almost gridlocked, so they got out to change the situation, but say their car and they were surrounded and several people were yelling at them, and one simulated having a gun. The officers had their badges and guns in plain view and identified themselves, but say they were knocked to the ground, punched and kicked, one hit on the side of the head with a bottle. Another fought back and called for backup. The two injured officers went to a hospital. Three people were arrested for several crimes including assault, aggravated battery, assaulting a peace officer and assault with a deadly weapon.

An environmental law firm who worked to close a composting business in Sonoma County is working in Windsor and Santa Rosa to get a new garbage company for residents. The Press Democrat reports the law firm in Oakland, Lozeau Drury drafted a letter to the city of Windsor looking for a full environmental review after several proposals the town got for a 10-year garbage contract. The lawyer argued a town hall in Windsor didn’t review the impact on air quality, greenhouse gases and neighbors for the facility in southwest Santa Rosa. The town found they didn’t need an environmental review, but after the letter the town lawyer said they should delay. The Mayor says it’s more about someone trying to influence their choice, and not a process to protect the environment. The city of Santa Rosa said to be paying attention because they have the same situation about to happen with their garbage contract at the end of the year.

Seven people accused of murdering a marijuana grower in Laytonville have pleaded not guilty. The Press Democrat reports the men are all charged with burglary and robbery and special circumstances in connection to the murder last Nov. of Jeffrey Settler. Police say he was beaten and stabbed to death in a shed where the pot was kept and that the killers all had worked for Settler at his growing operation. The newspaper reports two of the men, Michael Kane of Pleasantville, New York, and Gary Blank III of Garberville are also charged for using a knife during the killing. The others who are accused, Zachary Wuester of Haskell, New Jersey; Gary Fitzgerald of Roanoke, Illinois; Abdirahman Mohamed of San Diego; Jesse Wells of Laytonville; and Frederick Gaestel of Clifton, New Jersey. Settler had been growing weed at the property in Laytonville for a decade. Police say they think the suspects stole about 100 pounds of pot during the robbery, but it was never found.

Community members get in on the action to find a place to put a new homeless shelter and service center in Guerneville. Residents at a town hall and chose colored stickers for their vote on possible locations. The Press Democrat reports 300 people showed up for the meeting which didn’t come up with a spot for the center. The paper reports there was some angry folks in the crowd who didn’t want any local homeless services without more cops in town and restrictions on who could use the shelter. The meeting the second in a month about whether the county should buy a 9-acre ranch property for the homeless and for mental health and addiction treatment programs.

That closure of Highway 101 in northern Mendocino County is over. There’s one lane open now north of Leggett after it was closed for a week after a landslide. The Mendocino County Dept. of Transportation reported the road reopened last night after the mountain was continually sliding since April 16th. 25,000 cubic yards of rock and soil dumped onto the roadway and hundreds of truckloads carried it out. Both lanes of the highway were shut down with drivers told to take alternate routes. One lane had been closed before that because of ongoing construction, so there’s now just one lane open again.

A workplace shooting reported at a Caltrans maintenance facility in Humboldt County. The California Highway Patrol reports the shooting yesterday morning at the Caltrans’ Rio Dell facility which is north of Scotia. CHP officers report they found one person dead, another critically wounded a murder suicide attempt. The wounded person then later died. Their names have not been released but police say they think there was some sort of altercation between the Caltrans supervisor and an employee, then the employee got out a handgun and fired several rounds at the supervisor, killing her, then turned the gun on himself, he died later at the hospital. The Humboldt CHP and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office and Rio Dell Police Department are all investigating.

A 12-year-old boy busted after driving himself across all of Australia… alone. The kid stopped after 800 miles by the Broken Hill Highway Patrol last Saturday. They say he was traveling from Kendall NSW, headed to Perth when he was finally pulled over. The only reason they pulled him over is they noticed his bumper dragging on the ground. The kid was on day two of “Operation Go Slow,” which is a driver safety campaign where there’s more police presence on the roads in New South Wales. The kid arrested. The Guardian newspaper reports it’s not known how he got so far and put more gas in the car without being found out.

A woman in New York, away on business finds an unlikely squatter. A pigeon parked it in Genevieve Roman’s Brooklyn apartment, getting in through a window left open while she was out of town. She says when she got back last week after being gone a few months, she found the pigeon which had built a nest in a spaghetti strainer and left her eggs waiting to hatch. She says she flew away and came back now and then to sit on the eggs, which hatched over the weekend. She even named the bird, Adelaide, and was planning to let the bird stay until the eggs hatched, saying she had reached out to some animal welfare groups, but nobody offered to help. If you want to follow her on social media, Roman even set Adelaide up with her own Instagram page, Adelaide_the_Pigeon.


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