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New climate change information means the ocean in Calif. Is expected to rise higher than thought before. California’s Ocean Protection Council has revised its projections on climate change which it says could mean flooding to low-lying airports, highways and communities, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. This after ice sheets in Antarctica have been found to be melting faster. The council says that means higher sea levels off California, more than anywhere else. Antarctica has 90 percent of the world’s ice. These new numbers have the sea rise off California coming up another foot by the year 2100. Then it goes to 10 feet if the ice sheets melt faster.

A woman from Forestville and her pets escaped their home after a fire started in the basement of the house and spread. Fire fighters say they got there about five minutes after the call and saw flames in her basement and thick smoke coming out of the house. They knocked it down in about thirty minutes. They say smoke and electrical damage mean the woman can’t stay there, neither can her dog or pet snakes. They peg the damage at about $150,000 and say the house may have ignited because of the electrical wiring in the basement.

A bill for more broadband services in rural areas of the step has crossed another hurdle. Democratic Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters, Democratic Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia of Coachella and their Republican counterpart member Brian Dahle of Bieber authored the bill which got thru the Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee this week unanimously. This bill follows the $330 million package for an expansion of broadband access and digital literacy to communities who don’t get a reliable Internet connection. Aguiar-Curry says if there’s not reliable internet, people won’t start businesses in those areas. She says if they can’t send an email, they don’t start businesses. Dahle says if the bill passes Calif. will be able to better serve schools, students, and small businesses, connecting people

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Remote News Service
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