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Creeping closer to the Costco in Ukiah. There was supposed to be a public hearing for the new Environmental Impact Report, but apparently a staff member had a family emergency so the meeting was tabled for the moment. The report had been approved, but as you may recall, there was a lawsuit. The suit rejected at first, then appealed, with the First District Court of Appeal saying the first Environmental Impact Report should have never been certified. The Ukiah City Attorney says most of the report was fine except for the analysis of the energy use. So the whole thing ended up having to be redone. The Planning Commission is supposed to now have a meeting to go over the updated energy section of the report and will take public comments for that part only.

An approval for a smaller version of a sports bar for the downtown area. The Ukiah Planning Commission says yes for the Sports Attic in the 200 block of East Perkins Street. Dave Sperry had the original business in another area of town back in the 80’s but will be working with a group of folks to bring the bar back to town. Sperry says it probably will not have many food items since there will be no fryers or ventilation system, and they will have more than 50 percent of their expected sales in beer and wine. The discussion for the new business mostly focused on the hours it would be open on Sunday, which ended up being 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Congressman Jared Huffman taking it to the streets before heading back to D-C. On his spring hiatus, the Congressman visited the Cotton Auditorium April 19th with several hundred in attendance. He told the crowd he had just had meetings of hundreds in Weaverville and Arcata, but the largest was in Santa Rosa where 2,000 people showed up. He says there’s a new level of political involvement. He talked about the investigations into connections between President Trump’s campaign and administration, and Russia saying he’d like to see a special commission investigating. Some in the crowd asked about immigration enforcement, Obamacare and possible offshore oil drilling.

A former restaurant owner from Ukiah has been sentenced to prison for breaking tax laws and hiring illegals to work for her and paying them below standard wages. The U.S. Department of Justice reports Yaowapha Ritdet has to pay the IRS more than 567-thousand dollars in restitution and more than 70-thousand to former employees she underpaid. She admitted she hired Thai nationals in the country illegally to work at her two restaurants, underpaid them and told them not to talk to anybody about their immigration situations. The restaurants are Ruen Tong Thai Cuisine and Walter Café. She was also busted for filing fake tax returns from 2007 to 2011; failing to disclose gross receipts, sales and income from the restaurants, rental income and foreign bank accounts; and for not adequately reporting employment taxes. She got two years in prison. Her husband got three years of probation and had to pay about 71-thousand in restitution.

Just a couple days left for abalone hunters to weigh in on the California Fish and Wildlife survey to help with future management of the recreational abalone fishery. The questionnaire tells managers hunters priorities and what they would give up to help keep the fishery healthy like larger minimum sizes in exchange for longer seasons. It’s the second time the agency is asking for the public’s help for the Northern Calif. abalone hunting season. The Press Democrat reports the decline of the kelp forest and more purple urchin has caused more red abalone to die or starve, so this year the season has to be cut back. If you want to partake in the survey, visit our website or Facebook page for the link.

The first meeting of the new Scotts Valley Community Advisory Council which was put together by the Board of Supervisors to help with improvements for the area. The members appointed expect to work on levee cleanup as a top priority. Especially after this year’s flooding, there’s still a lot of debris that was left behind. They will also take a look at frequent road closures and will prioritize plans at their meetings which happen the fourth Monday of the month at 5 pm at the Scotts Valley Women’s Club. The agendas will be posted in the club and in the lobby of the Lake County building in Lakeport.

Police have identified the driver of a car that hit an SUV before it went into the Thurston Auto Plaza then caught fire. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports 21 year old Mitchell Nguyen of Ukiah was the driver of a Camry who hit a Ford Explorer. The Camry burst into flames and he died. Cops had to use dental records to confirm his identity after the April 7th crash on North State Street. They say he was traveling at a high-rate of speed then veered into the Southbound lanes, hitting the Explorer head on then crashing into the parking lot of the auto plaza and hitting a Jeep and Chrysler which also burned in the crash. The passenger in the Explorer had major injuries and later died, a woman also in the vehicle had major injuries, and the driver and another passenger had less severe injuries.

A young man from Fort Bragg has been killed in a logging accident. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports 22-year-old Alexis Cedillo-Osorio was killed Tuesday after a tree hit him near the Ten Mile Logging Road. They say the tree became dislodged by another tree being pulled up a hill. He was a graduate of Fort Bragg High and had a new born baby girl. A Facebook page has been set up to raise money for his family. Cal/Osha is investigating.

It’s a win for the Upper Lake High School robotics team at the state championships. The winning team are juniors Jovany Martinez and Jacob Kalawaia, taking home the gold for their work. Another team from the high school got fifth. SkillsUSA organizes the event for middle school, high school and college or postsecondary students working towards careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations. The school’s now looking for sponsors so the students can go to the National competition in June. Anyone interested in helping can call the high school or send a check.

Two people from Clearlake have been arrested after police found they had a weapon and drugs. Police hauled Danyeala Marquez and William Shaw into jail last Saturday morning. They say they got a call to the B&B Light House Bar to find someone they thought might be there, with outstanding arrest warrants. They say when they got there they saw Shaw and Marquez who tried to run away. They say Shaw pulled up his shirt and showed them a pistol which was hidden in his pants. Then he removed it and gave it to Marquez who tried to hide it in her pants. She was quickly detained and arrested, but Shaw took off. Another cop waiting got him. The two taken to jail, police found ammo on the woman too and several baggies with cocaine in them on the pair, that appeared to be packaged for sale. They’re charged with several crimes including carrying a concealed firearm, felon in possession of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm.

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